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  2. speedy_w_beans

    So, what have you done today?

    Oh man, as soon as I read you had a leak with the main shutoff that brought back bad memories of a 1970s house I owned in Pittsburgh years ago. Like you I had to do some repair work on copper plumbing and shut off the main valve. Upon turning on the water again I had a shutoff leak, and it took some tightening on the packing nut and some strategic valve positioning to get it to stop. What a pain! Other than the quick M4 build thread I did on Friday, I've been servicing all my outdoor equipment: mower, weed wacker, leaf blower, generator, snow blower, pressure washer, and chain saw. The mower was the worst; it's 14 years old and things are wearing out. The return springs on the transmission and blade clutch needed replacement, also the blade clutch cable. The handlebar height adjustment is broken, but I have that rigged with some drilled holes and bolts. It was time for a new blade. The tires have about 1/3 of the tread left, and the front ones are toed out some. My wife wants me to get a new mower, but the engine still runs great. I can't let it go until the engine or deck dies. If I can make it last 20-25 years that would make me happy.
  3. 80skidtoo

    RX help please!

    I'm wondering if this would be suitable to solve the problem - HobbyWing QuicRun 1:10 Waterproof Brushed 60A ESC I'm not looking to hop up these - I'd really just like to run them for fun again with my boys
  4. GTodd

    Kyosho Optima Mid Quick Restore

    Dude very nice!!!! I really need one of these.
  5. speedy_w_beans

    Fenix Classique 70

    Very nice. Grastens and I were chatting about different classic F1s, and I had suggested at one point that a 2-4-0 would look great next to a Tyrrell P34. I had planned to take a F104 and make a custom rear pod for it, and recreate the body from public photos. But, it looks like you're doing all the hard work already, so I might have to consider one of your kits when it comes available.
  6. Progress!! Had to do it 2x cause i forgot about the slipper main also the screw near the pully on the bottom right that holds the front of the diff together didn't snug down, it just spins, i thing i stripped the housing
  7. Scipunk

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Finally got some real progress on the XV-01, even if i had to take the diff apart because i forgot the slipper clutch comes with a main oh and i might have to again as i want to add sealed bearings and the screw below the pulley on the bottom right in the first pic feels loose, any thoughts on how to remedy that?
  8. nbTMM

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Trialling these 76x32mm ebay tyres on the TT02 rally build. Lookin' phat on 24mm wheels.
  9. Today
  10. bjorklo

    Kyosho Optima Mid Quick Restore

    A little more done as I mounted the rear suspension and the steering. This was not an easy task getting the e-clips on, since I don’t have e special tool for that. Then it was the steering mechanism turn
  11. 80skidtoo

    RX help please!

    I've searched the forums and google but honestly the info and variations are all so confusing not to mention overwhelming. Here's what I have and hopefully someone can point me in the direction I need for a proper setup. I'm getting back into the hobby after over 10 years being away. My original set ups are as follows: 2005 Lunchbox with a TEU-104BK 2005 Pumpkin with a TEU-101BK Both had old style AM radios with BEC built into the RX I'm using 1800mah + 3000mah NiMH batteries Fast forward to a week ago. I bought a Spektrum STX2 2.4GHZ radio with RX and a HK-GT2E with RX . Tonight it seems the Spektrum RX is toast - it seems to be because there's no built in BEC anymore - but my problem is how do I rectify this so it doesn't happen again? Can't seem to figure that part out... Also I just got my Blitzer Beetle kit in the mail and now I'm afraid I bought the wrong radio system for that one... Advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. tamiya3speed

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Ouch!! Your fault or weakness in design? Kicking around one of these vs a Granite BLX.
  13. Yesterday
  14. LeMans77

    Steering Issue 2016 Blackfoot

    Thanks for feedback. I've stripped down steering connection to Servo and the part J7/J10 is threaded. Do I need to by the whole J part or can u individually bay the damaged part?
  15. I don't know if it's the internet per se, but the lack of tactile engagement with the world has me worried. A driving simulator instead of driving, or Madden NFL instead of playing football in the park, is the "difference between lightning and the lightning bug," as Mark Twain put it. Physical engagement with the world is important, and it's in short supply for today's kids (for a lot of reasons), and that idea is both sad and scary. (Edit - I tried to type "f-r-i-g-h-t-e-n-i-n-g" instead of "scary," but for some reason it got starred out...? Invoking Mr Twain again, I had to use almost the right word instead of the right word. Oh well.)
  16. I'm a little bit judgey. But mostly curious.
  17. You know, people said radio would rot kids minds. Then it was TV. Now its the internet or rather how it's accessed. And so, some folks blow it off as just the next thing. Supposedly, as our generation ages, we gripe about the upcoming generations just like our parents did and their parents etc. I think that's bull. I honestly seem to be able to trace many many many social problems we are experiencing as a society back to not only internet but the ridiculous ease at which it is accessed. It has cause a dramatic shift and one which can not be backed away from. Pandora's box has been opened. I'll get off my soapbox and put away my tinfoil hat now.
  18. No. No they are all mine! They are my precious (in Gollum voice). Seriously though, I'm not in position to answer that as I don't understand it myself. I can not get head around someone with multiple NIB vintage kits sitting stacked up in a basement or warehouse or whatever. However, like Mark, I do want to understand why. I'm not mad or jealous as I don't have horse in this race so to speak. I'm just curious. No judgement.
  19. Scipunk

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    got my spacers so i can finally move on with the kit

    XV-01 Help

    Re the adjustables: I hold the flat piece of the turnbuckle shaft in the middle with a firm set of standard pliers. I then use flat pliers to twist the cup head of each turnbuckle ball cup piece by a set number of 180 degree turns. (Flat head pliers have no grooves or grips so do no damage) A little kitchen paper inserted into the pliers aids in not damaging the plastic. Normally works out relatively painlessly and fairly accurately. I always measure the resultant dimensions at the end to check both sides are equal.
  21. TurnipJF

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    Even better - there are loads and loads of 205mm-210mm wheelbase Kamtec shells designed for Mardave bangers that will fit. Cars and vans of all sorts. Most are available in polycarbonate or ABS and most cost under a tenner.
  22. Jason1145

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    God you know my hoarding better than my wife lol.... shhhhhhh yes you're right it's a NIB Black Edition LB but I want that kept 'clean' for myself. I suppose the cheapest option would be buy a spare LB body to paint pink for about £35 inc windows and chrome C parts. Is there a lexan Lumchbox shell to buy? If not, can the black LB body be painted just like the white shell? I know.... solidarity brother
  23. Tracked down the nip parts required to remanufacture the front sway bar, just need them to arrive to get it sorted. And as this is nearing completion, I started thinking about my next project
  24. SuperChamp82

    What's going on with vintage NIB prices

    Completely agree about more thoughtful posts @markbt73 And @Saito2 often tees them up But you’ve offered up a cracker there sir ! Many will wade in with passion about any decent collector owning a NIB, NIB built, runner and basher of every model they love ... And, fwiw, I can sort of see their point - I mean why not ? Admire, build, run, thrash ? What’s not to like about that ? But, for me, it’s pure idealism vs the reality of building (then maintaining) that sort of collection ... whilst simultaneously scratching the (almost ubiquitous) itch of owning all the multiple kits we wanted as kids ! Not that it matters, but it’s equally financial suicide having gone down the ‘multiples’ road before 🙄 So, for me, it’s one of each I’m after these days - whether NIB, NIB built or runner. With trading kept to a minimum. Not sure I’ll ever get into bashing 40 year old nostalgia - just feels kind of wrong to me ... but hats off to you guys who do. Its what they were made for after all !
  25. How sad, the issue is this in my opinion, this generation is the generation of entitlement. Nothing’s earned nor is imagination second nature. This is why this generation of children will have problem changing a tire or taking the initiative to fix or solve a problem by themselves without intervention. I am very mechanically inclined and can fix **** near anything I put my mind to. I owe it all to Tamiya, it was then at 9 years old which at the time for me was like brain surgery when it came to building, troubleshooting and finding inventive solutions to repair my RC car when money was in short supply. That was the fun for me. Kids today can’t even use a screwdriver much less tell you what a flat head or Phillips is. My kids school even quit teaching cursive so I have my youngest at 13 who cannot read or write in cursive. Pathetic to say the least. We need to be a society of problem solving and resolutions instead of the attitude where everything is owed and everyone gets a first place trophy. We owe it to ourselves to push our children and challenge them to resolve problems without coddleing them. Those gravel pushers are *******ers and will grow up to struggle once in there own. I’ll leave it at this.. REAL MEN DONT NEED MANUALS! Sorry mate you had a rude encounter unfortunatly kids are not taught to respect adults any longer and once on their own they will face a serious wake up
  26. GTodd

    Help With ReRe Egress equipment

    Agreed, i only run one on the big castle in my 80XT.
  27. nowinaminute

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    Come on, mate. Play the game lol
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