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  2. I've got a pair of new Wild One red discs if they are of any use to you ?
  3. Yes, standard drive pin. Its a Dt02 chassis.
  4. Years ago I asked Fred Turner (from Bachman-Turner Overdrive) what pedals Blair Thornton was using. He mentioned the DS-1, so I went out and got a cheap used one. It's a classic pedals that works for a lot of different music! I like the NYC Big Muff Fuzz a lot. Must be my favorite pedal. When combined with the Electric Mistress you can get near the David Gilmour tone. And with the Tony Iommi booster on you can get the Sabbath riff tonality really nice. I love it. I first had the Bass Big Muff, but I did not like it. To my ears the classic Big Muff tone works better with both, my guitar and bass playing. The Tube Screamer is another classic. My Amp is a 1984 Ibanez and comes with a built in pull-on overdrive which is a Tube Screamer, too, as the amp was also built by Maxon Japan. If you have the chance get the classic Big Muff, and the Ibanez Tube Screamer grab 'em alright. Doesn't matter much what music or style you play, they're classics. Plus, you can find 'em much cheaper used on your end of the world
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  6. I got one a couple of years ago. These things are fantastic, and useful with almost anything you want to work on. Almost all the time I spent working on the bench the thing is rolling on, haha. Find a nice, cheap one and get the polishing wheels. You're going to love it.
  7. One here? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nosram-Dominator-Vintage-RC-Motor-ESC-Rare/383130537239?hash=item59345c0d17:g:X-YAAOSw8xhdW7i3
  8. Has the Hex drive car got the drive pins through the axle to accept the Tamiya 5 stud disc ? . Is it a Tamiya hex drive car ? .
  9. Basically because it's soft. The problem is that Tamiya stuff is 1/10 scale but gets used in a 1:1 sized world. Real life cars have it very easy compared to RC ones when it comes to terrain and how high they are asked to jump etc. Even racing trucks like this. If you put suspension like that on an RC it will bottom out easily even on relatively smooth terrain. The best thing you can do is aim for a compromise. You can get a pretty good approximation. The aforementioned Traxxas UDR and the new Kyosho Oulaw are good examples I've seen recently but I dont think you'll ever pull off that gliding effect without making big compromises elsewhere. I guess if you only drove on scale terrain at scale speeds you could do it but in reality, even a modest Tamiya tends to have much higher than scale speed and will be driven on out of scale terrain.
  10. Yes, the towers and top plate are a composite now, would have liked at least fiberglass plates. The steering bellcranks are secured through the top plate now.
  11. Yes thats the exact models I was talking about. I have all of them and have found them to be really good. The TS120/Surpass combo is currently in my 2wd race buggy and it keeps up with the guys running Orion, Fantom etc. The surpass motors are available from a number of places, so have a look at ebay, banggood.com and aliexpress as well to see which is the cheapest. That price looks pretty good though. Those SkyRC TS120 are available from a lot of places too, but that deal with free shipping at RCMart is the cheapest I have found.
  12. hello, thank you for the info blissard, just ordered bruiser leafs. I was thinking to change brass bearings in the axle to ball bearings. Does it works better with ball bearings? do you know any place to get them? thank you.
  13. Im looking to put some Hornet wheels on another chassis that uses normal hex wheels. I know to do this I need to use the plastic hub adaptors or the die cast ones that the SRB uses. Before I fork out for a hornet B parts sprue or the scorcher metal ones does any one know of a more cost effective solution to get the plastic types on their own? They do come on the wild one and FAV sprues too but the hornet one with the two gearbox halves seems to be the cheapest.
  14. You're right! I loved that game and spent way too much time playing it on SNES!!
  15. I shouldn't think it would be an issue . The servo faces down , so the steering rods would just sit a little higher up at servo end . Best thing to do is fit it all up and check for clearance etc , then adjust rod lengths to suit
  16. Spurned on by my desire to strip and polish / clean an SRB chassis over the winter got me thinking about polishers and buffers and whether it was worth buying a mini bench grinder and fitting polishing wheels. Has anyone any experience with similar please?
  17. I was just going to say that too - I saw that Traxxas promo video recently and it is very realistic... but like you say, due to the scale vs our perception, you need to slow the video down a bit for it to look genuinely real. Jx
  18. Is the top plate different as well?
  19. Lunsford titanium turnbuckles for the Ultima . Also shock tower and steering looks different compared to the re release.
  20. Turns out the tyres are probably the weakest link although not beyond hope. No flat spots but the rubber has gone quite firm. There's a couple of small cracks forming on one of them too, around the base of the spikes. They are perfectly usable though and would display nice too. I think I might try soaking them in glycerine to soften them back up and stop any further perishing. The best news is that the gearbox and diff appear to be fine. I thought something was amiss but when I took the spur cover off, the pinion fell out! The loose pinion was all that was wrong. Seems like it's pretty solid overall. It definitely needs new decals and possibly a repaint if I can work up the courage to strip the shell. I think I'll might tidy it up and sell it on. Depends how attached to it I am when I've finished 🤣 I'll take it on a nice photo/video shoot either way, though.
  21. I can vouch for the Toro TS120 being a good esc. The Surpass motors are supposed to be really good as well.
  22. The other bit that makes it look like that is the weight of the body over the suspension. There was a bloke on youtube who makes rc bodies out of wood to give them a lot of extra weight on the suspension. When you see them on video they look very very realistic. There was one of a mk2 escort rally car he made. Will try and find a link to the video This one - how epic is that!!!
  23. When I switched from my ECX Torment short course truck to a Losi XXX-SCT the difference was night and day. I gunned it across a rutted bumpy field straight toward me and watched the body stay stable while the suspension arms moved with ground similar to that vid. It shocked me so much I did it 3-4 more times just to watch it work. That's when I decided I needed some cars that performed well. I imagine the TRF cars perform similar, but I've never driven one so that is just a guess. I still want that 1:1 truck though
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