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What do you guys think of this new RC4WD Tipper?

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A very impressive unit that’s for sure, amazing detail on it 👍🏻

Also nice to see a proper representation of a real truck. But the then it should be for the price tag. If you have that kind of money to blow though I don’t think you would be disappointed with it at all.

Its that age old dilemma of RTR vs Kit, I bought a Knight Hauler because I like the look of Freightliner’s or at least I think that’s what Tamiya wanted it to look like, just with a few tweaks though so it’s not quite one but close enough you know exactly what it is. I also wanted the build experience and to make it my own, tick that box too, around 8 months or so off and on. So for the A$600 I have no regrets and feel I got more than my money’s worth. 

I would say RTR trucks would appeal a lot more to someone that belongs to a group that get out and run them regularly, whereas I don’t, just the occasional trip around the house.

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It's a nice looking rig, although not sure about that front bumper.  Looks like it's too far from the body, and wiring is visible behind it.  That's something a big-rig modeller could easily fix but if it's being marketed as RTR and at that price point, I'd expect that to be tidier.

As for quality - I think we'll have to wait and see.  RC4WD stuff can be hit-and-miss.  Sometimes it looks awesome but actually isn't that well made or designed.  I bought a set of RC4WD axles for a scaler last year because they were supposed to be super-scale, and they look great, but the front hubs are so long it has the scrub radius of a farm gate, which makes it pretty much useless under a hardbody car.

Functionality-wise, it looks like you get all the bits you have to hunt around for to build that kind of rig from scratch.  I imagine it would cost way more than the purchase price + shipping to actually build that rig with parts from other manufacturers.

I wonder if a kit version will be release?  I think the RTR will sell - the big rig clubs sometimes get people saying they'd love to own a rig but don't trust their mechanical skills to build one.  But the big rig world is all about putting your own touch on your rigs, and if you can't build a rig, will you be happy adding your own beacon lights, alloy wheels, bumpers, etc..?  Or will the big rig world become a procession of identikit trucks?  There's already some RTR and pre-painted models on the market and the clubs I go to already have a collection of near-identical orange Scanias, chrome Knight Haulers and matt black Kings.

(FWIW I have an orange-edition Scania and my intention is to make a rigid curtain-sider with orange detailing so it's not just another orange Scania ;) )

One thing I'm struggling to look past is the name.  Armageddon?  For reals?  That name might make sense on a monster truck or rock buggy, at a push it might make sense on an owner-operator custom rig, but on a factory-fresh dump truck?  It doesn't work for me.  Seems like it's trying to appeal to the wrong crowd.  Will we see teams of shoulder-slapping bros sending them off skate ramps or the shorts-and-cammo-cap type trailing them up through canyons?

It's good to see more manufacturer interest in the big rig world, though :)

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