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  2. Not sure that link works. Does this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-Dirt-Thrasher-Manta-Ray-DF01-Buggy-Upgrades-And-Custom-Shell-ARTR/264457886012?hash=item3d92eb193c:g:FAwAAOSwx~ZddOOF
  3. I too use a high torque saver the Trucks with the separate kit supplied fixed central pivot might not, I need to check!
  4. What I find is with a 25 T servo I center it then the saver splines won’t line up to slot on dead straight and the compromise is a spline to the left or right then adjusting the trim. i don’t bave any 23T servos, I expect I’d have the same problem yeah there’s a lot of slack on all to front wheels on the 2WD ones (regardless of bearing or not) guess I need spacers.
  5. Replace it like for like and keep it for trails. Weave your magic and build a new crawler
  6. strange as I know people group the Striker and SF together as Marmite, never liked the Striker while I always liked the SF, @taffer nice job on yours.
  7. I've been eyeing these off for a while now. Have you had much to do with them? Not sure whether to go all out on a quality kit, or buy a cheapie. I'm not one to skimp, but looking for a couple of crawlers to run in the back yard for my son and myself. Sorry for the hijack Would you consider selling this? Will be going to a loving household.
  8. lowspot

    TB-02R rebuild

    I call it finished, apart from minor details like mirror glass painting an 2 decals. All in all a blast to build and I'm really happy with the outcome. Off to the next project . . . . . :-D
  9. So, I did a short test drive today. It's.......interesting actually. I think perhaps the driver needs to change his name to 'Bouncy Roop'. It handles not unlike the Falcon, reasonably sure footed despite the bouncing. It needs the tires to be glued as well. The build itself.....well it came to me in not too good condition and was cheap at least. The gearbox wasn't able to turn much and the chassis came standard broken up front. I secured a new/old stock chassis, (so that was me Jason1145, sorry! but I really needed it) and also bought bearings all round and bought/scrounged gears for it. Those who have read through the thread are already familiar with the gearbox story, but it's buttery smooth now. I've popped in an esc because the old msc's are the work of satan himself. Now the engineering/design deficiencies of this car are well known, but I don't think I've ever seen mention of the way the battery is installed. Who thought that was a good idea? You have to wedge the connectors and cables into the small space between the chassis and the end of the battery. Terrible terrible design. At the end of the day I can only surmise that this car was the result of hours in the boardroom making decisions heavily influenced by lashings of late 80's cocaine and the general surrounding feel of the bubble economy era in Japan. For all that I have come to really like this car for what it is.
  10. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264457886012
  11. I also dont have a cave. I have a few different areas for Hobby and home work... Double Garage - trikes housed Wood shed - for drying, cutting and storing timber and a few hobby bits and bobs (its for wood made of vented tin and is a lean to on side of the garage. I have 2 display cabanits in the main area of the house just to side of the dinner table, with a large table and shelves upstairs where I mostly work on the buggies when i dont take over the dinning table for a build. As was running out of room I then built the "fun shed" (kids named it!!) to store the caravan, the jetski, all the family bikes, and other boys toys. So as you can see the model/buggy is only one of many hobbies, hence I go quiet in the summer months as off doing things outside with larger engines mostly.
  12. Here's a mad bull with an ezrun 4600kv on 2s lipo, driven by a 7 year old. its the closet I can do at the moment.
  13. Lastly, a used ESP Clodzilla 4 race chassis. I got this in trade with some other items so I don't know much about it. What you see in the pictures is what you get. Looks fairly complete. Cantilevers move smoothly. It has sway bars and mounts. This was ESP's top Clod race chassis from back in the day as Zilla 5 never got released. One of the lower cantilever pushrod axle mounts looks to have been trimmed at some point for unknown reasons. Doesn't affect operation. See pics. $120 shipped to the continental 48 States. Paypal accepted. 20190822_150836 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr 20190822_150922 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr 20190822_151009 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr 20190822_151053 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr
  14. Not really but I did put a 4600kv castle motor in my wr02 camper van and that was the reaction it gave. I'd imagine the lunchie is capable of similar behaviour. I have to say though, with the castle motor, it could self right, until I started snapping driveshafts and I changed it for a milder 3300kv. It's not as much fun but I haven't broken it since.
  15. Up for sale is a used Tamiya Madcap. I bought this car with a melted(!) chassis a couple of years ago. I installed a good used chassis I had tucked away. It was intended to be a runner but I never got around to putting radio gear in it. The tires are bald and the car is well worn but still suitable as a runner. The body isn't bad for a runner (although there are some overspray speckles on the outside of it) The wing does not appear to be original. Overall, a fairly complete car. No electrics other than motor . $115 shipped to the 48 continental States. Paypal accepted. 20190821_150444 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr 20190821_150501 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr 20190821_150638 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr 20190821_150545 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr
  16. Going to try selling these here one more time before they go off to Ebay. I've got an extra Stadium Thunder and this ones got to go. This is a project I picked up years back and never got to. I don't know too much about it other than the obvious. The chassis is a typical used runner. Nothing looks outright broken from the outside. The gearbox spins normally. The front tires are in good shape and the rears have about half tread. Wheels are in fair shape with some normal wear and tear but are not shredded or majorly road rashed. Not in the pics but included is the MSC mount. It is missing the battery hold down strap/hardware. The body and decals are brand new/unused. Manual included. No electrics other than motor. $140 shipped to the 48 continental States. Paypal accepted. 20190910_171550 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr 20190910_171807 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr 20190910_171639 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr 20190910_171658 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr 20190910_171609 by Scott Weiland, on Flickr
  17. If I was closer in terms of location (I am near Belfast so that big puddle gets in the way) would love to build one up just for bashing and come and join in. Good luck and looking forward to the photos
  18. Here is my list as far as I can remember:- Saint dragon- TBG body to paint and add the MCI decals, rest of it is done Vanquish - TBG body to paint and add MCI decals and a full strip and rebuild. Also add the correct tires which I have now sourced. Fire Dragon - change wheels and tires to originals, same for Thunder Dragaon and Thundershot then they are all finished as all had a full rebuild My old Boomerang needs a nut and bolt strip, clean and rebuild (no parts needed as I did a very basic sort last year, will add a better set of wheels and tires though) Midnight pumpkin (another of my old cars) needs a better condition original shell as mine is ........ed as let middle son play with it. Also needs some steering parts Oh and I want a Wild WIlly (2 most likely as will not pay price for an original) and an Astute. Then I will have no display space left.........unless I put up another case!!!
  19. Though the bodies are different, it vaguely reminds me of the old Kyosho Heavy Metal monster tank van.
  20. Sorry been off here for a bit with summer other hobbies take over for a few months. Its an Ikea Detlolf with extra shelves to double the number of cars. I have two of them strapped together with the joining walls removed so the buggies fit it. Hope this helps. You can buy the additional shelf mounts off ebay as quite a few people 3D print them. I saved a search on Gumtree and picked up four of them locally for less than one new one.
  21. Wing looks well, glade to see it put to good use.
  22. Running video of the Astute please Are you sure its the rim ? not a tyre or bearing issue?
  23. Measured roughly here on car , the fibrelyte unit is approx 2 cm taller, My Fibrelyte front tower has the upper crossbrace, and is measured using the upper mount hole, there are five options on mine for mounting position My Astute with the Fibrelyte tower is fitted with Dyna Storm sleeved dampers and the chassis bottoms out first, but it also has Dyna storm front arms fitted
  24. There are some trestle tables and a few chairs IIRC. No food though, so bring your own (Blyth isn't far away). I haven't been for a while; really looking forward to next week!
  25. Saw this, like it mostly. Shell seems to be a most like a Ford Econoline, what was the gt40 midengine version called? The Supervan? The wheelbase is spot on for a monster truck though at 273ish, not sure on the width. Either way I smell a clod sized lunchie in my future.
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