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SOLD: Team Durango DEX210 2WD - orb racing?? bargain

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I’m selling 2 x DEX210 from my collection to free up some space


the Team Durango DEX210 is a 2WD buggy designed for racing and it drives better than any of my Tamiya

all parts are FRP and are pretty tough 

The gear box can be configured to run in either mid config (ahead of the rear axle) or rear config (behind the rear axle) - both cars are set up in mid layout 

metal straight cut gears and slipper clutch as standard and the cars are ball raced 

metal drive shafts and weights for racing 

AND - as I alluded to.... these chassis and gearbox are the starting point for an Orb Racing build...


so the cars....

I have the orange DEX210 version 1 (full FRP chassis)

The shell on this is a bit battered and the rear wing has seen better days but it’s had a few mods to the suspension to get it low and aggressive 









the yellow DEX210 version 2

This one has the more narrow body and has the metal centre plate and FRP side pods







I also have loads of wheels for sale (some with tyres)




Orange DEX210 v1 - £55 plus delivery

Yellow DEX210 v2 - £75 plus delivery 

wheels - £20 plus delivery 


please drop me a pm for more info 



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You wouldn't happen to have any new suspension arms for the V2?

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Front arms have that 'aero' design in V2, they are pointy towards the leading edge and their marketing tried to make a point that there would be some aerodynamic benefit. Rear arms are just different. Ideally I would be interested in both.

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pretty sure the only ones I have are the same as the ones on the yellow one 

but I’ll have a look

obviously I want to keep spares for my runners 


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Yeah, in fact looking at the picture both orange and yellow buggies have front arms from the V1 too. I'm trying to restore a V3 - basically the same as V2 - so if you happen to come across any I would be interested.

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