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  2. Bloomin' marvellous stuff. All it needs now is a gold medallion with chest hair for the driver and a motorised eye lid that winks as he drives past.
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  4. The Top Force arrived today, with the Hi Caps tucked inside the box. They left the kit dampers in there too which somehow feels like a win even though I don't know what I'll do with them... I've got one more order to go for the Top Force as is typical, no single store had everything in stock. I also ordered it in a rush while I had the green light so didn't add the stuff from RCMart, so the last order is from the same shop as the kit.
  5. Busdriver

    Wild One

    Tamiya 54416 Driver Figure - RC Spare Parts
  6. More body details: photo. wing mirrors (these are from an Axial Racing set - suitably rusted). photo. rear lights - again, using Axial wing-mirror brackets, with the mirrors replaced with round spotlight housings [clear lenses painted red with Tamiya X-27 Clear Red], with the 5mm LED holes in the rear blocked off, and new holes drilled in the top for 3mm LEDS on the loom. photo. lamp brackets attached. note Hopper's got some personal licence plates too. photo. door decals, using dry transfer lettering... as the paint job is a homage to Cars Movie Mater, but the truck is a 1980's HiLux, I thought this twist appropriate. photo. Hopper himself is back on his feet now (in newly painted jeans) - test fitting in the cabin for final arm positions... note sporty fat-rimmed steering wheel from a Tamiya Wild Willy driver sprue. photo. Hobbit Hopper with his new shorter legs - his articulated arms have been tacked in position with superglue, and the joints filled with body-filler prior to sanding and painting... More soon! Jenny x
  7. A few more of the finishing details: Tailgate photo. mk2 version of the tailgate latches - 0.5mm lexan and aluminium tube, and tiny nail heads as bolts. photo. a coat of silver (aluminium) paint, and they look suitably metal? photo. weathered, bolt heads sanded and bent aluminium rod for draw-bolt. photo. salt technique used to achieve flaking paint effect, red-oxide primer also supplemented with iron paint (and activator solution) for real rust in the corners. photo. template cut... photo. ...to mask tailgate letters for highlighting in white. photo. mini hinges initially superglued in place, then holes enlarged and pins glued in to strengthen joint. cont.
  8. I've seen other people making reproduction tires for other models. Making repro sets for these seems to be a good biz opportunity. It would be awesome if such repro tires would be made of thicker rubber. The original ones are too darn thin!
  9. I would def upgrade to the metal diff cups from the 201. The plastic ones that come with the dn01 get stuck when you go to rebuild the ball diff down the road. If im not mistaken a regular silver can, torque tuned ect. will not fit. They recommend a super stock bz which i did have when i first built mine and was pretty good. I now run a castle 4600kv. Like someone else said you can go down the rabbit hole and upgrade a ton like i did.
  10. Have never used an RC to plow snow, but I think the Clod would be much more entertaining. Lock the axles and do donuts in between plow stripes. The only thing snow is good for is some Clodbuster bashing.
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  12. Is the main improvement of the Evo vs the standard Top Force from the high cap dampers and the carbon chassis? Looking through the differences it doesn't seem like the rest are major. Turnbuckles are obviously nice to have but don't improve performance, just make tuning easier. The lighter aluminium diff parts would probably reduce rotational inertia (or something like that) and make it slightly quicker off the line and battery last longer, but that is probably not an issue these with brushless motors and big capacity batteries. Titanium screws look cool but the weight saving is marginal and the buggy doesn't look to be that heavy anyway. The front one way sounds terrible - I find 4 wheel braking is far superior to 2 wheel (comparing 2wd and 4wd buggies, F1 to touring car). The carbon chassis is probably a lot stiffer which could provide a big improvement - I wonder if a carbon top deck would give much of this benefit without the cost? The only FRP shock tower I have is on the Novafox, and that doesn't seem too bad. Yeah Racing do some cheap carbon ones which could be worth looking at, assuming the carbon that Yeah Racing use is decent. What else am I missing?
  13. The same thing happens with me. All videos look like they're from a cellphone (even ones I've previously seen that were normal). I had assumed I had done something in my desktop browser and hadn't looked into fixing it.
  14. I see you’ve got caught by the sunshine yellow cap, as opposed to the Red Leicester Cheese coloured paint. It’s not just me, then!
  15. In England as soon as snow is due the entire country grinds to a halt! I like your positivity 👍
  16. Winter is on its way in my neck of the woods which leads to thoughts of the white stuff. Not that any RC is the most effective tool for snow removal, but which do you think would push more snow, a Kyosho Blizzard of Tamiya Clod Buster with plow attachment? I already have a Blizzard, but controlling it is a nightmare. I will definitely have to switch to a Sabertooth ESC for better control. Metal tracks would probably also help. On the other hand, I have plenty of spare Clod parts to build a truck. I'd just need to construct a plow. Any thoughts?
  17. That time of year where Lowes discounts their dwarf spruce trees. Half off! Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Some signs to keep folks headed in the right direction. Untitled by Joe, on Flickr
  18. I just love it😍 its definitely giving my avante a run for its money in the quality department! it's been in the garden a few times but now winter is almost upon us its going on the shelf and I'll spend winter just looking at it👍
  19. Started the rebuild of my re re optima and completely cleaned it simple green and wd40
  20. I've sent an email to see if I can get hold of one, and I've ordered a vice! (any excuse!) I've read through the FB DF03 group and still not entirely sure how to push the old pinion off and the new one on, so will be back soon asking for your help and guidance. And if I totally badword it up then I may well take you up on your offer!!!
  21. What driver is that? JJ
  22. Yes - sorry he did create it - it’s superb levels of detail I will also be colour coding the rear of the gearbox Added a bit more detail to my engine JJ
  23. Pictures say a thousand words. Thanks to @Carts for the shell.
  24. Im currently rebuilding my re re optima. The plastic cover for the belt had an opening in it and got a ton of sand and dirt in the gearboxes. I cleaned it all out with simple green and soaked the gears in wd40 . I literally picked out the leftover grime with toothpicks and qtips. This is where im at now. Fun but not fun
  25. Had a play with some 4.5 thick hexes and some narrower blocks but still doesn’t really fit the TA06. Found a tidy looking TL01 on ebay so bought that and got a few hop ups on order too.
  26. I’ve had 3M rod from various Ebay sellers, some ship in plastic bags and some ship it in cardboard tubes. The rod always gets bent when sent in the bags.
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