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  2. Been using 2s lipo on tble-02s for as long as I can remember (probably 8+ years) never used a alarm, pretty much soon as the pack dumps you stop using it. You’ll only damage the pack if you keep driving once it slows down. This being said if your running a very light load (like a crawler motor) is suggest a alarm as you might not notice the pack dumps. I’ve run the cell checker over the pack several times after the dump and usually still see 3.4v+ it’s going under 3v per cell which you need to avoid. I’ll generally put it back on the charger soon as I get home bring it up to 3.8v min 4v max per cell then drop into storage box. All pretty straight forward simple stuff.
  3. Welcome aboard! Yeah I think I'd go along with the more or less consensus. Something like the Midnight Pumpkin or the Lunchbox is a good start. All Hobby grade RC's have issues of some sort or other.
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  5. Boy i wish this could really start...................................................................... i'll add fuel filter, oil filter, battery leads, starter motor, various hose lines, some decals, air filter, radiator, windshield fluid reservoir, there's even a cooling fan below the intake, The design of the Element, the motor can be installed in front or behind the transmission, but placement is not centered to frame in any configuration so i believe the brushed motor will be in the rear. that'll be fun to see how this faux engine gets installed, it's ok i have tools😃
  6. I found a tyre pen from a an Auto shop worked best and lasted the longest for me. The tip was on the large side for intricate lettering, so I trimmed it down a bit which helped a lot. I did also do a ‘quick’ trial on an old 1/8 wheel before I trimmed the tip. It has a slight ridge on the tyre to guide the pen around. With a bit of care it could be a lot tidier.
  7. Stumbled across these on my scratchiest place to shop Fleabay. Very thick, very heavy front and center skid plates, i truly wanted to fab some out of the HP's top, that cool silver line lid, but when i saw these Ella needed some SS armor plate. oh that makes it nice.
  8. I think @Saito2 has a Hot Shot in Metallic Blue? Looks fantastic with the white wheels 👍🏻. Wouldn’t mind one in blue myself 😀
  9. Thanks, i'm running a FDR of 3.1. my motor gets seriously hot in just the short space of time. I have found a new motor i want, just need the $350aud to buy it. Then i will look for the 130 - 140mph
  10. Looks great! I've been thinking about getting one of these. It's a bit of a step up in price compared to Tamiya but it's so tempting.
  11. first glance at the title i'm think'n Blue Bird Servos. Nice rig, dig all the bracing. looks grand to me will be following, i like it. the Ol' fiberglass is way cool. i like my elderly esc's they ring old toughness.
  12. hmm... I still can't edit most things. If it's a one-liner, sometimes I could edit, though.
  13. Ok cool so even though my Lipo I got it’s 7.4v it’s not really going to cause an issue thos type of alarm should be fine?
  14. That's right, TBLE02S doesn't have "LiPo" setting. You can use any source of 7.2V-ish electricity, granted that you provide an alarm to protect the battery.
  15. Yep thats right, no settings to change or anything, just use it as normal
  16. So I’m going to jump in on the back of this... as I understand it running a 2S 7.4V Lipo will be fine you just want to run low voltage alarm? there is also no setting changes required to run the Lipo in the ESC? i have a heap of the and want to run run one of them in my CR-01 with a Lipo
  17. Here's some tire options, but some of these won't fit without making slight mods, that's why the chassis have been changed. I have G-Hawgs in my Monster Beetle. Here's some Blackfoot: HPI Wheely King tires: Here's the smaller TLT-1 tires: and the Traxxas doesn't look bad, but these require some mod to use in the orig Blackfoot chassis:
  18. Thats a good idea - I have access to a 3D printer, so I might model one and print it.
  19. I don't know what's changed since October 30 of last year, but today I tried to edit the first post to see if I could update the list, and it actually worked! So we're back in business! @Group c @MPJG! @stew_mac your entries have been added to the list, and rankings have been adjusted. Nice work to all of you! @Yalson I apologize for my grumpiness last year; there was a lot going on and I was stressed out: I look forward to seeing more entries from other club members!
  20. The Midwest's are totally wrong size-wise, and that's a super sad thing IMHO. They scaled 'em down as if they were 66inchers not 48"s. Had they made then 2.2 size I know I would have made some effort to order a set.
  21. There's forever much debate as to what's "vintage" vs "classic" though much like in the 1:1 car circles. To me "vintage" means the early very first models with the aluminium chassis and hardplastic bodies that T made in the late 70s. Definitely old timer. M03 is plastic chassis with a lexan body; it'll still keep up with other M-chassis in a club race... it's still a modern daily driver
  22. Welcome! If only you'd popped in sooner Thundershot was rereleased a few years ago... 2005 I think. Haven't heard of T continuing to churn out endless batches of them since then though, unlike Hotshot/Lunchbox/Hornet/etc.
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  24. Was just curious to weather it can be classed as a vintage model. thanks
  25. meh... pretty certain even if T don't make more new ones, there's zillions of M03 kits still out there in the wild if you're talking rarity & higher-demand-than-others, I'd be guessing the kits with Mini or even MINI bodies might be worth at least 2% more then the others Bit ironic that M(ini)-Chassis range don't even have a Mini in lineup anymore.
  26. Took my TRX-4 out for it's maiden voyage. I love this truck! It's a blast to drive and super fun to build! Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Untitled by Joe, on Flickr Untitled by Joe, on Flickr
  27. Glad to see you're still at it, mate... only taken me about a million years, but I'm just about finished my first of your shells.... Just the head and tail lights to do, plus some minor details.... and trim the rear body mounts. Still, progress! Look forward to your new releases... lol... quick vac-forming joke Alex
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