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Frog Jumper

Looking for PS painting advice

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I'm interested in some painting advice.

I want to paint body with a nice metallic finish, in red.  I have bought Lame spray, Translucent Red, Silver, and White.

I would experiment with plastic water bottles, but paints are expensive right now, so I'd like to get advice before I start spraying all willy-nilly.

My first thought is:

(2) coats Lame  (metallic glitter)
(3) coats Translucent Red  (main color)
(2) coats Silver  (backing)
(2) coats White  (more backing)

Any advice, recommendations, scorn, grief, or outright ridicule is welcome...



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If you have a search on here for custom car colour you’ll find som good examples of similar colours.

There was also a thread not so long ago of an Alfa with those similar colours to yours, which may have copied mine originally 😉

I must admit I’m quite taken with the one badcrumble shared, I really like these multi personality cars!

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On my bodies I have found black is better for backing for metallic paints. Each of the cars in these photos uses black to back the metallics / irredescent paints.




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