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Newbie help - TA02 convert to offroad

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Hi all. First post here. Been researching the forum for a while and decided to sign up. 

Back in the day, I was running my TA02 Promarkt AMG at a local club, just for fun. Upgraded the motor but can’t recall what I bought.  

My neighbour’s son was out recently with a Lunchbox, and the old bug kicked in immediately!

So I just bought my young son a Rising Fighter, so he’s got something (cheap) to race with the other kid (Mostly because I wanted something to build!). I was going to buy something new for me as well, but all the kits I want are currently unavailable. 

So now I'm thinking about modifying my old TA02 for off-road. It’s stuck at my dad’s place, but I’ll go get it as soon as I’m allowed. Before that, I want to collect the parts I need. 

I’ve read a few posts on fitting DF01 suspension components, and have made a list of parts. I’d really appreciate help making sure I’m buying the right bits, and if there is anything else I need to consider.

so far I have:

Manta Ray D parts x 2

Sa8 shafts x 4

3x21 self tap screws x 8

3x50 steering rods x2

Blitzer wheels/tyres

I dont know what’s best route for suitable shocks yet.

Will the Blitzer wheels fit the axles already on the car? Are they likely to break easily like the Aqroshot breaks axles?

I want maximum ground clearance I can get, but if the Blitzer wheels are going to be a problem, then I’ll go with F150 wheels.

Sorry, this ended up being a long post, but any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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