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Tamiya ***ULTIMATE TRF TOOL BUNDLE*** All Included.



Also available - Tamiya TRF419XR - 42316 **ULTIMATE BUNDLE** 

See my other listings for this, plus a load of brand new, unused and very high end equipment up for sale.


Why I’m selling:

Returning to a 90 hour a week job has left me with no time, so I’m selling an extensive and, in some cases, extremely rare, collection of tools that took a year to source. Some had to be shipped to other countries prior to the UK to enable purchase. 

As such, what you see took hours of obsessive work to collect. Although anyone can buy and use, the collection is primarily for a Tamiya collector or someone looking for a complete collection. Knowing how hard it was to gather this collection reassures me that any value lies in keeping it complete. As such, to split the bundle will damage it’s value, for me and anyone buying it, so I’m sorry to say, I will not be willing to do so.


Anyway, here’s what’s included:


42149 - 7mm Box Wrench

42148 - 5.5mm Box Wrench

42147 - 2.5mm Hex Wrench Screwdriver

42146 - 2mm Hex Wrench Screwdriver

42145 - 1.5mm Hex Wrench Screwdriver

42150 - Ballpoint Hex Wrench Screwdriver

42161 - (-) M Screwdriver

53649 - (+) L Screwdriver

53648 - (+) M screwdriver

42186 - Wrench for 5mm Reinforced Adjusters

42260 - Body Reamer

42276 - Damper Pliers

42122 - Wrench for Blue Titanium Turnbuckle Shaft

42236 - Wrench for Aluminium Turnbuckles

54635 - Aluminium Canberra Gauge Post

42255 - Droop Gauge

42256 - Droop Gauge Block

42199 - Ground Clearance Gauge

53862 - Touring Car Height & Droop Gauge

53861 - Camber Gauge

42241 - Pinion Gear Holder (12)

42371 - R/C car Maintenance Stand (Tamiya Blue)

42335 - Aluminium TRF Tool Stand (got to have somewhere to put this lot)

42292 - Aluminium Parts Tray

42302 - TRF parts Storage Box x3 (8 compartments per case)









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