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Wanted Parts - Clod Axles, Thunder/Fire Dragon Spares, F350 Highlift Gearbox

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I'm after the following please! Don't mind if not new, as long as it's not thrashed!! :) Hopefully get all my cars up and running!

Fire Dragon

A7 Gear casing front left
rubber 0 rings
c1 rear hub
rear guard
ba bag screws
f2 split
tb4 tie rod
prop shaft
B1 servo mounts - acquired from wez-li

rear hub thats the short height one, I have two mismatched!

fire dragon body shell

terra scorcher front wide shock tower

mild tune 540 motor



Three speed gear box or a custom single that's an easy fit

parts for rear steering, the small steering shaft that mounts on the frame holder, and the steering rods.

crawler motor 540


Clod Buster

2 x 540s

2 x roll bars

clod b parts 0005294 x 1
clod a parts 9005236 x 1
clod roll bar x 1
clod drive shaft bag
clod h parts 

clod rims




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On 7/29/2021 at 12:03 PM, vanpeebles said:

Still after all these parts, please help! :) Beer tokens are waiting!

Ive got some clod parts if your still in need.

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