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  2. that also applies to shipping worldwide. if you order i'd recommend going for the high gloss finish and maybe get the vinyls window masks for the terra scorcher as well. ok they're never going to be as good as the originals (the MCI stickers are probably twice as thick). but yeah would have been next to impossible to restore my Terra Scorcher if they weren't around.
  3. Yep terra conqueror uses the modern black CVA.
  4. ok might seem a stupid question but... are the tires glued? running brushed or stock silver i could get away with not gluing the tires... but not so for brushless
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  6. Going to keep a thread on here, uploading some of the files I have printed for use on my Tamiya cars. Starting with some bits for the Falcon https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4124576 Perhaps useful for some people looking for a quick & easy stopgap for breaking old plastics Enjoy! H
  7. The black CVA rear shocks use bigger 11mm pistons than the manta ray shocks so probably the easiest thing is buy 2 sets of 50520, short eyelet front, long eyelet for the rear.
  8. Hi I have a few sets of pink bush devil wheels where are you based?
  9. I may go off-topic here but I may as well share. My monster truck experience prior to receiving the SMT was a stock clod, a four linked locked up mod-clod and a TXT-2 all silver cans and 2-3S. After receiving the SMT my initial impression was poor. The plastics all felt rubbery and soft. This was the rtr max-d model so there were a few rtr bugs to work out right out of the box. The output gear to the axles was loose so no 4wd. Getting the trans out the first time was an effort since I didn't put it together. Since you are an experienced builder I wouldn't expect to have the same grief since you say you were interested in the kit version. Post that with everything working as it should, first week drive a few times and get frustrated with the lack of power. Swap out clod wheels and then the overgrown stance irritated me. Shorten the wheelbase and put in more power, lose the crawler esc they used to come with and yeah, it was quick enough at that point. Plastic gear trans melted next. Put in steel gears, and alloy trans case then it was were a bit noisier.Next problem after that was the axles started clicking. As LC said above, AR60s are not up to MT duty. I still haven't opened up the axles, I imagine they were built correctly though, perhaps they needed shims to tighten the mesh from the start but that's the current state of the truck. It sounds like some of the weaknesses have been addressed from the marketing, I am personally sour on the truck and the amount of upgrades it needed . At $200 for the kit, I think it's not a terrible price for a slider but at least there is enough aftermarket support to keep it running and to correct weaknesses.
  10. Hi Kev Thank you so so much. I have managed to get it working, well partially anyway. I have steering but it looks like I'm missing the servo that actually controls the speed controller. I just hope that once i source a servo I can connect it up Best regards Rod
  11. Oooooo.... Yes please - I'll take these off your hands... PM me your PayPal and I'll get that wired over to you! (PM'd)
  12. Right, I think I've ordered everything - battery, charger, servo all on the way. I fell down what seemed like a pretty deep internet hole on servos, but managed to claw myself out. Thanks again for everyone's help, I'll be back around the forum with questions as soon as I remember how much I've forgotten about the building process
  13. Just come across these two boxes full of vintage Carson fighter buggy parts. Now to get up in to the loft and find the other boxes to start a build
  14. Channel 1 or 2 should be ok , it would just respond with the trigger or wheel on your controller - throttle would be with the trigger so if that is right , fine , if not reverse the channel position . If the trans and receiver are the same as your Egress then use CH2
  15. Hi Kev Thank you so much for getting back to me. I really appreciate it! Omg, yes it seems I did have the connector plugged in the wrong way around! Ok, if I attempt this again i need to know where I should put the MSC connector. So, I have the option of CH3, CH2 and CH1. On my Egress the ESC is in CH2 while the servo is is CH1. I'm not sure if this helps? Regards Rod
  16. Ok great. No race really. My daughter only really struggles using the reverse...
  17. At first glance the 2 lead plug is the wrong way round , the receiver shows an illustration of signal / +ve / -ve , you've plugged in the opposite way round so it is neg to pos and pos to neg and it's plugged into a channel rather than a battery terminal . I don't use 2.4G but usually with an MSC you would plug into a battery terminal on the receiver (27MHZ or similar) . With modern radio an ESC is used and plugged in to ch1 or 2 - whichever is the 'throttle' channel on the receiver which then supplies the power to the receiver on that channel .Not sure if that receiver is compatible with a manual speed controller , it may well be as it is supplied with power from the BEC lead . Someone will answer that pretty soon I guess .
  18. Hi guys I just purchased an old Manta Ray which I’m trying to get up and running. I’m a compete newbie to RC so a lot of what I have been doing has been trial and error. I somehow managed to complete my first kit (Egress) and got it up and running. However, I did something drastically wrong today as I seemed to had fried my Absima R3FS receiver when trying to connect the electrics and pair with my transmitter. What appears to have thrown me is that the wiring on this Manta Ray is different to the Egress. On my Manta ray the servo has three wires (red, yellow & black) combined into one connector. This connector then fits nicely into the three pronged receiver – straight forward enough. However, there are only two wires (red & black) that combine into one connected from the speed controller. What I did was place the binding cable in the binding port at the top of the receiver. I then placed the speed controller connector in CH3 port, to the right, underneath. I then switched on the power and pow! Smoke! I’m now scared to try anything. As I say I’m a complete novice so I know that I’m doing something drastically wrong. I have included some pictures to illustrate my setup. Any help or advice would be fully appreciated. Best regards Rod
  19. As above. Aluminium (and very rare) Pargu adapters to let you run vintage wheels on axles designed for modern 12mm hex drive. I used them to fit Wild One style Super G wheels to a Thundershot rear end on my Ultra G buggy. Surplus to requirements now. £5 posted in the UK.
  20. This was awesome for me, I have the fruits of yours and @jonboy1 labour on display at home. I can’t hank you guys enough for your time and skills.
  21. Also what's people experience with MCI, speedy service, high handling fees uk end? Saw they post free for orders over $50, but need to check if this includes overseas or within Canada only
  22. It’s in pretty decent shape imo. The front of the shell is a mess, but other than that it looks and feels like it has been looked after. That’s a great offer as well, thank you!
  23. Hadn't considered that. I'd certainly be interested in a few of their repro bodies, so a bulk buy with others should be more cost effective. Of those who have purchased from TBG before, what's a typical customs and handling total? Do they just list the product total or add the postage to the declaration their end? Where do people think a new topic to gauge interest would be best placed, general or vintage section?
  24. I prefer shaft drive for my own fleet, but if you'd like to have the car in your fleet but don't have time to restore it, I could perhaps take a look at it for you? What sort of condition is it in?
  25. Is my TA03F-S of any interest to you TJF? I pick up my RTR TT02 tomorrow which is better suited to my skills and time contracts etc.
  26. Hi guys I'm currently in the process of converting a Manta Ray into a Terra Conqueror. However, it looks like I need to have black CVAs. What's the easiest way to do this? Any help would be fully appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you Best regards Rod
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