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For Sale Vintage RC's in Southern CA - Will ship

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This site won't allow me to upload pics (too big?), so I posted what I could here.  Please message me for more as it looks like a lot of them aren't uploading to imgr either.

It's time to thin the heard and after months of collecting shipping boxes I am ready to deliver these Vintage RC's to their new homes. No re-release cars here, all vintage. These are from my personal collection that I just can't find time for. Some have been played with, some are new/unbuilt, some are partially built and some need restoring. I cannot guarantee they still work, or that all parts are there due to the length of time they have been unused.

I am located in Southern CA, local pickup ok. All prices include shipping to the lower 48 states (lower price if local pickup). Don't be afraid to make me an offer or let me know if my prices are outrageous, but please be reasonable. Venmo/Paypal ok, buyer pays fee's for Goods/Services.  

Please message me if you would like additional pics or any specific angles or closeups. A lot of these kits come with servos/electrics manuals and/or boxes.

Prices Include Shipping to lower 48 States.

- Tamiya The Hornet (1984/1987) $225

- Tamiya MK1 Hotshot (1985) $325

- Tamiya Tamtech Porsche 962C (1986) $200

- Tamiya Stadium Blitzer (1992) $300

- Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle (1984) $200

- Tamiya Wild One (1985) Sold to Carroll (thank you)

- Tamiya The Grasshopper (1984) $200

- Tamiya Tamtech Ferrari 643 (1992) $225

- Tamiya Tamtech McLaren MP4/6 Body Set (1992) $55

- Tamiya Road Wizard F-1 w/ spare Honda bodywork (1986) $250

- Tamiya Nissan 300ZX IMSA GTS (1994) $300 - Marui Hunter (1984) $250

- Marui Hunter (1984) $250

- Tamiya Tamtech Lancia LC2 (1986) $150

- Tamiya Tamtech Ferrari Testarossa (1987) $175

- Tamiya Motorized Alpine Renault A442B Turbo $75

- Tamiya Motorized Martini Porsche 935 78 Turbo $75

- Tamiya Motorized Martini Porsche 936 78 Turbo $55

- Tamiya Motorized Martini Porsche 935 Turbo $40 (all 4 battery motorized collection listed above $175)

- Tamiya Martini Porsche 935 Turbo Body Parts (1977) $125

- Tamiya Motorized Sand Scorchers Chev Pickup 4x4 Box/Instr (1982) $25

- Tamiya Motorized Sand Scorchers Ford Ranger 4x4 (1982) $50

- Tamiya Motorized Sand Scorchers Nissan Safari 4x4 Parts/Instr (1982) $25

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