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  2. If the manufacturer can't get their own measurements right, there isn't much anyone can do about that (except post negative reviews for said manufacturer so they hopefully fix their own practices). All of the reseller sites are just going to post whatever the manufacturer provides anyway (i.e. they aren't going to do their own measurements).
  3. I usually make it a point to look up the measurements on the manufactures websites, so it's not because I put too much trust into websites who only sell them.
  4. SuperChamp82

    SOLD - Tamiya TRF 3 Car Carry Case (New)

  5. Nomadio was a high end TX/RX brand, coming from defense contracting. About the first to have a "spectrum" system, and full telemetrie at the hands of -us- A very popular system by big scale drivers, or the more serieus racers . ( or, people who just loved gadgets ) The set is fully programmable with a pc In 2009 they stopped making and supporting there Sensor and React sets. They just moved on. Or better yet, they went fully back to defense contracting. Now fast forward, in 2019 we have windows 10 , and well.. basically everything below ( vista, 8 .. name it .. ) And , if you, these days try to get your software working.. it will refuse.. bluntly .. The software will run, but no connection possible. Linux.. also no go .. and do not even thing about going the apple way.. will not work. Follow the following steps to get your old Nomadio gear working again ( pc controlled ) 1) find the oldest pc you can find.. it most likely runs on ME or Vista now, and whipe it. ( else XP will not install ) 2) Install Windows XP SP3 , plenty of iso's to be found. Or you might have a old cd laying around from the ye old days. ( do not connect to the internet.. just the box, monitor.. keyboard and mouse needed ) 3) cry victory , and wheep your eyes on memories of windows XP - DO NOT PLUG IN YOUR SENSOR YET ! - whatever you do.. do not... indeed.. plug it in. 4) download the following program: RCDesktopSetup -3.0.3 ( latest / last nomadio sensor control software.. pay attention, there is also React software, thats not the same pack and won't run on Sensor ) Desktopregistration ( nomadio gave free all the registrations, this is your "home free" pass.. ) its legal, from Nomadio itself. 5) AND PAY ATTENTION TO THIS 6) a- Install the RCDesktopSetup ( the nomadio program ) let it do his thing , and vital .. install those sweet drivers you need. b- Run Desktopregistration ( click and done.. short and sweet ) c- Run the nomadio software .. BUT DO NOT PLUG IN YET !!!! 7) Plug in your USB cable and turn the Nomadio on ( as requested by the program, NOT BEFORE ) remember.. only when you get the popup to do it. 8) Windows will wake you up, and says "found new hardware" .. make it install automatic ( do NOT mess with the Nomadio software yet !!!! ) ( it asked me 2 or 3 times , it grabs the drivers the Nomadio software just installed automatically ) 9) When windows says "your device is working" start messing with the Nomadio software ( you might need to change com port , its in settings ) 10 ) enjoy your memory lane trip, and be able to program / safe / mod your Nomadio Sensor Took me 3 days to find this out, including installing 2x a failed XP .. ( bricked ) , Linux to unbrick the pc , and insane loads of really , really bad words. In short.. don't bother with other windows versions.. just put XP SP3 on the oldest pc you can find. And really , really pay attention to the order in when to plug in the cable to the Radio.
  6. It occurs to me that I have already written about all of this at some length, so I should just post a link to that... But I guess my central question remains: not "why do you have so many," but "would you be willing to help someone else starting a smaller collection, by selling them one of your many, for a fair price, and if not, why not?"
  7. I've never had a problem with any measurement of a NiMH or Lipo pack to date. They have been spot on for me. I've even bought some off brands and the measurements that were listed on the sites I ordered were the exact of what was received. If the measurements aren't matching, I would look more at where you are ordering from...
  8. It's often you can't trust those. I have had a lot of packs over the years where the listed measurements were off. Quick example. My 5200 Gens Ace 3S Lipo packs are listed as being 24mm thick. They are however, 28mm. Usually packs are closer than that, but it's always a good idea to measure.
  9. You should be able to find the exact dimensions online like here: Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.8 x 0.94" (139 x 46 x 24mm)
  10. ThunderDragonCy

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Oooooo nice! That spec list looked really good when I saw the release of that. Steel shafts make the rear suspension so much nicer.
  11. ThunderDragonCy

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Oh, hello!
  12. Mahjik

    Decent track buggy

    As mentioned, it was an example of what is in the used market. Wasn't intended as a "buy this", it was intended as just showing what can be bought and what are some example pricing.
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  14. Biz73

    tble02s esc

    He mentioned charging, letting it cool down, and then charging it again. My main point was to make sure to discharge after a charge, not try to charge it again. A cycle charger makes the process easier, but it can be done without that kind of charger. Long term a charger that can cycle the battery will be good to keep those batteries in good working order.
  15. Biz73

    Decent track buggy

    I don't think he is in the US. Schumacher cars may be more common where he's from. RCtech ads are pretty much a US only thing, so shipping kills those deals for him.
  16. ThunderDragonCy

    Pairing Tamiya RC car with FlySky FS-I6??

    Have you plugged the throttle/ESC into channel 3? Steering is channel 1 but throttle is channel 3 on the fs i6.
  17. Biz73

    Tamiya Wheelie cars for a 3yr old child?

    Do you have a charger that will do a cycle charge? You can often revive nimh batteries that way. It's a good thing to do for maintenance anyway.
  18. DK308

    Steering Issue 2016 Blackfoot

    Forget that dinky standard plastic servo saver assembly. They do not work very well and it will soon fail again. Also, you will need a parts tree as you can't get it as a one piece. Get one of these: Or Get one of these. And better yet, get one of these: with one of these: That Carson 3kg servo is definitely on the small side of things for a Blackfoot.
  19. Thanks for your reply - I think a reset is probably for the best. I have tried it with a different car and am getting the same result. I tried a Spektrum DX-2E pistol but didn't really like twisting the little wheel. Ideally I would like a twin-stick with display and memory, but the only one I can find is a Futaba for nearly 300 quid!!
  20. Mark Pascoe

    Help needed identifying SRB parts

    Thanks for the identification of the pins Shodog. So I take it they are actually for the MIP trailing arm suspension kit (IRS-10) and not for the stock A-arms at all! If that’s the case the guy/kid who used to own this didn’t have a clue, it also explains what I found inside the gearbox! I have no plans to try and source a trailing arm kit so would be interested in a trade if you are. I will check this weekend as I’m sure there were 4 of these. Thanks for the opinion on the shimmed arms too, that makes sense, I know about the CRP rear A-arm bushing kit (1540) but this is obviously something else altogether.
  21. Mahjik

    Decent track buggy

    Just an example of a good used TA 2wd buggy for sale:
  22. I would definitely put it back to factory settings. There's nothing inherently wrong with using that transmitter. Plenty of people are using those types of controllers for surface RC's. Also, if you use it for aircraft, I would personally never run some weird hacked firmware. No telling what it is, and a 4 kg plane coming down at 120 kph can do a lot of damage. Have you considered switching to a pistol grip surface controller? I used stick controllers for years, but I'm sure glad I switched. Lot's of really well working but budget friendly controllers out there
  23. DK308

    Fly Sky FS-GT3B

    Not familiar with those transmitters, but it's less than a year old. Have you contacted the store and asked for a fix or new unit under warranty? I have had a lot of radios in my hands over the years, and springs usually break from prolonged wear. Sounds like something was initially wrong, And even if it's a budget radio, it is still perfectly acceptable to expect it to last more than 5-6 months.
  24. I can measure some MIMH packs in a few days. But just curious. What's the measurements of your old packs and your new packs? Which models are your new packs not fitting in?
  25. Hi chaps I know the FS-i6 is meant for aircraft/helicopters, but I thought it was possible to use it with cars?? Needless to say, I can't get to work (fully). I have a TL-01 chassis which I know is working (servo and motor). When I bind the transmitter to an FS-ia6B receiver, that works. Now the whole lot is controlled by a known working TBLE-02S ESC. Whatever I do with the transmitter, the steering works but there is no sign of life in the motor. I notice that the previous owner has updated the firmware to the hacked version that allows for 10 channels. Would I be better off resetting the unit to factory? Or should I abandon the transmitter and get a 'normal' two-stick jobbie? I can't even get two channels to work! Help!!
  26. Ya, my mistake. Sorry 'bout that According to a guy I know who's into Land Speed racing, weight is really important when going fast. Might want to add a few bricks and a bunch of lead balloons while you're at it And cheating? I never cheat or inspire cheating - unless I get caught Anyway, it will be interesting to see what it can do with the tall gearing. It might just be as simple as the motor likes to run in that 80-83% range and can draw enough amps at that point to move it along. Keep us posted on this one
  27. DrewZ

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Savoring this build... This is my first new-in-the-box Tamiya RC car since my Stadium Blitzer, which was an original, not a re-release (so it's been awhile)! It's the 'black edition' of the Racing Fighter. Comes with ball bearings, oil filled shocks, torque tuned motor and a 19T pinion gear. Also has turnbuckles for upper control arms.
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