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  2. Palfertronic

    Vintage servo is now reserved mystery

    Short answer is, no, servo s do not all rotate the same way! Futaba and Hitec for instance, rotate opposite ways...not sure about Acoms, although i do have some.. Before servo reverse became more or less standard, there were servos that were made either right or left hand, depending on the colour of the label on the servo...
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  4. Guys, for those of you that dabble in a bit of vintage racing what brushless ESC's are you running? In the coming months I'm intending to race my Boomerang, Top Force and Procat in some vintage events and am not sure which way to go ESC-wise. The Boomer currently has a TBLE-02S wired up to a Speed Passion 13.5T MM motor. The Top Force has a Trackstar Sportsman ESC with a Speed Passion 13.5 (non MMM) motor. The Procat is currently in pieces, but might well end up running a 10.5T motor. I don't want to go too mad in terms of motors but I might want to go to 10.5T in the Boomer and possibly 8.5T in the Top Force. I'm not saying I will run those kinds of motors, but I would whatever ESC's I run to have the capacity to handle them. I do have a couple each of TBLE-02S and the Trackstar ESC's spare but, the TBLE-02S is only rated for a 13.5T, could go to 10.5T if I fitted a fan but I think I'd be at the limit. Likewise the Trackstar specs say the max is 13.5T in a buggy. TBLE has next to no programming options and the Trackstar is limited (has punch and brake adjustment but no timing). Again, I might not use any programming features but it would be nice to have the option. My current thoughts are: Hobbywing 10BL120 - I have a couple of these already, and have the programming card, seem fine for bashing not sure about racing. Reasonably priced Trackstar GenII 120A - no experience of these but the specs seem ok plus I do have the programming card (same as the one for the Sportsman ESCs). Almost twice as pricey as the Hobbywing. Hobbyking X-Car 120A - again I've no experience of them, but they're cheap, seem to have a decent reputation and use the same programming card as the Hobbywing. Anybody have any thoughts on those? Any suggestions for anything else? Hobbyking do have the Trackstar Turbo 80A listed on their site, which I know a couple of people here have used, but they currently don't have any stock. Obviously there are also "proper" race spec options, but they are a fair bit more expensive than these ones and seeing as I need 3 that kind of rules them out. The other concern is that the first even is only a few weeks away so I can't really take a risk on anything coming from too far overseas. So UK (possibly EU) availability is a must.
  5. GoldenApe

    DF03 rear shock tower - ideas

    OK wow that looks really different to what I have. Do you think the turnbuckle is helping there? For me the weak point is where the upper arms of the tower join the body - I was thinking of trying to have a turnbuckle on either side running vertically from the bottom to the top arms.
  6. wilysloth

    Vintage servo is now reserved mystery

    The Blackfoot was built for me all that time ago so it is certainly possible. But doesn't that imply that the steering servo in a stock Blackfoot is backwards? I.e. The Blackfoot would be incompatible with a transmitter without servo reversing (as a software option, hardware switch or hardware modification). I can't find that mentioned anywhere in the Tamiya manual and it would seem an odd design decision for Tamiya (given a lot of the beginner transmitters of the era didn't easily support it). Do all servos rotate the same way on a "right" signal? Anti-clockwise when mounted spline side up as seemly required by the Blackfoot?
  7. Superluminal


    The bbs style wheels for me - the gun metal colour really suits the silver body.
  8. Hobbimaster

    New Tamiya Monster Beetle Black edition.

    I guess it was time to spin the color wheel again. To me it just screams Blackfoot. Idk, maybe black dampers, and black chrome wheels would have finished the effect I would have expected.
  9. Thank you kindly for the nice words ☺️
  10. Hi Jenny Thanks for all the replies! Very useful. Going to get some of those leafs myself for a project. I want to keep the Bruiser chassis but give it more of a Vintage Hilux stance so straighter springs may work for me. Worth a go anyway. BTW feel free to use any images I ever put up in my showroom!! Looking forward to the next instalment.
  11. nowinaminute

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    Totally agree, it's pretty ironic! The DT03 makes a better truck than the dedicated trucks! They were happy to put monster wheels on the DT01 but not the vastly superior DT03 for some reason. Like you say, a few minor alterations would help, bigger front shock tower so it has the longer dampers at the front too and a little beefing up here and there but it has a ton of potential.
  12. MadInventor

    Vintage servo is now reserved mystery

    Perhaps you rewired the transmitter and forgot about it. Was it also not possible with those transmitter to unscrew the stick housing and turn it round so that it operated in the opposite direction ? BITD when I need a servo to operate in the reverse direction for a dual servo clod buster setup, I took apart the servo and swapped the wires round on the motor and potentiometer. Externally looked liked an unmodified servo but operated in the opposite direction.
  13. In the process of returning my vintage Blackfoot to running order I have encountered a mystery. Back in the day my Blackfoot steering was set up as follows: Acoms AP227 Mk3 Techniplus transmitter. Acoms receiver (I don't have the model number to hand). Acoms IC AS-7 servo. The steering worked correctly. Fast forward to now. The Acoms transmitter is no longer in working order so has been replaced with a Core RC Code 2.4G FHSS 2 Stick 3Ch transmitter (CR151) and a Core RC Code 2.4GHz FHSS receiver (CR152). The Acoms servo remains. The Blackfoot was completely disassembled and reassembled according to the manual and the servo is in the same position/orientation. However, the steering is backwards (left is right and right is left). I have reserved the steering in the new transmitter but how did it ever work before? Was there a way it could have been reversed in the old set up? Or do old receivers simply work backwards? The Acoms AP227 does not have servo reversing (from what I can see). The one extra wrinkle was that the old Acoms servo leads did not fit into my new receiver so I made adapters like so. My understanding is that if I had got the cables mixed up then the servo would either fail to work or simply fail, not reverse itself. The throttle servo, via MSC, is working as intended. Any insight is much appreciated.
  14. ThunderDragonCy

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    I can't say i would be upset about that!
  15. AshRC

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Cut out my first Lexan body today. Easily the most stressful and least enjoyable part of the build
  16. Blista

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    I can picture someone at Tamiya reading what you wrote and then saying to the office "Hey guys, I've got a great idea! Tamiya Blackfoot Xtreme re-release."
  17. ThunderDragonCy

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    All this talk of needing an improved WT01 or truck chassis and the annoying thing (like a lot of this) is that thry are nearly there already. My DT03 on truck wheels is an absolute blast and even has truck body body mount options on the chassis. 25 deg front kick up, plenty of hop up options, takes square packs and runs 3000-4000kv no problem at all. Rear track is possible a little narrow for some truck bodies, but suppling with tg10 axles would solve that. If you wanted *proper* truck sytle all it would need is a taller front tower for some longer shocks and a 'big tyre tuned' gearset with a 4t bigger spur gear so the fixed motor holes could run 13t/15t pinions to drop the gearing for running monster truck wheels. Given some people seem to have issues with the front ends maybe a beefed up tub, but fundamentally they could very easily make a lot more of the DT03T platform by changing or adding about 2 completely new parts and swapping in 2 or three others from the parts catalougue. Add some nice bodies and some historical context like a modern F150 called Blackfoot 4 and there you go. Great handling attractive truck as a vessel for lots of cool bodies. Again with the off road, with all this amazing new toueing car tech its a shame some of it doesn't translate. I had a little look into it but a modern DB03 based on the TB05 would need a new lower front gearbox with 10 deg kick up, TRF/DB series arms and uprights (they are still good) some new towers from buggy shocks and ideally a longer chassis tub for around 280mm wheelbase and a longer prop shaft to suit. As per above, 5 brand new parts (four of them very minor) the rest from the parts catalogue, boom, decent club racer buggy for around £200 for the kit. And this is to name but two. So many easy wins in the offroad range for so little effort.
  18. PatBer

    Taiyo jet fighter

    Thank you for answering. I will try to find one on internet.
  19. ThunderDragonCy

    Recommended kit

    If you buy an esc from a model shop they will probably have a soldering service forva few quid. Before i learnt to solder i found a local hardware store that soldered things for a tenner. Might be worth ringing around some local shops like that?
  20. Grumpy pants

    New Ansmann Delta Charger & 3 Batteries.

    Bump and new price £30 delivered or £25 collected.
  21. Someone else didn't like the castle either, I can't really complain, but must say, the hobbywing I've got are excellent 😏
  22. Don79

    Recommended kit

    Yeah me too, feel a little stupid for not looking inside the box but figured I'd wait until I got ahold of Tamico bit eventually I gave in. My biggest problem with buying an ESC would have been the extra soldering. If the plasma Edge works out I can see myself getting a Neo fighter or something as well so that I can race my son. One thing at a time though!
  23. TurnipJF

    the rubber on ESC melted

    If a connector is bent or out of shape, it doesn't make proper contact and has more resistance than it should. Resistance leads to heat buildup, which will discolour and eventually melt the rubber like you have seen here. Since you say it was difficult to connect, chances are it was out of shape. This is not uncommon with stock Tamiya motor connectors. The way to remedy it is to either solder the ESC leads straight to the motor if you don't plan on removing it often, or replace the connectors with a more reliable system such as bullets for example if you plan on frequent motor swaps.
  24. Looking to buy ONE of the springs used in the steering assembly. It’s part BR1 in the pic. If you have one, let me know what you want for it. I’m in San Diego, California 92108. Thanks
  25. okay, i have a legitimate problem. today i went out to drive my car, and all of a sudden it stopped. where did i go wrong? days ago i noticed that bit turning orange, however i shrugged it off and thought it was normal, however the other connecting point did not change color. is this normal, and how can i fix it? i should also probably mention that the blue and green wires connected easily, but i always had to use a bit of force to connect and disconnect the yellow wires. how and why this happened, any explanation would be greatly appreciated as well on how to prevent this in the future. this is a TBLE-02S and i run a torque tuned motor. thank you for any reply at all.
  26. ACCEL


    Mission Control We Have A Go.................................................................
  27. mtbkym01

    Custom Blitzer Mog

    This is very cool
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