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King Hauler - newbie builder

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When I got my son into the hobby I never knew that I would be helping him build a vehicle, but here I am. My 11 year old is an RC nut, but we only have experience with Traxxas RTR Stampede, Xmaxx 8s, and TRX-4's. He saved Amazon cards from Christmas and bought a King Hauler (56301) that he will be building and before I order the necessary items to build it I wanted to list my researched items and see if I am thinking right. He got a Traxxas Spartan boat for Christmas so he is already thinking about a trailer, but my brain can't handle that yet... hahaha.

My biggest question that I haven't settled on in this build is the battery. We prefer Lipo, but we are only used to Traxxas and I am not sure which other manufacturer and balanced  charger to get that would fit without mods.

Here is my potential parts list. We will probably add MFC-01 later, but not initially. I am hopeful for as much plug and play as possible as I haven't soldered in 25 years and wasn't good at it then either. So if you see something that won't marry well here let me know. Is there anything else I need to order?  

- Transmitter/receiver: Flysky FS-i6x w/ FS-iA6B and plan to get the self-centering kit

- Bearing kit: Fast Eddys 

- Motor: RC4WD 540 55T with 8T pinion gear

-Steering servo: Hitec 645MG

-Shifting servo: Hitec 322HD

- ESC: Hobbywing QUICRUN WP 1080 brushed (2-3S) 

- Battery: 2S with which connector and balanced charger???????

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I’ve just finished building one of these. The battery tray holds a standard 6 cell nimh so hold batteries that are about 136mm long give or take a few mm, my overland 2s battery doesn’t fit but I’ve just been sitting one end in the tray. It’s not like you’re going to be doing some rough, fast driving to shake everything about too much. I can add a photo showing you how it looks if that would help.

For the connector, get a tray as connected fitted to the esc when you buy it, I know modelsport will do this so I guess other places would. That way you can use the batteries and charger you’ve already got.

One thing I’d add to your list is the optional metal air horns, the ones in the kit are awkward to glue together.

I didn’t get a mfc for mine but I did use a basic light kit to add headlights and indicators, it’s not much but just adds something to the finished truck. They’re an enjoyable build and I’m thinking the next will have an mfc instead of trying to fit one in this.

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Good choice on the King Hauler - awesome kit.

If you plan on fitting the MFC-01, it is a lot easier to do it when you build the truck.

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You don't need them, but these make a nice add on. They're universal jointed replacements for the kit standard dogbone prop shafts. Not only do they look more scale realistic, but they cut down on the transmission rattle /noise when driving.

Universal Drive Shaft 92mm - 128mm For Tamiya 1/14 Scania R620 Tractor Trucks | eBay

Edit: This particular drive shaft may not be the right length for your truck, but the seller usually has a selection of lengths to suit most tamiya 1/14 trucks.



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