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Vintage Mk1 Hotshot gearbox upgrade.

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So, i have an original 85 Hotshot I scored about 18 months ago on Ebay.

it came with some spares, and a few mods along with the original release front arms and pivot balls (not fitted, and the updated versions).


in getting it running it received an eTronix 4950KV Brushless setup. What i dont want to do is destroy the original gearbox internals or cases. Along with a full RC Channel suspension upgrade, and Mk2 Chassis tub.

Will I need new drive cups too? And will those remove the need for different length drive shafts?

This will potentially mean I end up with 2 Hotshots as i also bought a new body as the original one was so well cut out and painted.

Also, does anyone recognise the Hotshot? it had a grey and green painted chassis when I got it, with silver painted gearboxes1224843925_Hotshot(1).thumb.jpg.87ca510fd19c28b8d153b1c2e3e8795b.jpg

As It Arrived.















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How are you getting on with this? I have a similar dilema as lacking a front drive shaft on the original car. Have you resolved with re-re parts on your car? 

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