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Blackfoot wheel adapters

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I've not used them but, if you can ask the seller how wide the adapters are and they match the offset of your wheels I'd say go for it.

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I bought these from a different seller, but they fit well though I haven't run it yet as I'm waiting for some shims to arrive (the fronts are a bit wobbly even when the nut is fully tightened).

The width of the front & back wheels is pretty close, but I haven't adjusted my steering rods yet so my front wheels have a toe-out at the minute. 

The only issue I have to resolve is when the rear suspension is compressed the inside edge of the tyre is very close to the motor wire.  I need to see if I have fitted something incorrectly or if not I may have to re-solder the wire to come off the motor sideways to increase clearance.






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