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  2. ThunderDragonCy

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    Aqroshot is a DT03. Comes complete with the truck wheels. Just ditch the rubbish kit tyres for some Schumacher Stagger Rib fronts and Mini spike rears with foam inserts and you have a brilliant truck for running on grass and dirt
  3. TDanny

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    I was thinking about buying an Aqroshot or a MadBull.... Maybe I'll give the DT03 a try...
  4. WillyChang

    Brushless ESC for vintage racing?

    What are your local vintage racing rules allowing...? Anything goes or are they expecting a "Blinky" brushless system? Motor choice depends on the track; ESC depends on what motor & what the fast guys are running and how much you can afford to chase them with. Our local vintage racing scene has only ever used 540s and SportTuned motors, so the best racing brushed ESCs back then are still the best today IMHO the Novak Cyclone still gives the best punch even for this relatively light duty.
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  6. WillyChang

    Help With ReRe Egress equipment

    look up the manual rear inventory list... it'll tell you whether that part is unique to your model (ie you'll need to hunt for the specific screws bag for spares) or a commoner part shared with some other models. You're lucky this time BB2 is sold retail packed as SP 50579 BA9 is a 3mm e-clip, any generic equivalent will work. Or order official SparePart 50380
  7. RCvet

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    I picked mine up off Ebay built and it has Associated B4 48P spur on it. I can't tell if center hole is reamed slightly or not, almost looks like it is not but it works fine. Using stock Astute slipper metal parts and the AE slipper pads. Have run it a bunch bashing around with 13.5T no issues.
  8. Hobgoblin

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    A lick of paint on the brat today. I started by sanding off the epoxy tumour i had created to fill the front body mount hole. A little waspism to disctract from any lumps left from the filling And finally a test drive Quite happy with the look
  9. geniusanthony

    Vintage Shelf Queen Display Stands

    I am surprised this has not come up yet. Scale jackstands are available and work exactly as you would expect. If you have printing capabilities, the per cost part is pennies and for larger/smaller models you could always scale up or down. Drill the pinhole where needed for droop. RC jackstand found on #Thingiverse
  10. markbt73

    New Tamiya Monster Beetle Black edition.

    It looks a lot better in black than the Lunchbox does in red, I'll say that... I still think they should do the "Molded in one of four colors!" thing for kits like this. In fact, to keep the collectors happy, don't even do a "normal" re-release. Just do the alternate colors, but don't have any indication on the box as to what color it is.
  11. Wooders28

    Environmental Impact of our hobby.

    I can see this being the same, maybe not as many as a Globe Liner, but looking at around 10 bags per bag!
  12. Wooders28

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    The long wait is over! (Not tamiya, but 😁)
  13. ThunderDragonCy

    Hilux monster racer

    Schumacher minipins for 2.2" truck wheels. Yellow compound is u6816. You need u6541 foam inserts. If the monster racer wheels aren't 2.2" then get some blitzer/aqroshot wheels. The tyres fit great on these and thry are bearing front fitting, 12mm hex rear.
  14. Big Jon

    Reliable esc for dirt tuned motor

    I'm a huge fan of the Hobbywing 1080. It's a little spendy, but dead reliable and adjustable for different applications. It's also very attractive, if that matters.
  15. Hl0107

    Help With ReRe Egress equipment

    Where I can get some replacement screws? I lost this step screw BB2 and cant find it locally. Also i would like to get some BA9 circlips because y manage to damaged 1 but the kit has 1 extra.
  16. Mokei Kagaku

    New Tamiya Monster Beetle Black edition.

    I think many ORV-fans will want the black frame as dyeing the ORV-frame black based on any of the existing versions isn't really possible. The plastic used doesn't absorb the dye well and high temperature is required for decent absorbtion. And with high enough temperature, warping is virtually unavoidable. I want a black frame for sure!
  17. Hello Guys, Last week I picked up a Monster Beetle Re-Re. It's really a nice truck but I have no experience with these type of cars at all. I read about a lot in the past few days and based on the lot of topics and videos I made my decision to build it straight from the box and see how long it will last and what will be needed to upgrade in the future. I'm only doing one upgrade and that is shimming the diff gear in the gearbox. I bought the traxxas part number: 1985 shimms. My question is that do I need to put shimz on both side of the diff gear or ponly one needed? THX in advance, Daniel
  18. Ray_ve

    Vintage servo is now reversed mystery

    Some transmitters had some jumper wires on the circuit board that one could re-solder in a different position for servo reversal. I believe I also reversed it once by swapping the 2 outer wires of the potentiometer of the steering-stick. Some transmitters of that era also could have had the reserve switches under the battery tray lid. Or on the narrow bottom side (the one furtest away from the antenna). Even without software-setting, many variants exist to get a servo reversed. One could even go as far as opening the servo, swapping the 2 outer wires of the axle feedback potentiometer, and swap the motor wires.
  19. First untethered drive. Needs tweaking to smooth out the shifts, though half of the problem is probably the untamed fury of the 13.5t
  20. wilysloth

    Vintage servo is now reversed mystery

    But only if the transmitter was modded to reverse left/right. Unfortunately, it no longer works so I can't test. It still seems unlikely though, in my case, that the transmitter was internally modded (and the left/right gymbal faceplate hasn't been rotated 180° as the trim adjust still sits below the stick) so I'm still scratching my head.
  21. RS2RSR

    DF03 rear shock tower - ideas

    The turnbuckle is there to prevent the gearbox to break. When the tower is strong enough the plastic were the tower is mounted to the gearbox is the next weak place. I use the same turnbuckle on a car with 3Racing carbon and alloy tower for the same reason.
  22. Not feeling it. If they had done more of an update, sure. Would have been nice if they would have gotten rid of the troublesome gearbox and used the gearbox that was used on the Bush Devil and Super Blackfoot.
  23. Hi all, I’ve done a search on here and can’t find the answer I’m looking for. How do you post a picture directly from Flickr? I’ve tried all sorts of ways but it only ever pastes the link. What am I missing? Thanks gang, Bod
  24. wilysloth

    Vintage servo is now reversed mystery

    Aha, that might explain it then.
  25. topforcein

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    not today but yesterday 53hra delivered me a pair of tamiya scissors in person (thank you very much for that) and we had a good chat for a while over rc of course
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