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  2. I haven't posted any videos, the kit rear springs are slightly too stiff so I will experiment with softer ones to get more movement. the driving experience is solid with understeer, the weight is more biased to the rear and benefits from brake turns to change direction quickly (similar to the fox).....this is tarmac on loose dirt, fine gravel dust surfaces (like most Tamiya models) it excels with some nice power sliding......
  3. It could also be that your car is over overgeared, the motor is faulty or your batteries are a bit tired. The Mtroniks ESCs behave like that when the the current draw exceeds what they believe the battery can supply, triggering the low voltage cut out under heavy acceleration.
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  5. I finally got to run my nitro buggy today, the first time in about 6 months. An open practice day was organised and about 12 of us turned up. These days are always good, they are really relaxed and you get as much track time as you want. Jamie came with me and ran about 5 packs as well - with EPA at 50% and 5000mah packs, thats about an hour and a half runtime. I ran about 10 tanks through mine which is about 80mins, so all up we were there about 3 1/2 hours. The first couple of tanks were pretty slow, I'm pretty sure my 10th scale 17.5T blinky would have been doing faster and more consistent laps if I had run that instead. To top it all off my local supermarket is going to stop stocking one of my favourite craft brewery's (Liberty for those kiwis on here) and so they are half price, great result.
  6. This much took hours... didn't it? It sure felt like it. What kind of a deviant calls this a "hobby?" (me!?) This feels like a clever torture device. I understand why you tore out your hair, bro...
  7. That's sort of what I was going for Saito, the street-driven 44/48" tire look. At first I thought the tires were a bit big (just had them lying around), but they're growing on me. As I said in the opening post it is a bit top heavy, but don't really want to widen it as I like where the tires sit laterally at the moment. As far as bumper height, yea, that might be a problem on PA roads...guess I need mud flaps.
  8. Ugh. You characters have me wishing for a Sonic Fighter re-release! The restorations you've done look so much better than I remember them. Have either of you posted driving video?
  9. That's the way I like it. That's offroad. No carpet track.
  10. Sounds like you need to calibrate your ESC to the transmitter. Check the setup steps in the manual https://www.mtroniks.net/download.asp?ResourceID=1947
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  12. Hi guys im struggling here! I’ve not built an RC for 25 years and now there are ESC’s instead of 2 servos. I have a Viper eco 27 which I’m running on a Tamiya DF-03 with a brushed motor and standard kit. i took it back to the shop that I bought all of he electronics as it would only go in reverse! (Steering is and always has been fine), the chap in the shop said it was a dud and swapped for a new Viper eco 27. so now I’m home. Everything works in reverse (if not a bit slow on the uptake) but when I go full throttle - NOTHING...... if I startin the middle and go slow to build up pace it works fine but I want to race! It seems if I go past 3/4 acceleration it cuts off. I’m stumped, annoyed and embarrassed as my 10 year old son thinks I’m thick 😂 any ideas or help please? CAEC61FA-AB56-4658-8E92-7C369BB17CC2.MOV
  13. Flat black over the wheel arches? I think this looks really smart
  14. LEGEND! I've sent them to a mate with a 3D printer - I'll be 4 wheel steering in no time!
  15. I'm really hoping they make a mini dump-truck... it would be PERFECT.
  16. Instead of white have you tried using bright silver? Someone, I forget who, told me about using it and it separates the base coat from the black much better than white. The body has come out looking great. I was going to paint the gap around the boot black but I think now I'll leave it clear too.
  17. So what else are we expecting to be released on this chassis? I’m sure there will be more, as it says on the box that this is “Star Unit Comical Wheelie Series” so surely there are more to come?
  18. Ok, I am tired of this thing breaking every time I look at it. As of now, it is easier to tell you what i have not re-engineered. The trans. The main tub. Rear Cage That is all. Rear arms are on the way from Shapeways. Everything seen is on shapeways and myminifactory. Install videos are on the Ampro Youtube channel and some are being uploaded as they are complete. The front end, front towers and upper and lower braces were made a few years ago and the rear arms will be in soon.
  19. Started work on the roughest QD shell I’ve ever owned. Before & after pics below, and yes the red patches in the 1st pic are where the previous owner painted around the decals 😳 https://flic.kr/p/2hiiK8m Just a crack in roof & rear wing to repair now, along with multiple deep scores in the shell.
  20. Indicative of the period and the copying of the successful Kyosho designs. So many manufacturers copying the basic shapes of the time.
  21. Just bought @Grumpy pants Wild one Re Re. I think I have enough bearings to retro fit any that arent there, and also I have a 15T steel pinion. I want to put either a Torque tuned or Sport tuned but the advice seems to be split? Torque tuned is generally cheaper. I have one in my TT02-T and it goes really well. I have a Sport Tuned in one of my Blitzers and so does that. Is one motor better suited to 4WD and the other to 2WD.They seem to have much the same spec? I must say I like the look of the Knight customs motor cover and exhaust. Maybe a chrismas pressie!!!
  22. Re re Wild One now sold as a ARTR ✅ FAV1 next 👍
  23. Just bought a Wild One Re Re courtesy of @Grumpy pants Looking forward to what the postman bought me!!!!!
  24. That looks great. Youve done a good job with the boot lid. Could you not use some paint remover on the wheel arch then mask a bigger area and re spray?
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