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  2. Looks like channel mixing? Channel mixing is often used when you are flying airplanes. When you drop flaps, the airplane could pitch up. You can mix elevator to lower the nose, etc, etc. Cars also, you could mix steering with throttle. Not like what your radio is doing. But more like reducing steering angle when the throttle goes up. I would check your channel mixing function to see if it throttle and steering was accidentally mixed.
  3. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll see there are 50838 members. Which does seem rather a lot, they’re definitely not all active
  4. You could spend $40 and get yourself 100 bearings of various kinds. (If you order them by their sizes like 5x11x4mm or 5x8x2.5mm, you can get 10 bearings for about $3.5) You'll end up using them anyway. Everybody thinks "I won't need that many bearings" at the beginning. That's the denial stage. I'm at the acceptance stage...
  5. @ChrisRx718 any thoughts about the roll bar?
  6. There are a few upgrades I would build a base TT02 kit with, namely bearings and oil shocks. These will give a big improvement and you could stop here. The high speed gear set and Yeah Racing alloy mount could also be on this list, allowing you to swap to more common 48p gears and give unlimited gearing options for any motor. You will also break stuff so could upgrade as you go. At this point I would think about what you are actually wanting from the car. If you want to remove all the slop and spend a heap on upgrades, then consider whether that is the best option or are you better buying a TB05 or TA07, both of which are a big step up and will perform better out of the box. Get the Pro version and you still have the upgrade path if thats what you want to do. But in the end you'll have a very capable car. And having 2 is always useful, no doubt friends will be keen to give it a go and you can run them together.
  7. Ok, that means i am member number 41139. Are there really 41 thousand members? I thought we were a select little group... J
  8. Managed to get a few minutes to myself to break out the airbrush and give the blower for my Clod build a quick spraying with alclad polished aluminium paint, I mentioned earlier that I think the stock chrome finish tamiya used looks really naff and unrealistic so I'm much happier with the repainted part. It's nowhere near as shiny as it was but it's got a nice metallic sheen to it and it looks more like it's actually made from metal instead.
  9. Crashed, nice project. If it were me, I would strip down and clean everything. You might want to invest in a small sonic cleaner. Wives and GFs love sonic cleaners as they can put their jewelry in them. I would then build a Rough Runner.
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  11. If you visit your profile page and look at the URL you’ll see a number there. Is it that one?
  12. Hello all, first post here. My friend gave me his old nitro TNX truck, which is in great condition, considering how old it is. First few times starting it, it has been fine (although it took a bit to get it going), but i am now having trouble getting ti going. The starter seems to work cranking the engine, then starts whirring, i eased off the glow plug, and it doesnt really make a difference. I took the started off, and noticed the slipper pads (i think thats what they are called - the black rubber cylinders in the starter), it seemed to help when it was on the bench, but when reassembled i have the same issue. I have cleaned the one way bearing, which seems to help, until i have it all back together, and try starting it. When it does start, it runs pretty well! i am used to electric tamiya cars (still running my 2001 Subaru) any help would be good thanks Rich
  13. Decided to do some landscaping in the garden
  14. lol. MB for now. In a couple months I'll grab a super clod buster. So yeah...
  15. Yeah I'm just going to order the FastEddy kit. Now I just need to wait for Tower Hobbies to get the Monster Beetle (red) back in stock. They have the black edition but I think I'll wait for the original as their site says "mid april" for restocking.
  16. That’s a serious amount of hop ups! I bought a used one a few months back and have just rebuilt most of it. Waiting for the last parts to arrive and a new body shell and decals.
  17. It's a strange thing that FastEddy did. I purchased my Racing Fighter and Hotshot bearings and they all replaced the metal bearing which came with the car. I have no idea why FastEddy did this. I can put a link to an instruction manual for the Monster Beetle. Here is the Monster Beetle manual. It will most likely have the amount of bushings in the kit. You just need to pay attention to every step and check how many bearings/bushings you'll need. https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/rcmanual/58618.pdf
  18. Done in the same style as those old Intel Inside stickers?
  19. Hi, I have two of these radio set. I noticed on on of the transmityer, when I turn the steering control, the throttle also reacts slightly causing the vehicle to react. I tried to recalibrate the transmitter but the problem still persist. Any ideas?
  20. The Tamiya connectors aren't great as they have a fair amount of resistance and will rob your car of performance even if they don't overheat. However with the moderate current draw of a 13.5t, you probably won't melt them. I would however suggest getting the type of adapter that has one plug going directly to another without the cable between. With the battery cable and ESC cable already in play, you are unlikely to need a further piece of cable cluttering up the works.
  21. I am looking for new DT-03 Racing Fighter tires from Tamiya since my previous stock ones were shredded within a short period of time. Does anyone know what type I should get? I would want to get a set that I could use in the grass, dirt, concrete/pavement. Thanks! Tamiya_Cars_4_Life
  22. Right which is why it's odd that the bearing kits are different. The BF kit has 4 fewer bearings than the MB kit. And the wheels in total need 6 bearing. 2 for the rear, 4 for the front.
  23. It looks like the link in the post above is 2x 18650 batteries. They are what power a Tesla only there is about a 1000 of them in a Tesla. Also used for vapes. Buy a few, solder them together. Make a few packs??. I just got 2 of these for the boys but not tried them yet. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164132605477
  24. For batteries, I use a 4x AA holder with rechargeable AA's 2500mah. The turnigy LSD ones from hobbyking. I also had a tiny 460mah 2s lipo which seems to last a fair runtime. I've just bought a slightly bigger 1000mah 2s battery which should fit fine and give much more runtime. He must have driven it over 2 miles on that little lipo. Great little cars though. Loads of fun.
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