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  2. Pintopower

    2WD HiLux stepside pick-up - aka. Cilla... aka Ali G.

    This is looking awesome as usual!
  3. Last weekend, I attended Proline by the Fire in Apple Valley, CA, which is a scaler and crawler event. The event had hundreds of people there (ranging from 500-900, depending on who was asked) and as usual, I had the only Tamiya off roader. Sure there were a couple CC01’s on the rally stage but out of every single car there, I had the only High Lift and the only Bruiser (technically it was the P407). I am used to this disappointment but what I am not used to is seeing a Tamiya booth there! Surely they would have some beauties there like the ridiculously overpriced Mountain Rider or the Tundra, the F350, CR01 or even a selection of the scale bodies that Tamiya has created! No They had some rally cars. Anyway, I have largely forgotten Tamiya as I am over them creating nonsense anymore but this time something happened. One of the Tamiya Reps came running over when they saw project Lunchbox. “This! They need to see this! They need to make this!” Paraphrasing of course, I don’t have a photographic memory. Basically, he was explaining to me how Tamiya USA is begging Tamiya Japan to make something to enter the scaler market. Tamiya Japan simply has zero desire to take such a leap. As someone who has designed and overseen mass production of dozens of products, I am aware of the financial burden of an endeavor like this has on the company and I have seen some die with the launch of a misguided product. There is no room for Tamiya to make a mistake so the fear (I hope) that management has is valid though I do not think that fear is a problem. I strongly believe that it is a lack of desire. They are doing well in the domestic market and see no reason to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in R&D and manufacturing of something that is not popular in Japan. Never the less, the rep begged me to let him borrow Project Lunchbox and Project “why hasn’t Tamiya bothered to do this and why do I have to do everything”, also known as Project Ted, to take to Tamiya USA for a presentation to Japan. Personally, I think this will go nowhere but I am willing to try. Good luck old friends, if anyone can remind Tamiya how its done, you two can. Please, no questions here on how I made these cars as this section is not appropriate for that and I do not want this post moved. I will cover that on my youtube channel.
  4. Using an ESC, did you do a forward, default and reverse calibration so it fits the signal from your remote?
  5. A Loooooong time since I posted on TC, feel bad, but I have a little boy of nearly 4, and since he was born.....backseat to the RC hobby! :-) Anyway, now that he is old enough, and absolutely LOVES cars, I thought I would get him something to mess around with in the dirt. The XV-01 seems like it would be the nicest option, either that, or the MF-01x. If anyone has one of the above, let me know. I would prefer to buy a used one if there is one about, as although I would get a lot of satisfaction building either, the little boy would probably like to get it up and running asap. Appreciate any responses and advice. Regards, Andy
  6. Pintopower


    Proline by the fire 2019 was amazing. Here is a little vid I made of it with some of my fleet. The Tamiya showing there was abysmal. I had the only High Lift, there were three CC01's (all for the rally stage) and Tamiya USA brought a bunch of rally cars. Brilliant.
  7. Ended up sticking big balloons on my GF01 so have the black wheels and tires still new in bag. Just the wheels and tires! Picture for reference only. £25 with free postage.
  8. Just completing my Monster Beetle build. When I turn on the power the motor is constantly turning. I have been through the controller binding etc several times but it will continue to turn. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  9. Today
  10. Forgot all about these... still for sale if anybody is interested in portals or jacking up their crawlers. £100 with free postage in the UK.
  11. As the title says, I have a couple of these Ta02S Lancia kits, never opened or touched. £179 RRP in the UK I think I only want one so am selling the other - yours for £160 including free postage in the UK. Please get in touch if interested.
  12. JennyMo

    CC-01 Pajero scale?

    I agree - those Tamiya BFGoodrich tyres are 84mm diameter - so 840mm in 1:1, which is equivalent to a 33" tyre. Not impossible to fit on a lifted Pajero perhaps, but not stock as you say. As I recall, that era Japanese 4x4s usually came with 15" wheels, sometimes 16" but that would be about it... 17"+ size wheels [from the factory] didn't really become popular prior to 2000. Jenny x
  13. markbt73

    Blue Edition Brat

    I like the dark chassis, I like the blue body, I like the black/gold stripes... but I hate the black wheels. They make the overall appearance too dark, and those white 8-spoke wheels are so iconically '80s Subaru that it looks wrong without them.
  14. Mad Ax

    Tamiya Junkies Meets in South Yorkshire

    I really, really loved the meet I popped up to earlier this year, but a change in personal circumstances means the cash for a round-trip to RHR just isn't there. A crying shame as this is exactly the type of running I love the most - no rules, no limits, just turn up and have fun. And nobody down this way is doing this kind of thing any more. I'm on the fence now as to whether I re-join a local racing club for some clubman-class fun or try to find a local-ish circuit who will be open to running this kind of bash locally.
  15. steponit!

    Kyosho 1/18 Lamborghini Cheetah

    As usual Mokei Kagaku, great info !
  16. njmlondon

    Quietest ESC / Motor combo?

    Awesome thanks for all the replies. I am happy to spend a decent amount on the motor and ESC - it is for my Bruiser. I sometimes drive slowly almost like a crawler but also have a golf course I like to drive on where you can really shift. As such I have a Sport Tuned in it right now. Are there any particular combos anybody would recommend. I am guessing c3500KV will give me Sport-tuned punch. I am off to research brushless and in particular the difference between sensorless an sensored. If there is a duffers guide out there do let me know.
  17. Kamikuza

    Too many controllers

    Oh mate, a video from Red Bull of a SCT or TT doing wheelies around sand dunes just popped up in my feed. Drool. I'm so getting a Losi Baja Rey as soon as I can. With an audio things Yeah Isle of Mann is insanity. There's a good Xbox game that really gives the feel of speed and pants-filling excitement. Can't imagine those nutters doing it for real. Sorry, I'm the off-topic king eh
  18. ^This is a very good point, are Tamiya doing market research on a global and national level? I hear time & time again that the devoted western customers aren’t getting the product they really want!
  19. Badcrumble

    New Tamiya Monster Beetle Black edition.

    Just my tuppence but I think that the coloured versions are for the Japanese collector mindset more than anything. The style of Tamiya drivers reflect that this is a Japanese oriented company above everything. To me, the comical buggies are more aimed at kids as their first RC - moving up from the smaller scale race track stuff - rather than middle aged enthusiasts. I like them though.
  20. Grastens

    HKS Skyline and Lunchbox Red Edition

    Great news! I will be checking my local hobby shop
  21. Darn, i am good.... was a bit of a familiar problem
  22. mtbkym01

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Shipped a box of stuff to Chile
  23. DK308

    Questions about the TT02B

    To fix the sloppy steering, you need three things. This This And this If you want more speed, this is a nice motor.
  24. dave.723

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    And one for my sons ... . You always have to be fair ... . But they already noticed that one inside looks much better. Hehe.
  25. All valid points I've been reading and good honest opinions👍 can't disagree with any of them but I just love this hobby (and excellent forum) for what I get out of it which is a light hearted past time which when I'm in the middle of it wrenching or buying etc my worldly problems disappear and nothing else matters for that few hours or so😍, so I always look at new releases as a positive weather its comical or re-colours is all good to me although the comical models are not my thing🤔 my one critical rant is to be more reliable with the release dates🤯!!
  26. Mad Ax

    CC-01 Pajero scale?

    The arches on the Tamiya body are (probably) quite a bit bigger than on a 1:1 car though, which is quite normal for an RC body. AFAIK the biggest wheel size on a stock Pajero was a 18", not the scale 19" supplied with the Tamiya kit. The Tamiya BFG tyres are way bigger than anything the Pajero ever left the factory with and the 1:1 equivalent probably wouldn't fit the 1:1 car without some modification.
  27. Mokei Kagaku

    Kyosho 1/18 Lamborghini Cheetah

    The Cheetah is one of my absolute favourite cars and I have collected it in multiple scales, so it's very nice to see a 1/18 scale model being released. However, with the high prices of Kyosho static models and the relatively large scale, I think it should have been better. The headlights don’t look right to me, and being the “eyes” of a model, the correct look of headlights is crucial to the overall impression. Also, the reversing light is missing. Worse though is the horizontal separation of the C-pillars from the body which the original car doesn’t have. I appreciate that most likely makes the manufacturing easier, but when Tamiya managed without 40+ years ago, as did Otaki with their 1/24 Cheetah kit, it should be feasible for Kyosho too. I can just hope that the pictured model is a prototype and that the shortcomings are fixed for series production, because I would really like to buy one.
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