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Generation "You shall NOT play!"

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On 3/9/2021 at 9:28 PM, MadInventor said:


It's all about perception. I don't expect anybody gives this guy grief about flying his toy just for the fun of it. In fact I expect most people would bite his arm off if offered a go. I'm not jealous at all. Honest... No, really...

Nice, very nice. Griffin Spitfire unless I'm mistaken.
I'm Jealous, very very jealous.

You don't want to know what I'd do to fly that thing. I'd even take flying lessons and get a license.

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Something occurred to me the other day:

One thing that can be said for vintage Tamiya cars is that they generally resemble cars and buggies of their day. You can easily imagine a car that looks much like a Frog, except instead of tearing up the local baseball diamond, it's running stages in the desert.

When we build them, we try to make them look realistic, or at least box art. Even the much-praised Tamiya box art could easily be a depiction of a 1-1 buggy.

All the time, we see people here building the buggy that they wished they had when they were kids, or even restoring their childhood friend, after spending years in a box in Mom's attic.

A modern racing buggy, is very different. It doesn't look much like any full-size vehicle, past or present, nor is it supposed to. In many cases, it was made to run on carpet or astroturf. I don't think many full-size vehicles were made to race in that environment.

These cars were built for one thing - a very specialized (and impractical) form of racing, and the racers themselves are quite competitive and not sentimental. Even if the hobby is something we associate with teenage boys, the guys racing modern buggies and cars aren't really playing.

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