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So my OG monster beetle showed up the other day. Pretty cool old school r/c. Someone else modded it BITD and did a fairly decent job. Upon inspection I started to notice a bunch of cracks in a lot of parts. Luckily I already have many of the parts on hand as leftovers from the Flying Brick repairs. I swapped out the original silver can for the one that came with the re-re Blackfoot (Flying Brick), installed a hobbywing 1060 (the futaba esc gets flaky with modern electronics) installed a flysky rx paired with my flysky tx, adjustable motor mount and 18t pinion. I also cut the front shock mount down and leveled the body. The previous owner lowered the body but the rear was lower than the front, I have resolved the problem. She looks nice now.

I have a lexan body coming to replace the butchered oem body, re-re decals, a re-re chassis because this one is brittle and has cracks and a few other parts I want to replace.

Speed runs coming soon....


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