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  2. Now, that is as straight an answer as I can get (about bending)!! Thank you guys for the tips too. I'll try with a hair dryer, cautiously.
  3. I've tried to bend most things with heat , some work , some don't . I guess it depends on how far you need to bend it . I would suggest a little bending at a time rather than a whole / full bend in one go , and possibly 'overbend' as I find some plastics can try to spring back to their original state - some plastics have a 'memory'
  4. For that price i may actually buy a clod from tower to go with my txt 2
  5. Looking forward to some build threads....
  6. Today
  7. Longer piston rods to lengthen the DT-03 front shocks I fitted to the Super Hotshot as recommended by @ThunderDragonCy. Got some rears in case I want adjust those as well.
  8. Hi folks, "My kids" are buying/bought me a Mountain Rider for xmas and was after some recommendations for a 6 or 4 channel radio set. I was looking at a Flysky FS-i6X 2.4GHz 6CH/10CH AFHDS as it was cheap but what do others recommend? I can't wait to build this as I always wanted one as a kid in 1986/7!!!! LOL! Cheers Leon
  9. Yes, ordered the Ultima right now . I am really happy to see my buggy family growing!
  10. I'm thinking about a ghetto mod for a TL01B body post. Bend, cut, flatten with heat. Body posts are not ABS, so I don't know if it can be done? Anybody tried it?
  11. Should receive mine next week ready for Xmas!
  12. Did the paint crack/split or the body?
  13. the last time i used ts paint was on my grand hauler shell and it cracked/split witch i ended up buying new shell and since then i use custom mixed paint. i do also use wilco's own spray cans esp the black for undercoating and the wilco's paint is only around £5 for a 400ml can but the custom mixed is dearer but the finish i have got if well worth the extra expense. i will never use tamiya ts paint again
  14. These work and are heavy duty but need to be machined 1 mm to fit the shafts, they were recommended by a guy who builds monster trucks from scratch and machined them for me after i purchased.
  15. Thanks have got bearings on order the bullhead is 100% original mite leave it as it is put it in loft and leave it for 20years
  16. Thanks for advice brought both on ebay for 100 each the superclod has been modded big time servos on both axles and a ton of upgrades the bullhead is original still has msc do u think its worth leaving as standard
  17. No need to imagine, the headaches are already here. 20yrs ago (late 90s) I think the Germans started thinking of going Green... by speccing BIODEGRADABLE insulation plastics for wiring looms 8( except they didn't even last as long as expected under hot engine bay. I hear BMW loves to make induction manifolds out of plastic... which goes brittle, crumbles and gets sucked into combustion chambers. No need to worry about chasing that MAF air leak, 'cos your plastic coated engine innards is a write off. All this stop/start rubbish... how much fuel do they actually save? Vs the cost of replacing that high-capacity high-current special battery they need, costs thrice of a normal chunky plated battery. yeah can't wait for the day when I see "this vehicle is no longer supported by this app"...
  18. Just bought the paint, so TS it is. Now the only question is if 1 can of colour and 1 can of clear is enough. I think it will, but it will be close! For the sake of completeness ill report back with results in a week or so when its done.
  19. The 1/14 F1 cars are cool. However you’re limited by the chassis design. They fit the Tamtech CPR radio gear perfectly as well as the little 6 cell tampack is needed as fits perfectly in the chassis. Any other radio gear would be an exercise in experimentation. Parts will be difficult to source. They are super cool to run though
  20. So it’s on rcmart and rcjaz. Mine is already on its way...
  21. I'm really proud of myself for not ordering anything!
  22. Oops, I may have just ordered a Mad Bull and a couple of chuckie gliders...
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