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  2. Re-Bugged

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Lots of squinting today while making the most of some uninterrupted time to paint a Buggy Champ driver and Sand Blaster Tyre lettering.
  3. Nobbi1977

    Too many controllers

    Road tax, servicing, tyres... Worth £5 a day not to have to use a bus. Multi model controllers are great if they have enough room to put in a full model name and you can remember which car it relates to. I was swapping and rebuilding that often that I could not remember which car was listed as what in the controller
  4. TDanny

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    You are right but to be fair if you look at Tamiyas production line there are way way more type of cars-chassis still in production than any other RC manufacturers lineup. And if you look deeper into other manufactuters lineup you realise that they are doing the same thing like reusing identical chassis. You dont have to go far; Traxxas Stampede-Slash4x4-Rustler4x4 or the dozen cars running on the 2wd Slash chassis. Tamiya have more different chassis and cars in production than the whole other rc world together. And these manufacturers dont produce tanks, bigrigs, plastic models, etc... etc...
  5. DK308

    Best esc for 6.5t motor

    2200kv is not exactly what he needs and that motor cannot be made to work in the LB. Shaft is 5 mm and will not fit the pinion.
  6. Today
  7. MICHAELs TopForce17

    Best esc for 6.5t motor

    If your going with the ezrun max 8 there is also a combo with motor for like 180.
  8. DK308

    Servo Recomendations

    If truly carefree reliability is what you want, combined with speed and power, you need to take a good look at the Savöx SB-2270SG. I use the 2290 high torque version for steering in my 1/8 8S basher and 1/5 scale dune racer, and they are not giving my Spektrum equipment any trouble, and they are always performing flawlessly. Can you have too much torque? No. But you can have poorly adjusted end points. That can damage many things and burn up even the best servo. The SB-2270SG is not cheap, but it's worth everything you pay and a bit more.
  9. DK308

    Servo Recomendations

    I have had the S3003 like most have, along with some S9402 servos. I have now installed a bunch of these digital servos and they work a lot smoother with my modern rc systems. I have some S3003 servos from 1992 that still work, but the modern digital servos do work better. And frankly, I've been using a lot of this Turnegy and Trackstar stuff, and it does work incredibly well. In your case I'd take the precision of the cheap digital servos over the Futaba name on the S3003.
  10. DK308

    Best esc for 6.5t motor

    Yup. That's the 5750kv motor he wants to run 6S on. The question is not whether or not it will live, because it won't. The question is will it go China Syndrome and short everything in the process, or will it blow apart in spectacular fashion. At any rate, I support the idea of it being filmed.
  11. DK308

    Best esc for 6.5t motor

    If you really want to get it rolling, I think the TP 4050CM in a 3800 kv version would be fun. It is rated for 5S and 80k rpm, but I'm sure that it would handle a few speed runs on 6S on such a light rig. The neat thing is that the motor can be had with a 24 mm shaft length which means that a normal 10 tooth pinion with a 5mm bore could be used. Not sure what the top speed would be, but it would definitely have the torque to get there quickly.😎
  12. nbTMM

    Best esc for 6.5t motor

    A quicrun 6.5t as in a 540 size motor? That's pushing it on 3S. With any sane gear ratio it's going to be on the verge of overheating with 3S even with a decent fan. To run a 6.5t on 3S reliably you need about a 200A ESC and a powerful motor fan, then adjust your gearing to keep motor temps under control. On 4S don't expect anything more than a single speed run before you need to stop and let the motor cool off. 5S+ is instant meltdown territory. If you want more power you need to look to a physically larger motor for reliability.
  13. Swarm

    WANTED Wild Willy Wendy Driver Figure

    Matt still has some of the latest ones for sale ( I think) - not generically painted all painted as per the customers specs - hence they take a while to be delivered but well worth the wait . Have 4 now luv them ! The last 2 are done in my daughters likeness.
  14. Wooders28

    Best esc for 6.5t motor

    That was just a guesstimate, close enough 😂 Not much will stay together at those rpm's, I think mine didn't get anywhere near the full rpm, and it was heat that did the damage (it ran 59mph and I wanted the magical 60, so did 5 passes back to back, each getting slower, should have stopped after the first...😬) It all depends if the motor can reach its full rpm,( that's if the volts don't melt it first) I run a 4.5t in my K1, the esc has max rpm data log, with bald tyres on a dusty workshop floor 64k , with mini pins on astro turf 43k. I only used elecs I had, if I was buying parts to go 6s, I'd go lower on the kv, make sure it's 4 pole , earth magnets etc, a 3800kv castle would still give 85k rpm, still should be enough for giggles in a Lunchie. Whatever you do, make sure the camera is rolling!! 😎👍
  15. ACCEL


    He looks like Spicoli (on Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
  16. ACCEL

    what a sound!!!!

    That'll be the sound of Angels during the Grapes of Wrath right before the Four Horsemen take you for the life that you've had. now if they would come out with smellavision that would at sweetness to the air. reminds me of the Outlaw races when i was i kid and pop's Boss 428 CI C.J. 70 Mach 1. different sound but even at 7 years old i'd get goose bumps.
  17. ACCEL


    Well, Let's Roll Along...........................🚚................................. we know of the Xspede beadlocks, but there is a few others in here that look nice for her paw prints also. About⏰ 30 hours left on stand by. well the chassis is far from completed, and truthfully it's going to be fitted to another, for now it will be sporting on the VBC Racing Wildfire for the photos (it's the first TC chassis i built quite a bit ago) and now for some reason i'm on a TC kick, way too many neat looking body shells to be had, yeah....... that's it👍
  18. DK308

    Motor choice again

    This. And the 10bl60 will be more than capable as well. Those 63 amps are not a continuous amp draw. That is burst power. 250 watts sounds like continuous wattage on 7.2 volts which equates to about 35 amps. That motor will work in a lot of Tamiya applications with a stock gearing. I have used a very similar motor, the Absima 3421kv 10T motor in several models. I had it in my Lunch box, a brief stint in my TTO2B with 17/68 gear and now it resides happily on my DT-03 with a 19 tooth pinion. That 3450 kv motor will definitely be a nice improvement over the brushed Sport Tuned motor. Post a picture of it. We might recognize it.
  19. Scott_CT

    Too many controllers

    You are leaving out one variable in your insurance
  20. Yesterday
  21. DK308

    Best esc for 6.5t motor

    They make a 6900 kv but not a 6700 kv. I think if you put 6S on that 6900 kv motor, it will be a very short run. 160000+ rpm and 6S on a motor that is built to handle 2S. As you said, your 5700 kv motor on 5S wiped out your ESC, packs and motor. Stepping up to the 6900kv or even staying with the 5700 kv on 6S, will result in the same destruction, but probably even more violent. I don't know of any manufacture that makes a 540 style motor capable of handling the power with those kv numbers. The only motor I can think of off the top of my head with similar kv numbers that MIGHT handle the voltage and current would be the TP 2920 8D. It's a 5520 kv motor rated for 14.2 volts. Funny thing is that the little TP 2920 has almost twice the power of the 6.5T Hobbywing motor. But again, I suspect that 115k rpm for that 5520 kv TP might be on the destructive side of things as well. All in all I can't say that I have loads of confidence of seeing this 6S sdventure end well.
  22. Blista

    Audi A4 STW is going to be re-released

    Just like the recent Skyline GTR re-release, I'd really like to have one but I'm not buying a worthless chassis just for the body. If I could re-sell the chassis I'd do it but I don't think there's any kind of local market for the TT01 chassis.
  23. Saito2

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    I also think a lot of people have taken for granted how many iconic vehicles Tamiya have produced over the years & seem to think that it’s something that can be pulled off every time. So of course when something that isn’t all new or revolutionary comes along, it gets dismissed as being sub par. Mark has a point. I, in no way, want to see Tamiya head down the "jump the house", "70mph out of box!", "tribal graphics", "hold my beer and watch this" Traxxas way of doing things. Traxxas is great at what they do but its not what Tamiya needs to do. Its also too easy to look back with rose tinted glasses and see all the old Tamiyas as classic icons. As much as they were loved by their owners, the world didn't stop when the Striker or Grasshopper 2 came out. Its honestly not that the GF01 Monster Beetle is subpar. Tamiya always swelled the lineup through parts swapping to come up with new models. Its just that those models seemed to have some distinction. A Striker is a Striker and a Sonic Fighter is a Sonic Fighter despite being similar. Sisters maybe, but each their own. The GF01 MB might be a mix of GF01 + those new portals + that old QD beetle body but it leads to another trend I see Tamiya starting. There's obviously value in the Tamiya back catalog. The success of the rereleases proves that, but the back catalog is finite. This GF01 MB along with the comical releases are Tamiya trading on past glories while plying with their current parts toybox. I'm sorry to be jaded but the comical releases are no more fun then any of the other WR02 cars. I'm far more intrigued by the magnificent @JennyMo creations than Tamiya trying to slyly lure me into buying another WR02 because the put a stubby retro body on it designed to make me remember the good ol' days. There's so many places Tamiya could have gone like scalers, trail trucks or even modern day Baja 1000 buggies that would carry on the tradition. Again, only my opinion. It doesn't mean I'm right or I know better than Tamiya. I don't feel Tamiya should or needs to change just because I'm not ecstatic with it current direction. Whatever keeps the lights on.
  24. It's because you are one of those that inspire me to build and do it better each time. You are one of the Grandest RC Enthusiast i try to emulate. i always enjoy your build threads. and that darn crazy SWB name you came up with, i'll never forget it.
  25. SuperChamp82

    Vintage Shelf Queen Display Stands

    Great question as ever @Hibernaculum For me, Plaz is a UK / £30 per kit investment who - because I’ve bought a few - did me a favour a while back in launching his vintage 3 Speed variants ... which everyone else can now buy. So, I’ve honestly no idea if his price has to fund Tamiya royalties but 1. I’ve bought 10+ and still couldn’t buy a vintage NIB for £300 or similar 😂 2. He’s a good guy that - with volume - will give true collectors anything they want. I guess it comes down to the old adage - we either support the artists in our hobby or they give up ... and then become collectible in their own right
  26. max69vk

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    I also think a lot of people have taken for granted how many iconic vehicles Tamiya have produced over the years & seem to think that it’s something that can be pulled off every time. So of course when something that isn’t all new or revolutionary comes along, it gets dismissed as being sub par.
  27. max69vk

    Kamtec oval window Beetle body

    If you’ve got the skills, those Kamtec shells can be made to look pretty special!
  28. SuperChamp82

    Vintage Wild Willy M38 Helmet

    Thanks @simensays Did they hold the design ? Their website doesn’t seem to have a search function - and I couldn’t find it after an hour 🙄 Or please just PM the design and I’ll reprint sir 👍
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