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How long to leave lexan paint to dry before removing masking tape?

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11 minutes ago, Superluminal said:

Ahh - hadnt realised that. I thought the orange had been sprayed over the black inside the shell. If that black paint is on the outside of the shell i think you should be able to neaten that up quite nicely with some brush on black paint or even scrape it back carefully with a pin or scalpel blade to square it off where its pulled past the line you want it.

I might try but I have very unsteady/imprecise hands so it might end up worse lol, especially on a curved section. I'm finding even now that the paint still has an almost latex quality to it too so it might not work that well anyway. I suppose that makes sense seeing as it's meant to be flexible.

The other option is to try and tidy it up with some pin stripe tape I guess.

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5 minutes ago, nowinaminute said:

Nope. Married a welsh dragon :lol:

Not together any more though. Hence the freedom to have too many RCs lol.

Been down that road a long time ago.   Mine was a barking dog lololol

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For what it's worth:

1. I spray in many coats, each as light as possible and still getting coverage. I don't wait long between coats, and I peel the tape off almost immediately after the last coat. This seems to work for me.

2.. Use good quality masking tape. I've had best results with 3M Frog Tape. 

3.. Liquid mask works well on curves, but use several thick coats. Otherwise I get pinholes.

4. Save Lexan scraps from previous projects for testing and experimental purposes. That way, you don't destroy a good body trying something that doesn't work.

5. I got my hot little hands on "paint eraser" from Hobbyking. It seems to work well in emergencies.

6. Take your time. Do nothing further and do not be satisfied until you are certain that the preceding step was finished to the best of your ability. 


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