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  2. salvine

    Wanted - BMW Z4 Hatsune miku bodyshell

    Yikes. Usually only costs me about 45.00 US for a car to get shipped to the US.
  3. You Guy's want to try skateboarding in a public place if you want to get abused... It's mind-blowing how many folks think that any skateboarding is unlawful and an immediate threat to others personal safety, a threat to public domains and property and oh... your already up to no good so probably throw crime in there too. Skateboard = crime I'm pretty sure the same people that invite conflict as soon as they see a skateboard would be the same people that invite conflict when they see an RC.
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  5. mtbkym01

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Ordered some aluminium tube and rod to remake the front cross members for SRB's. The RR I've got had copped an impact that had bent them slightly, and the original owner had his name, address and Ph number engraved on them
  6. wetWilly

    '87 Lunchbox Body Advise

    @geniusanthony I think I'm going with the box classic yellow. Boring, yes, but I like it, it's out of the box for me. The paint, alone, is going to cost me more than the car. Thanks @WillyChang! There's an '87 date on the front window as well. ...this was a find for sure.
  7. Nice setup surprised to see the technics cdjs which had nothing but complaints when released, i know over the years some mods improved them. My other hobby is djing and vinyl. I have over 5000 records, started spinning in 1990. Spun regularly in nyc and new jersey in the mid 90s to mid 2000s. My home set up is now 3 1210 m5gs, 2 cdj 2000s and an allen & heath 92 rotary mixer. I am on vacation so i cant post a pic right now
  8. Hibernaculum

    What's going on with vintage NIB prices

    Apologies for the typos above, I wrote that one on my phone Great thread though. I actually had no idea a more racer-oriented enthusiast like @WillyChang might be lukewarm on the RC10 - had always assumed the RC10 was considered "God" to those who primarily like to tinker and tune. But it just goes to show how we all come to this hobby with different motivations. I totally admire the guys who build, restore, modify - and their extensive knowledge of performance, tuning, etc. But personally that takes a backseat for my hobbying, as I cannot stand building anything non-original A huge part of the fun for me, is this "curating" tendency I have. I should probably work for a museum or something. The curating, and appreciation of kits therefore, is where I come from when I post in threads like this - I see all the vintage kits as special, unique pieces of toy design from an era when "nothing had been figured out" and all the companies were experimenting. As such, I love to preserve each one as it's own unique piece of creativity. Art, if you will. Another aspect which relates to this - I absolutely love the international flavour of 1980s R/C kits. Today's R/C market is appalling in this regard - a whole heap of boringly designed junk made in China, is how I view most of it . Whereas, in the 1980s, you had the RC10 proudly made in the USA. Schumacher proudly British. A huge contingent of pure, crazy, experimetnal Japanese innovation. And efforts from France, Italy, Germany and more. Each of these not only reflected the vast creativity of the time - in many cases, the designs somewhat reflect the nationality of their manufacture. In the case of the RC10 - quite a robust rethink of the architecture of an R/C car, for performance, with a california look and a bit of bling thrown in with the anodized gold tub! Contrast that with the fiddly and precise approach of Schumacher, or the anime inspired efforts from Japan, or the quirky versatility of SG/Tag from Italy. There are definite threads of unique culture in each company's output. Most of that "culture", is now kinda lost. Today's R/C market reflects almost none of it, really. Designs are more homogenous. Almost everything that "could" be figured out, has been figured out, with regard to performance. The cars are fast, but samey. And low-paid Chinese workers manufacture almost all of it - with Tamiya being the only real exception left, AFAIK.
  9. Thommo

    Vanquish rebuild

    This is the front shock tower you want, as per @ruebiracer Not sure how it would work with a Vanquish body though, you might have to trim a little bit of nose.
  10. Hibernaculum

    Restoring plastic

    In addition to using the sand paper, you need to use the Tamiya polishing compounds, I think. I haven't read the Tamiyabase article, but normally it's a progressive process from coarse --> fine paper, followed by coarse --> fine compound. The compound is a cream, and the finest one is a polish. But the impact of each is negated, unless you use the previous step. So you have to be gradual about it. You can't jump from coarse or medium paper, or even coarse compound, straight to the final polish compound i.e. there are no shortcuts like you find in IKEA stores. You have to walk through the whole store. This means it's a slow process. But if you really go step by step, the end result should be "shiny/like new". The only plastic this process won't work on, is polycarbonate - where the slightly "milky" look still remains, even after 17 years of furious polishing with the polish compound. But all other plastics should turn up shiny in the end.
  11. Thommo

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Procrastinating about what is next is one of my modelling strong points too ! I actually enjoy the deliberation as much as I enjoy building and not surprisingly, better decisions are made when you've had weeks to decide the best approach.
  12. Juggular

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Lol, I didn't realize that the driver ended up looking like him! So weird! (The one on the left is a photo, obviously. I can't paint that well.)
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  14. Blista

    2019 Supra in Tamiya's pipeline?

    Germans seem to have unusual ideas of what makes a good engine these days (or cars for that matter). I expected Toyota to bring BMW quality upwards but it seems to have dropped Toyota down. I could just imagine BMW engineers talking to the Japanese about the MkIV Supra when designing the MkV. BMW: "So why's this made of steel?" Toyota: "Because plastic breaks and steel doesn't." BMW: "Your cars don't break? So how do you make money selling them parts?"
  15. kalsh

    Thorp 4512

    Need them to be locking/clamp for thorp axles which don’t have a hole for a pin adaptor that is used on the plastic ones.
  16. SuperChamp82

    Wanted - Vintage Wild Willy M38 Windscreen

    Thanks @Sandtiresunlimited Yes - the Blazer electronics box sold a week ago and I’ve cleared out my other chassis parts. Still have a box of vintage screws / bits of you need something ?
  17. 78Triumph

    My midlife crisis backyard RC playground

    It's really tempting, but my wallet disagrees with me.
  18. Sandtiresunlimited

    Wanted - Vintage Wild Willy M38 Windscreen

    I see! I might have a old used one somewhere! Will have a look for you. Did I see that your selling some blazing blazer parts? Are you still selling these?
  19. Thanks guys. You help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. The stress of absorbing all this knowledge while wanting to do well (plus the added stress of being the family bread winner) still beats how absolutely wretched and gaslighted I felt at the last job.
  20. Thank you very much for that compliment And may I say I find you equally delightfully mental. I tried running my Absima Thrust B-Spec 17t brushed motor on 3S in my DT03 when I had it in that. While it got hot, it actually stayed alive. Still lives and runs hard in my Lunchbox. What I'm getting at is that the Absima motor in a 19t version would be an interesting 3S capable motivator for a Clodhead thingy. A thing I was thinking about for a fast Bullbusterclodhead thingy was to really tighten up the front diff. Simply stuff a bunch of 1000000 cst diff fluid in there, so that it would have equal traction in the front. At any rate it would be fun if one could get past 30 kph on 3S silver cans with stock wheels. Not sure if it's possible to change gear ratio on a bullyclod.
  21. Hibernaculum

    What's going on with vintage NIB prices

    While I totally agree with you guys that the RC10 introduced a family of homgenous, purposeful racing designs that evolved in a fairly linear fashion, I do disagree on the collector aspect... I see the RC10 as super collectible. But here’s the catch - I only really feel that way about the original RC10, while pretty much ignoring the rest in the series. The reason is because as a “collector” (we are all collectors to some degree - including you Daz! @RETRO R/C ).... I view the first RC10 in the context of all the buggies that were on the market at that time. When viewed this way, the RC10 was wildly different to everything else that had come before - thus making it another cornerstone in what I see as the “glorious variety” of that time. When you collect vintage RC buggies across brands, no collection is complete without an original RC10. And having an RC10 lets you go “hey, look at the vast difference between this, the Marui Hunter, or the Kyosho Progress... etc... all of which were released the same year!” The relatively contiguous later evolution of the RC10 is exemplified in the mere name of the thing - how many models have they released with “RC10” in the name That has been an approach I find boring from a collector standpoint But the FIRST RC10 - ah, that was a thing of eclectic 1980s wonder. Put it on then shelf next to all the other wildly different 80s designs, and it exemplifies that wonder as much as they all do. It’s a collective appeal. And that to me is the whole appeal of 80s R/C collecting - the variety. And in many cases where the racing buggies are concerned, the joy comes from owning just the first model they released - due to the later homogeny of their other releases. Another thing to point out - often the first model released by the more purely “racing oriented” brands, was more beholden to what we could call the Tamiya Aesthetic, than the later ones. Case in point, RC10 had great box art, design, and realism touches - lights, driver, decals, wheels/tyres - and these elements would later be watered down or eschewed entirely, once a racing market became focused solely on winning. But at first, even the racing market was focused on catching the eye of kids in the hobby shop. Some races even required driver figures to be used. And the aesthetic of 1984 was still “some level of real scale buggy looks”. I wish this had stayed in fashion forever. Same applies to the Yokomo YZ-834B Dog Fighter. It’s body was more the beginning of the late 80s “space age” era (which is incredibly given its inception in 1983). But it’s cool fat tyres, yellow wheels, and chunky bathtub design with shocks, was unable to get wholly away from Tamiya’s crowd pleasing (somewhat “toy-like” - and I do not consider that derogatory) aesthetics, even though it was another pure racing design. Which makes it also the first and most interesting of it’s series IMHO, and another great buggy in that 80s family of vintage RC eclecticism. As for collector value. An original NIB RC10 is generally around US$1000+. The remake of course, caused a dip, as it had been heading further north of that value. But since the remake has now been discontinued also, its price is also climbing. So both are headed upward now. Or there is at least “upward pressure” - which is what always happens in vintage RC (and vintage remakes) once all production is fully ceased. IMHO, RC10 has multiple reasons for collecting - both vintage looks and appeal in the context of early 80s buggies (as I have just mentioned), but also - racing history/provenance. Making it an essential ☺️ Cheers, H.
  22. svenb

    Are these pretty rare bodyshells now?

    I'd say the F40 followed by the Fiat. Ive seen the Toms Levin and the Escort on Ebay few times in the last few years
  23. SuperChamp82

    Wanted - Vintage Wild Willy M38 Windscreen

    Just the plastic screen please @Sandtiresunlimited The screws had been over tightened and it cracked when I released them 🙄
  24. SuperChamp82

    Price drop - Vintage Tamiya Bruiser (58048) Parts

  25. SuperChamp82

    Price drop - Vintage Acoms AP227 Mk2 TX

  26. Alright good to know and thanks for the info on the spacer set, ill see if i can dig one up!
  27. Sandtiresunlimited

    Wanted - Vintage Wild Willy M38 Windscreen

    Is it the plastic clear piece your after or the whole windscreen? Cheers
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