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Central California Trail Run - Oct 2 Lake Kawaeh

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Hey everyone, me and a few friends are headed out to Lake Kawaeh (where the west coast RC4WD scale challenge was) on October 2nd for some trail driving. I cant make it to Proline BTF so I was a little bummed about that. If anyone wants to go, you can camp there, go for the day or get a hotel near there. Sites are open at the moment. I am not planning anything at all, just hanging out and driving around. If you are interested, I made a video from 2019 so you can get a small glimpse of what it was like there. We will be there from the 1st to the 3rd.


RC4WD 2019 West Coast Scale Challenge


Here is the link to the camp website:

Campground for Lake Kawaeh


Hope some of you can join!

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You know I'm going to be there! - time to empty the toy-box into the back of the car!

For anyone considering - this is the venue RC4WD use for their West Coast Scale Challenge events - there is loads of natural terrain: rocks, gullies, dry creeks, sandy trails and even tarmac areas (in the campground itself) for running more road-biased vehicles.

It's a great spot for getting your wheels dusty!

Hope to see you there!

Jenny x

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Update - unfortunately this campground location has just been closed due to nearby fire danger and as a base for the fire services.

So this event is on hold until we can find another location/date.


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