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Delete: Big RC Lot or separate. ESCs, motors, titanium servo, USB adapter, 140€ motor all

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For sale is a BOX FULL OF SWEETS.

Willing to accept offers also

will be put on ebay in two weeks.



If sold seperate... prices below


1. Hobbywing 120A X-Car esc 20€

2. Hobbywing 120A X-Car esc 20€

3. 2 sensor wire (short/long) 

4. Servo HITEC HS-7955TG TITANIUM Gear 70€

5. LRP 10.5T Sensored Motor 30€

6. Trackstar 4.5T Modifies sensored motor 30€

7. Hobbywing usb adapter 5€

8. MST 2.0 LSD Gyro (with manual) 30€

9. Slidology speed fan 40x40 10€

10. Yeah racing motor heat fan mount 10€

11. 2x Venturi fan adapters 40x40 7€

12. LRP S10TC Spare chassis parts, might fit some of these parts on a tt02 or tb03/ta05 range 20€

13. LRP s10TC big bore 55mm dampers with ball nuts 10€

14. spare 60mm dampers free


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