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Wrecked a top force Evo under tray

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That was a first class fail. Just finished building a TFE. Looks absolutely perfect. 
But I’ve managed to completely mangle the undertray. What a idiot. 
I tried my usual score with a scalpel and snap method. But I think the poly on the tray is a lot thicker - it must be. After carefully scoring like I normally do I bent it. It didn’t really snap like other bodies do. I tore it anyway and tore it past the score line. Ruined. 

Off to find a new one. 


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On the Top Force 2017 re re there was an error (or oversight) in the manual where it says to apply threadlock to the lower chassis plate csk mounting screws where they screw into the aluminium posts / standoffs to the top plate. 

Later on in the build when building the body you have to remove these screws to fit the undertray. This is a slightly tedious excercise as the screws are now threadlocked, potentially resulting in stripped screw heads or the standoffs spinning around depending on how much or well cured threadlock was applied. Out of curiosity, has this been changed in the Evo manual? Something to bear in mind while the new undertray is on its way.

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