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  2. Got them here... Louise E-Rocket tires
  3. Wheels and tyres look cool - what type of Louise RC are they and where did you get them? I've only ever seen them for sale on eBay and they look a bit expensive!
  4. Looks very odd in pictures when black plastics seem so familiar! Just a quick word of warning on the transparent dampers - they shouldn't be attached by means of ball connectors like other dampers, because the transparent plastic isn't as flexible. They should be fixed with flanged tubes and screws or step screws. The lack of flex will likely result in them cracking / splitting. See M-03R instruction manual:
  5. I agree. I plan to paint them dark olive like the ones in picture one. I just slapped them on when I got them in.
  6. Yup, Tires are glued. I had figured the block would work better in the back based on my experience as a regular auto mechanic, so will switch them around and give it a go when I get the new set in. Here's a shot of the girl right now after that second set failed for you. It's got a 3s in it for a "Why not?" run
  7. Is it possible to put spacers in to move the servo forward? Or some shims/spacers under the servo horn
  8. Thanks for the heads up regarding the drivetrain 👍🏽 I’m enjoying and still learning about building and setup etc. have done some research and ordered a few shim sets as no extras at all supplied with the kit Greg
  9. I'm fine with negativity if I chose or set up something wrong. Leaning in on the throttle instead of punching it? Will do on the next attempt. Thank you very much for the feedback
  10. Wheelbase is 239mm. I don’t have exact width but I know it’s wider than traditional M body. I recall the beetle being 165mm and would estimate bus to be ~10mm wider.
  11. and people think the Aqroshot/Vajra body is ugly.... at least that has a semblance of truck bed etc....
  12. Today
  13. You guys dint really help in deciding which one. Hahahaha After reading all your post and watching both videos... I have decided to get both! Hahahaha Tamiya rule number 1! Ill pick up a Bruiser first, then the Mt Rider after a couple of months...
  14. @TurnipJF I got this Super Mini shock set for my MF-01X, I noticed that without the internal, the shock length is 55mm, which is 5mm too long? I built them last night but not fitted them yet but now it looks like I got to put in internal spacer to stop dogbone popping out.
  15. Thanks, it is hard to know which one would fit, without trying them out. I haven't tried steel wheels but they seem to be very popular, especially with crawlers.
  16. Accidentally stumbled across these and couldn't resist. Just had to get me some
  17. I thought it was just my age being the reason I find these modern bodies horrible Like everything, at the sharp end of competition aesthetics are very much in the back seat compared to uncompromising performance. Just look at F1!
  18. Tyres are https://store.rc4wd.com/RC4WD-Dick-Cepek-Fun-Country-155-Scale-Tires_p_4052.html Wheels are https://store.rc4wd.com/155-Landies-Vintage-Stamped-Steel-Beadlock-Wheels-White_p_1431.html wheels and tyres are very hard to get right, particularly considering most tires have different outer diameters. Generally speaking for cc01/Cc02 you want a outside diameter of 85-95mm, generally most bodys will need minor trimming for tyres above 85mm. im very happy with my combo, the tyres are exceptionally good, they are soft enough to give me over 1” square footprint. The wheels where a bit lighter than I was hoping but I ended up adding wheel weights. (Of course stock they are much heavier than plastic). The shocks are quite close to the shock. But they still miss.
  19. for me, I think it's the colour of the rims in picture 2 which spoil it. If you were to paint them, say white or olive, then I think you could have a winning look there.
  20. Hi excellent folks, Im about to start a new build of an M chassis and going to use an ABC Hobby Datsun 510 body for it. There are bumper details and grille etc that are clear lexan and I’m curious as to the best method to attach them to the main bodywork? also, is there any really shiny, chrome like stuff I can use to give the bumpers a real chrome look. many thanks. :)
  21. Despite not personally being a fan of it, don't get discouraged if you have TT02B. They aren't terrible, faulty buggies. The ground clearance is low and there can be issues with the plastic gears in the rear if you start upping the power. On the plus side, there's plenty of spares and hop-ups as this is Tamiya's default, entry level 4wd buggy. I'm sure there is still fun to be had with them.
  22. I've been after this motor for an absolute age! I was just hoping I would get a used but good condition one someday then this popped up new unused only taken out of the box for the photos slightly more than I wanted to pay for it but I thought when will another one turn up cheaper! I have the standard silver type RR but this is the limited edition gun metal case type RR which is very rare indeed probably even more so in this condition and its going straight into my egress!
  23. The Bruiser is a bit more ingrained in my mind as the "classic" 3 speed I remember at the hobby shops when I was a kid. I also prefer blue . That said, if I had no prior background on the trucks, looking at them with fresh eyes, the Mountain Rider looks less awkward with the rollbar vs the odd half cap on the Bruiser (of which I've never seen one outside of pictures in real life).
  24. That looks very good indeed👍! Metallic grey is just one of those colours that looks so right, my daughter has got one of those sporty little Ford fiestas in almost identical tamiya grey and it looks so good!
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