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  2. Timr100

    Grasshopper suspention

    Hi all I am a complete newbie, after many many years I have bought my first tamiya the grasshopper, so I am asking for a little advice, I have fitted it with a 540 motor and a Robinson 18 tooth gear as well as bearings does fitting oil filled shocks make a big difference to its handling I noticed on ebay you can also get an anti roll bar link and shock mounts any advice would be much appreciated many thanks Tim. Oh and any tips would be much appreciated too
  3. DK308

    TRF503 hop ups?

    Hi all Still waiting for my TRF503 to arrive along with electronics etc. I was wondering what kind of hop ups are available for this thing? It's pretty stout out of the box, so I am aware that it is somewhat limited. In earnest, I will admit that I am a sucker for alloy parts for the bling factor. Not looking to sacrifice all performance of course, but I'm not in competition either. What I have found so far is these few things. 3Racing alloy steering assembly for the 501X and 511X. From what I can tell, it's the same parts as on the 503. Lunsford turnbuckles and titanium screws. RPM rod ends. Does anyone know if the TRF kits are supplied with the run-of-the-mill Tamiya metal shielded bearings, or are they rubber or teflon sealed bearings? Any other suggestions for alloy parts etc? Thanks guys.
  4. Otis311

    Finished Madbug

    HPI Ground Assault tires are great.
  5. Today
  6. It was the Futaba 4GRS, the only 2.4GHz stick transmitter with memory and display on their website. The T6K is also a bit too expensive for me, although of course I am quite happy to spend 200 quid on a car! Duh...
  7. Sounds good Hm, doing a Bullbuster speed challenge, eh? A fun idea i have thought of myself. What's your thoughts? Stock motors, brushed, brushless or ? I think it would be fun to see what it can do on stock tyres and stock chassis etc. I would however, belt the tyres i think.
  8. yogi-bear

    Tamiya CS chassis RM01 wheels?

    actually, I had to stretch them to fit. They might even be original foam tires (non-RM) from the era, but the fronts are definitely RM.
  9. Tizer

    2019 Supra in Tamiya's pipeline?

    Great news! I love my Tamiya Toyota's and can always add another to the collection
  10. Tamiya announced on Twitter today that a full size Toyota Supra GR will be displayed in Tamiya's booth at the Shizuoka Hobby Fair in May. I consider it very unlikely that this will be done unless Tamiya have model(s) of the car up their sleeve. Stock or (Gazoo) Racing would both be very welcome, in my humble opinion.
  11. lowspot

    Tamiya CS chassis RM01 wheels?

    Thanks mate ! there are two types of sponge tyres for RM-01 - looks like that your rear wheel is from RM-01X which is lightly bigger.
  12. It's the old adage - "if you're not sure, ask." (That might even apply to taking photos - better to check.) I think in most places, especially where quality is a priority, it's better to be 'the guy that asks a lot of questions because he wants to get it right' rather than 'the guy who makes a lot of mistakes because he never asks how to do it right'. Mistakes cost money to fix, questions don't. They must know that it's going to take time to get new people up to speed, anything else is unrealistic. So go easy on yourself, enjoy your new job and let it come naturally.
  13. Ray_ve

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Ordered a spare rear gearbox and diff for Basherbear. The diff housing plastics have some stripped threads, and the diff itself has a bad shaft that holds the satellite gears. No problems with is so far and it has always ran great, but figured a spare would be nice to have if it ever goes south.
  14. nowinaminute

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Hours of mental planning. I've realised I'm a master at mental planning. Productivity, not so much.
  15. moffman

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    I see kyosho (or the UK distributors of kyosho) are doing the usual thing with the stock arrivals🙄! New date after new date they did it with the re-release standard optima and the beetle and tomahawk🤔 with the beetle I got bored with waiting and bought something else and with this one I haven't pre-ordered because I just knew the distributor would again get the dartboard out and randomly chose a date so I didn't order just incase something crops up (Porsche 959/Toyota celica😉). keep changing the stock arrivals must hurt kyosho's sales of the cars? The re-re Optima I pre-ordered I cancelled it because I needed the money for something else had it arrived when they said I would have already bought it!
  16. Hobgoblin

    Tamiya 58044 mitsubishi pajero

    Good to know guys, the chassis tub is actually in really nice condition, its got a fine layer of dust and dirt but its pretty much unmarked, no scratches! Postman came early today. Dropped off something that's roughly 18 years older than I am (on release dates anyway ) I'm going to do my best to clean it up, refit some cells and mount it pride of place in the Paj. A bit sad but does anyone do repro decals for the batteries? I debated with going lipo, but then It's going to loose some of its weight and I have to then hide the balance lead somewhere and find some cells that fit, 90% sure its going to be NiMH.
  17. Re-Bugged

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Finished off a display plinth for the 2CV to make it feel more at home, I seem to be developing a taste for garlic, onions & red wine. Almost got the Brat Chassis done, I've gone for a dark colour on the wheels to disguise the fact that Tamiya got them back to front somewhere along the line. Some tyre lettering still to do yet. Cut and washed out the Lexen body while I was in the mood and it was a heck of a lot easier to cut out than a Porsche body. This body is more then likely going to be mainly black.
  18. MICHAELs TopForce17

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Don’t have blitzer to test but appears they work as well as wild willy wheels.
  19. good luck and be patient with yourself.
  20. I'd have to ask. They seem pretty secretive of their designs and I had to sign a non-compete before coming onboard. I have snuck a few pics during break here and there, lol. A picture's worth a 1000 words. Its probably well over a dozen complex products, each similar in final concept, but each constructed entirely different. Some cost as much as $8500 so quality has to be high. One issue is the assembly steps (in Solidworks/print form) are poorly ordered and a missing key info at times that my trainer (who is quite good) shows me the ins and outs of. The problem is remembering all those tricks and steps as I might not return to that particular product in weeks. If the directions were perfect, I could get through things with ease. They seem understanding of this. However, its still a production environment and I've been beat on to produce numbers most of my life (even in restoration, hurry-up, but make it perfect, lol) so this leads to anxiety on my part. I'm going to have to re-train my mindset if they are true to their word.
  21. yogi-bear

    Tamiya CS chassis RM01 wheels?

    These are RM rims/tyres fitted my Renault Martini Mk 22, no modifications, should be the same for all those early chassis cars. As for changing the rim style to match, you could cut out the centres and swap, custom fittings them. Not impossible, but a bit of work.
  22. Fenix Master

    Fenix Classique 70

    Lotus 49 will be out in about a month (in the pic the approved 49 next to the "normal" Fenix Classique. Plan is to go first over the 78 and then the 72 Plus, I'm trying to get all the necessary relations to go over different F1 teams.
  23. bjorklo

    Kyosho Optima Mid Quick Restore

    Thanks, Collin
  24. Collin

    Kyosho Optima Mid Quick Restore

    Very tidy job you did!

    Tamiya 58044 mitsubishi pajero

    Look after the chassis tub as it is unique to the 58044 Pajero , it is similar to a LB / MP chassis tub but it has the special front body clip on it and this is not on the re-re LB / MP chassis
  26. Hello. Anybody interested in a like new Tamiya Adspec with CPR-Unit and Servo TP-S-148!? ernieks
  27. svenb

    Sonic Fighter Parts needed

    I think I have a grey cva seal 🤔 I'll check tonight
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