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  2. Well today I got something I never expected to get: Tamiya's Gb01 Aeration Oil Filled Dampers. I was researching parts for the TamTech series and came across these on the TamiyaUSA site. I thought it had to be a mistake, so I ordered, thinking I would get an email within a day or so telling me that it was a mistake. Nope. I grossly overpaid for them, mostly because I was thinking they had just made a mistake on their site. I have 5 TT gear cars, all in their boxes and only one run on the ground (the GB03 Hotshot). the Hornet, Fox, Frog and the the Buggy Champ. Which one deserves these dampers? IMG_8007 2.HEIC
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  4. Dunno if I'd be crowing about getting off taxfree, the day before Brexit!! boris might come lurking on here looking for ways to prevebt revenue loss!
  5. Stick a tiny piece of foam rubber in the axle cups. That just give you enough back pressure to hold them in but be flexible enough to give as needed. Thorp sold these for their dog bone systems (part #4589). Terry
  6. Hi Kev, Glad to assist ! Shoot me a PM and we'll get this sorted !
  7. Taisan Porsche that I bought in 1996, before I fitted the HPI chassis.
  8. Sorry i'm late! Here's some pics of the real cars. Gemini as it is at the moment awaiting restoration, and as it was back in the day. Starion back in the day and current day racing in heritage touring cars against all other genuine original racers from group A & C
  9. 47442 announced will be at Nurnberg https://tamiyablog.com/2020/01/some-of-the-new-tamiya-rc-released-that-will-be-presented-at-the-nuremberg-toy-fair-2020-tomorrow/
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  11. The Thundershot was rere'd around 2005.
  12. I finally got a CLOD BUSTER! I have wanted one ever since I first flicked through a Tamiya catalogue back in the early 90's. Bittersweet though - I got it for an absolute steal because my favourite local hobby store is closing up in a couple of weeks
  13. Seller in china has a mold and makes them. $50 shipping included for the set. A little more if you need the inserts also. Not near my laptop, but will give you the link in the morning.
  14. That will be a purchase for sure!.........looking forward to what else is in store......
  15. Thanks - appreciate the feedback
  16. Would any of you lovely Aussies be able to do me a favour? I bought a shell on Australian eBay, which is coming from Perth. Would any of you be able and willing to give a local-ish address to post to and then forward in to me in the UK?
  17. The chassis is identical to the Fire Dragon except that has solid top arms (which will be in the scorcher kit) and the rear anti roll bar. The Thundershot and Thunder Dragon use a front monoshock and the narrower rear shock mount, but the scorcher setup is better so cut the Thunder shells to suit
  18. Do you have a link? Been looking for some of those.
  19. Did a bit more. Lower suspension arms, front knuckles and upper arms Happy days and my Amarok arrived
  20. Great news!! I have a question for those familiar with the Thundershot series. I am still hoping for a re release of the Thundershot at some stage. With the pending arrival of the 2020 Terra Scorcher, would it simply be a case of buying a new repro body shell and decals to convert a Terra Scorcher to Thundershot (or even Fire Dragon)? Is the chassis identical in every respect with no extra parts or bodywork alterations required? Feedback much appreciated.
  21. My fleet lives on a set of shelves in our "fun room" which my wife and I share 50/50. I have space for 40 cars on 4 sets of shelves, 2 cars wide by 5 shelves high. By parking the minis really close together I managed to get 41 parking bays, then by rotating them to 45 degrees relative to the shelf I managed to get another bay. But now that I have 43 display-worthy cars and 42 bays, I have had to get a bit creative. My wife spotted some wire stands at Ikea, sold as shoe racks, which are wide enough for a car or buggy and have legs that are sufficiently far apart for a touring car to fit between them, so I am using these to add another deck to the shelves. (If I had any woodworking tools or skills, I'd simply add another wooden shelf, but I don't.) I only have one in place at the moment, but they are each one and a half cars long, so 6 of them end-to-end will reach the full width of my shelving, giving space for another 8 cars. If I put cars or buggies on them and TCs or minis below them, I should be able to double my shelf space. Would such a solution be of any help to you I wonder? Is there any way of fitting more cars into less space?
  22. Thanks, appreciated. Speak soon
  23. I probally have one. Can check tomorrow if you can wait?
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