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Radio Shack/ Tandy Golden Arrow £50

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Amazing Condition, as per forum post.

Really, really cool car! All original electronics with bearings added on the gearbox.

Radio still works perfectly, tires in good condition. 

Will come with a few spares - extra nerf bars and two extra body shells (Tandy Black Wolf) so you can drive in anger and not worry as well as a few other bits, including spare front and rear tires.

Won't come with batteries, but needs a 7.2 NiMH for the car and AA for the RX and TX (pre BEC).

Still a great runner, and extra parts mean you can run and run. Great bit of history, will come in original (worn) box.

£50 - which is what I paid on Ebay a week ago - without all the spares!

23 hours ago, Nikko85 said:

I took this out for a spin (quite literally, 2WD on concrete) and it was a blast.

For a car made in 1987 without a single hop up, mod or new part, it's quite incredible it's in such good condition.


You are looking at a Tandy Golden Arrow, which is essentially a Nikko F10 (with Nikko circuitry) made by Tandy/Radio Shack.

Inside it looks like this, note the Nikko circuit parts and chip. It's very similar to the Grasshopper, with a slightly improved front suspension and (for the time pretty nifty) electronic speed control. 


I opened up the gearbox and replaced the bushings with bearings and added a new differential and it works great. 

It's a standard 540 motor (not sure turn count, 35 or 27 would be my guess) but it's pretty speedy for what it is. 




Although it's a lovely piece of history, I think I'm either going to move it on, or keep it in a loft for a collector, as it's getting hard to get these, and I really don't want to break it! 


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