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vintage homemade pan cars

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I grabbed a sight unseen rc box for 20, it had old radios, chargers, onroad wheels and tires some still with life left some in the bags raco stuff and 4 homemade pan cars i thought i would share,

All are 10th scale ( wish one was 12th ) and 3 seem to use associated steering parts and pethaps rear parts, the nitro car ? Ive seen that weird cord on clutch bell brake before but cant recall where, 45 + years into rc will mess with your brain.

If you recognize other stuff please let me know, the electronics seems early mid 80s the fellow that gave it up was in his 80s and claims it all works, and that he raced it back in the day, i havent tested it yet, but imagine it will work.


Oh and heres one of the radios,


I owned a lot of odd ones never one of this model.

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