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  2. Jagermeister liveried mini lunch box?
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  4. The Frog and TA-01/02 looks intact. Those are nice project cars to restore or modify.
  5. They are JIS. If you use a Philips you'll struggle.
  6. I'm as big a Tamiya fan as anyone, but they're about 10 years too late on this one. Why anyone would buy this over an MST is beyond me. Not to mention the fact that it looks even more like a toy than the CC01. The only thing I don't mind is the use of JIS screws. Get the right tools and they're great. I generally prefer hex hardware for looks, but the Tamiya screws are always high quality and work well when using the right tools.
  7. I picked up one of these as a spare motor in Brisbane a couple of months ago. The Hobby shop owner pointed out to me that they are now Silver Black cans before I left the shop as someone else bought one and rang them once they were home because they were a bit miffed it wasn’t black when they opened the box 😬. Still doesn’t really worry me, but it does look/ feel a bit cheaper than a proper black one in the hand, but they should be easier to dismantle as there are 4 tiny lugs holding it together. I haven’t run it yet but If I get a chance sometime I might be able to do a comparison in the ORV chassis.
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  9. Surprise! You don't have to wait for an answer because I took it out after work. There were zero issues because of the plastic removal and I really beat on the buggy today, lot's of fairly big (for a DT03) jumps reaching 6 or 7 foot with quite a few face plants and heavy chassis slaps etc. the transmission appeared to hold up fine! Annoyingly, the sand was in the same state as last time only worse, every square inch of the soft sand had foot prints and the sand was somewhat compacted and firm instead of being loose and fluffy like I prefer. Removing the pre-load collars at the rear definitely helped to keep the rear wheels on the ground but with such rutted terrain, it wasn't enough once you got over a certain speed. I guess a combination of nice weather and no wind just means the footprints have built up rather than the sand being blown smooth like it usually is. I don't think they take the tractor out to rake it at this point in the year either. Oh well! Luckily, the tide was out though so I manged to open her up on 3s on the flat sand. It sure did move! Not a mind alteringly fast top speed but definitely enough up the fun factor. Massive high speed drifts and power slides, endless rooster tails and the ability to outrun most dogs including a lurcher (he wasn't far off though!) After that I went to the less walked on dunes over the other side of the beach up on the hill and the sand was much better there, silky smooth and soft. That's where I did a lot of the jumping and other general stress testing. There was no damage apart from the ESC breaking loose from it's mounting tape from all the heavy impacts. In terms of whether removing the plastic helped with temps, it definitely seemed cooler on 2s. With 3s it's hard to say because it all feels the same over about 60 degrees anyway but I can definitely tell you the motor cooled down a lot quicker when idle whether it had just run on 2s or 3s. It should also be easier to fit a heatsink now too.
  10. I'm liking the plastics and general "Tamiya-ness" of this kit; however, I hate the body choice and continued use of JIS screws. I'd like a Bowler body. It would really suit this chassis well, especially with the diffs unlocked and a mild motor upgrade. I'll probably get one once more body choices are available, or if Tamiya does a "Pro" version without a body set.
  11. That's really odd, and seems pretty strange. I'd be wry as well. I've bought plenty from them, always been A+, hopefully my dampers turn up safe and sound!
  12. I was very lucky brought a whole collection including very nice custom build rock socker with all the hop ups a monster beetle a vintage m01 mini chassis all for 300pd
  13. As far as RCMart goes, I don't care how many they say they have in stock. I've tried to buy these dampers from them twice before when they supposedly had them in stock. They took my money and then a few days later emailed me and said they were actually out of stock (despite the site stating there were a number in stock) and asked if I wanted store credit or a refund. The last time they pulled this trick it was for a Super Astute that was an actual "buy it now" auction on Ebay. Again, they took my money and said it would be sent out. A couple days later, another email stating it actually wasn't in stock. Again, I had to get the money transferred back to my Paypal account. I know plenty of people do business with them, but they've essentially lied to me three times now, so to heck with them.
  14. Wow thanks for all the awesome feedback. Hard to imagine these chassis are so tough but I believe you guys. Mine should be arriving this week!
  15. nice find. Never get those in NZ. Wish I'd rekindled my Tamiya obsession when I lived in London.
  16. I went a bit mental in work today and hacked a massive chunk of plastic away. I didn't even have any proper tools to hand so it's really rough at the moment. I'll tidy it up later. I basically just copied the most extreme examples I could find around the internet. I basically tried to make sure I only took away the thin solid side of the "tunnel" and made sure not to encroach into the half where it's actually two separate halves with a void inside. The only question now is have I compromised the rigidity enough for the motor mount to flex and the pinion lose mesh?
  17. The Ultima is one of my all time favourite cars! (and first race car, and my own build thread on here 😁) With the re release Ultima about to hit the shelves shortly, I would think a few parts, such as the gear cover ,shock collars (although I think the optima fit) and bumper, will come available to buy. Schumacher 2" tyres work really well (actually preferred them on carpet bitd too) and, like all the other alloy pinions, wear real quick filling the cover with alloy dust. Enjoy the build, great cars, the only issue with them, was if you had a slight front impact, it folded the aluminum chassis up, snapping the top deck in the process.
  18. I want a longer wheelbase crawler and put a Toyota LC70 (hard body) on to it. So the Venture is just right with the right peice too.
  19. Well I'd now like to make a little speech and it goes something like 'AAaargghh!!'! Why wasn't any of this mentioned in the instructions? Sounds like you're all absolutely right and I've wasted a load of paint, masking stickers and time. Oh well, all part of the process. The good news is that as suggested I have managed to get what I needed at Time tunnel models: primer, mica blue and sticker sheet. While they're on their way, I can see how well the paint will come off and prep the surface properly. I also have an idea as to how I can cover the body while the paint is drying to protect it from dust and hair settling. Thank you all.
  20. God dam. That’s only like $66AUD and shipping is like $9. THAT’S the best deal you’re likely to ever see on them again. Just got another set. Only 14 left now. Funny as as I was emailing RC Mart about them as recently as last week and they didn’t say they were getting them in at all. Well the the prediction was right. If one suppliers getting them in Europe, lots will be.
  21. Yeah, I've been listening to their Anthology album while driving to/from work this week. They were one of my favorite bands from the 80s.
  22. The red stripes just above the side windows are difficult to do without wrinkling them. You might try the soapy water trick or work with a hairdryer to get them to conform properly. When I did my shell a long time ago, I failed and those stripes were always somewhat wrinkled. The other areas to stress over are the rear wheel arches, and the big "G" decal on the hood won't want to conform to some of the ridges molded into the shell. The headlight buckets, if you use them, will want to fall off later; use a better tape like a Scotch VHB tape if you want them to stick better. Or use the headlight decals and skip the buckets. This was one of the tougher shells I finished; it didn't leave me pleased. Take your time and read up on soapy water and hairdryers if you don't already know about those techniques. Lots of luck! I hope it turns out well for you! Still one of my favorite Tamiya chassis...
  23. Hi just picked this up on ebay
  24. Hi can anyone tell me what chassis this is please
  25. The Ultima is a very nice looking buggy. I wouldn't mind owning one someday if possible. I am looking forward to seeing your progress.
  26. Very nice . These are great buggies and a real pleasure to restore
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