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  2. I meant right out to the hinge pin on the c hub....so the star head screw in this pic. Puts the shock about a 45 degree angle. Thought a long M3 cap head bolt, a spacer and maybe a 5mm suspension ball that the bolt can go through and then a nut. Have CVA shocks, will a 5mm suspension ball fit?
  3. I'm definitely in the 'HotRodder' section..............
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  5. Is this what you mean? It's part 51436 or 54296. It should work with TL01, too.
  6. I would change the diffs to ball differentials from the TA03 chassis. They are working perfect with less resistance internally. Have done it on mine, that's a huge improvement in terms of handling as well.
  7. @Hobgoblin thats your old Blitzer body!!
  8. It’s getting there, installed the grille and rear window, along with the Ampro center servo mount, 13.5 Jrelecs BL motor, the TBLE-02 should be able to handle it, hopefully, and MIP Diff.....I’m dreading installing the LEDs😭
  9. HAHAH nice, brother!... I've spent 150.00 on the police lights already..... roof bar, rear window traffic advisor, controller and headlights/tailights to flash, blue/red wigwams on the push bar, blue and red flashers in the fog light holes as well. Also Mirror flashers, flashing tail lights, brake lights and backup lights, ally lights and take-downs, lmao.... Most likely side marker lights on the rear spoiler. The GT-4 has a high rise rear spoiler and it's gonna be one awesome police car.....oh and spot light, hahah. Right now I am learning on what I have to get and do, to make this happen. Just figuring out the lights and how they can be controlled is the hard part....I never done anything more than simple on/off headlights, but they have such great electronics these days, it shouldn't be too awful hard.
  10. The bruier is pretty darn accurate, the tire are a little exagerted but everything esle is pretty scale.
  11. There are (2) cars that Id like this year. A Black Special Clod or a TXT2 I havent quite decided yet, and a new modern Tamiya 4WD. Id love a TRF502 but they are a little expensive, The DB02 isnt available, and Id like a little more special then just a DB01 Durga. I went looking for a DB01RRR and they are all gone and people want stupid money for Rs and RRs. Are we getting a DB01RRRR or is there a new 4WD buggy on the horizon?
  12. Sometimes, when I pull full trigger on the radio and try to wheely one after another, the car just stopps and the ESC beeps than it runs just fine after a few seconds. I use it with the stock motor and four AAs. Is it just the normal power lack that some of you wrote? I use TBLE-02s esc with the lipo cutoff turned off...
  13. This is my work in progress Brat basher. Lots more to do including highlighting etc. The paintwork is mat black, with the truck bed remaining gloss. (the pictures are terrible, so hard to see). Ive dropped some transparent Tamiya stars on the bonnet, just playing around really. I need to get some black wheels or paint these, white doesn't look right with black imo.
  14. For screws check out Team KNK. They do full sets of stainless hardware and importantly they have the right degree of countersinking for the RC10. They are US based though and the shipping price they quote on the website seems expensive. But when they ship they refund the difference between what you paid and what it actually cost to ship. At least they did when I ordered from then. There's also the risk of import duty etc but you do get plenty of screws.
  15. I am loving this!!! The Turbo Burns and Burns DX are among the large list of wish I had the money as a kid to buy!
  16. yep it seems to good to true tbh esp being tamiya hop-up
  17. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I have done a bit of a mix. I have gone for 2x TBLE-02S and a blue bottle motors and a Goolrc combo. i can then see what works best in what. Best regards Rod
  18. Hi, I have been tinkering with a rebuilding my TL01. Im curious, has anyone moved the suspension mount on the bottom arm. I thought about replacing the hinge pin at the C hub with a longer 3mm bolt. Then adding a spacer or two and mounting the bottom suspension eye onto the bolt and a nut on the end. Might not be terribly pretty but thought it might be pretty cool.
  19. Ol' Blue Eyes has some words of wisdom I think...
  20. What shocks are those???! I need some real ones for the Rere Bruiser!
  21. I'm with you on that combo set even in its box you just know its going to be a gorgeous piece of kit! Can I ask did you get it in the UK as I've only seen them advertised from Japan? And you know the rules! We have to see the finished buggy!
  22. This is not helping my desire to get a manta ray and narrow + truck it.
  23. Good luck with the project . I'm currently building a 1:15 Gravedigger shell onto a modified Tamiya QD chassis . So far it's panning out , so anything is possible - isn't it
  24. Couldn't agree more, it's not just Tamiya that has this effect. I really want to mod my Cat XLS with the carbon and alloy bits but then it wouldn't be the replica that it's meant to be... But it would be cool to have all the bits... Or should I get another one to mod?... Aaaargh! Have probably spent way to much time deliberating over it... 🤔
  25. Tamiya aficionados often fall into or between these two categories, the restorer and the hotrodder. On one extreme, the purest, a restorer to the core, presents Tamiya models created exactly as they would have been from new right down to using vintage spares vs nearly identical, yet not authentic rerelease spares. At the other, the extreme hotrodder may be better termed a custom builder. Here is one who uses Tamiya parts or basic parts as a mere jumping off point for whatever their mind allows. In between, there are those that add or change parts for better performance or simply personalization. In my youth, both in RC and 1:1 cars I was a hotrodder to the core. Age and time has me drifting closer to the restorer perspective. Tamiyas (vintage designs especially) have me quite caught in the middle of this struggle. The nostalgic part of me desires the authentic original experience, something that obviously wasn't present when both the cars and I were younger. Its a trip back in time. Then there is the rabid desire to improve upon the designs and vintage Tamiyas have much room for improvement. Tempting room. My particular problem in this battle is nothing I create looks "proper" to my eye. Whether Tamiya nailed the look from the get-go or that what's burned into my brain as the "correct" appearance, I can't say. I have no idea how skilled people like JennyMo build the things they do and make them look so good, so "real" and almost "official" in a sense. Everything I do looks like garbage in my eyes. Not quite "right". I build to scratch the hotrodder itch and after completion and subsequent dissatisfaction, rip it apart and return to stock. Its gotten to the point at times where all the improvements I make have to be hidden from view to allow my mind to relax (stupid, I know). I even get the feeling about aftermarket parts at times too. I would have loved a Sassy Chassis for my Clod Buster in my youth, but now it doesn't look "right" to my eyes. I want to custom build at times but am never satisfied. Never. I know, too much concern over model cars, lol.
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