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Stock screws for a Super Clod?

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define "need" ;) 

Plenty of people have built a Clod Buster with the standard screws and had no issues.  I generally find Tamiya screws to be good quality and don't rust easily under rainwater, snow, dew or the special Westcountry brand of mud (of which we have plenty).  If you're going in saltwater then stainless hardware would be advised.

Otherwise, it's a "nice to have" - for example if you prefer hex screws, some stainless kits have hex heads instead of JIS.

The Team KNK kit warns that it converts all self tapping threads to machine threads - some people like this, some don't.  I don't really have an opinion, Tamiya themselves often can't decide if a machine thread or self-tapper should be used in plastic.  It also warns that it doesn't include any specialty screws - I would guess this to mean any ball studs, step screws or threaded rods (IIRC most Tamiya threaded rods are stainless anyway) or any other screw that isn't of the plain head-with-thread arrangement.


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