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  2. Hobgoblin

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    Just seen the list price on modelsport. £70 is okay, perhaps a bit high for such a small scale but that's *hopefully* within my price range when they start stocking them. The £240 for the new portal axle beetle us too rich for my blood so that's that decision made for me!
  3. ThunderDragonCy

    Brushless lunchbox gearing

    Just had a quick look at the manual and the final drive ratio on the 10t is 14.9. On the 18t its 8.33. The 13.5 will pull a 6.7 gear in a buggy, so the 18t gearing will be fine for the motor given the bigger wheels, but whether the speed would be a bit much for the truck is another question, but a hornet pinion isn't going to cost much to give it a try. I have the same motor in my comical hornet with the 16.5 gear ratio and its pretty easy to tip over tutning in at speed!
  4. Stefan(2) The Documentary

    Love the idea ( no, camara-shy ;p ) .. and to far off .. But.. as viewed from my "side" ( and .. tc in that ).. You **should** find some or.. COULD find some way to incorporate the advantages made in the last decade .. We went from casting , cnc milling, manual laths.. to reproducing / building with those 3d printers to do the hard to get vintage parts or entire new one's. ( could also incorporate the battery stuff that really improved over the years.. the radio gear.. ect.. ) sort of .. "evolution" ( and, the members going with it.. or some.. who elected to stay old-school ;p )
  5. I'm a real fan of all stepside pickups but this looks amazing. What's the wheelbase? Or is it in there somewhere and I missed it. I'd love to put it on a cc01 chassis if I could?
  6. I have ordered a speed passion 13.5 for my lunchbox. Im wondering what pinion to fit. I have read brushless has more torque so you can gear them up some. The lunchbox currently has a technigold in it with the 10t. I want it faster (top speed). I know stock options are 10t or 18t, is 18t pushing it a bit? Worth trying it and see? I might be able to adapt an adjustable motor mount, not sure yet. I dont know what the rpm will be for this motor, i am using 2s lipo. With the technigold in it it doesnt even get warm. I ran it flat out for maybe 40 mins and the motor was almost cold, so i figure even that combo would be good for 13 or 14 tooth pinions, if im right in thinking brushless relyes on gearing to make use of the torque rather than motor rpm then 18t doesnt seem too much of a stretch. If it is, 16 may be achievable with adjustable motor mounts. This is my first leap into brushless!
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  8. Peter_B

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Set about continuing the rebuild of my Procat, with the Cat XLS Pro transmission in place of the standard stuff. First thing I need to do is assemble the slipper layshaft. Looking at the instructions I see it needs a drop of super glue to attach some fences to the shaft. "There's some super glue in the kitchen cupboard" I think to myself. "Where the **** has that gone?" I'm asking 2 minutes later. No sign of superglue anywhere. I've got plastic glue, flexible glue, even Shoo Goo. But no super glue to be seen. So that's everything put away again until I can buy some more. Very frustrating!
  9. Baddon

    Buggy tire clear out

    Bump, Bigwig rims and tires are sold. All others still available
  10. Baddon

    Guide Books 86 to 91

    @Tamiyabigstuff sent you a PM
  11. Baddon

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    My eBay experiences have been for the vast majority of buys and sells totally positive. I avoid anything that smells bad. When selling give as much detail with photos as possible and send a photo of the item as its being packaged, one all done up with name and lastly one when actually over the other side of the post office counter with the post label on it. This means they CANT depute it was posted. Most buyers seem to like this and reply with a thanks. I have struck up conversations and other sales off the grid with other collectors of the back of it and have steered some to join this very forum. I only started 2 years ago and I see a seasonal change in prices coming up to Christmas. I also have seen my own ideas on price change as I near the completion of my targeted collection (will pay more for the last few buggies than would have previously) Snipping tools (which I use myself) have lead to no real bids till the last minute of an auction. Its the same result just compacted into the last few seconds. I do like the put on your bid via the snipping service and forget. if it gets outbid I get a notification but always just let it go I left what I was happy to pay and wont go back. This means I put in a lot of cheeky snips that are WAY outbid BUT sometimes I get something at a cheeky price and its worth restoring or adding to my collection. Now Gumtree......thats a totally different ball game. Full of cons and scams - have contacted so many sellers and reported the same as very quickly smell sooooooo bad. No come back at all.
  12. Juggular

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Me too. But my wife will put it in the dough and bake it, so she won't have to look at "the ugly thing." Women don't appreciate a thing of beauty like this! Wait, it was manufactured from the start like this? I like how they have cut away their "cutaway" also.
  13. ChILd_ReBoRn

    CC01 build up..

  14. JennyMo The Documentary

    I shall tag @Toykid, @Shodog and @Pintopower to name but three! for info. there is the RC4WD West Coast Scale Challenge in October this year (25-27th), which I'm hoping to attend with my motley collection - so that might be the perfect excuse for you to come over to California and meet up with members, and visit a few industry bods too perhaps? Jenny x
  15. Juggular

    Brushed motors and 'sparks'

    Yes, small sparks are fine. You could put in in water and run it for a minute. (preferably between 4V - 6V) Debris can get caught between commutator contacts. If that's the case, cleaning can help.
  16. netsmithUK The Documentary

    @JennyMo thanks for the feedback. I'm owed a holiday or two, so I'm looking at least a couple of international trips if enough people are interested are in a given area then at this point no where is 'too far'. So, if you are interested, then fill in the form and encourage others near you to do the same please I really want to make the best job of this I can, so the more people involved the better. Cheers Chris
  17. JennyMo The Documentary

    I think this is a great idea too! As you say Chris, the final format is likely to unfold based on the number of people willing to take part... certainly I think the interview format is going to work well - it gives a structure, and helps people to feel at ease in front of the camera too (and not suffer the embarrassment of having to look directly at it like you had to! ;o) - most importantly, it allows you to control the content so that you can get a good spread of backgrounds/personalties and stories. I can see a really nice hour long documentary - perhaps incorporating a history/time-line of the Tamiya brand, and some group activity too as Mad Ax suggests... equally, you could make it a series of shorter films (ie. 5-10 minute YouTube style), featuring a monthly interview/profile of individual members - that might be easier for the membership (and wider audience) to consume on a regular basis - although equally, we're all nerds when it comes to RC stuff, so an hour long self-contained film ought to serve the concept just as well? Looking forward to what you come up with! Jenny x ps. I'm based in the US now of course, but if you do ever feel it's worth the journey over to meet some of the US members* - not least people like ToyKid (Knight Customs) who have grown a business out of their association and enthusiasm for Tamiya over the years - then I might be persuaded to take part in some minor capacity too if appropriate. *I imagine that would work best with regard to time constraints as a group interview based around an RC event/show for example?
  18. netsmithUK The Documentary

    I’m certainly up for another event but they get complicated once they pass a certain size. Let’s let take it into another thread so we can keep the two discussions distinct
  19. Mad Ax The Documentary

    Another thunk occurs - now I appreciate this is your baby, not mine, so feel free to ignore me, but IMO what made Tamiyaclub great was the bashes. I actually missed the Kidderminster and Clumber meets by not really being that big on the forum then, but we used to do a lot in local parks down my way. But instead of (or as well as) making the long journey around the world to meet all the posters, how about finding a track somewhere in the middle of the country, booking it for a weekend, and getting us all in one place? As long as it didn't clash with any other big meets I'm sure you'd get enough uptake, because literally only Tamiya Junkies is doing this right now. I keep toying with the idea of setting up a regular south-west meet but I need to get off my backside and find a friendly club...
  20. netsmithUK The Documentary

    @Mad Ax Thats great - You are the first. I was beginning to think it would only be me. Your definitely in the catchment area and sounds like an ideal setup to come and film. Will be in touch.
  21. Mad Ax The Documentary

    Love this idea. Submitted. For "link to profile page" does that mean forum profile page or member showroom? Not that it matters - I'm sure you know how to find both from the username
  22. netsmithUK The Documentary

    Because I've not got enough to do already, thought nows a great time to kick off this idea... After years of trying to keep a low profile I decided it was time to step in front of the camera. Hope its not as painful to watch as it felt like doing it, but I thought if I was going to ask you to do the same then I should be prepared to do it myself. I'll post this to the main site and the forums tonight and if you watch it and think "I'd like to be part of that" then please complete this google form Lots of details to work out, so just really trying to gauge interest at this point. Let me know what you think of the project (not my rabbits/headlights presentation style) Click the image to play ( if that doesn't work you can see it at )
  23. markbt73

    2 axle CC01? (CC02?)

    It's funny... everyone over here is clamoring for a straight-axle CC01, and meanwhile over at Scale Builders Guild there's a guy working on a 3D printed bolt-on IFS conversion for the Axial chassis. I do like the idea of a design that can be built either way, and I don't think it's too hard to do. You could parts-bin engineer something from a scaler rear axle and a shaft-drive touring car front end, as long as the gear ratios match. A few brackets to mount the front suspension, and you're there. I would say it would be easier to do with a ladder frame than with a tub-type chassis. Tubs are really good at lowering the parts count, but if you're talking about interchangeable sub-assemblies, you're going to have a lot of parts anyway, and you'll score more points (figuratively and literally) in the scaler world with a truck-like frame. You could easily include provisions for almost any suspension configuration: links, leaf springs, leaf springs in back with links in front, links in back with IFS, and on and on. Tamiya could absolutely do this with minimal new parts development. However, Axial could do it with basically none: stick a Yeti front end on an SCX10, and you're pretty much there. And I expect they will do it, especially if that home-brew conversion takes off (can't let the little guy beat you at your own game, right?). But man, I sure would like to see what such a chassis would look like from Tamiya, especially with some well-thought-out body choices (but no Lexan, thanks).
  24. graemevw

    Vanquish rebuild

    I have 2 center diffs. Both felt awful untill i stripped, cleaned and rebuilt them. They felt great after. I guess thats all it needs? Easy enough to pop the diffs and gears out without stripping the car down. No carbon parts yet, i still need to do the card templates to check they will all fit. I just got back from holiday today so will get back on it now.
  25. ruebiracer

    Vanquish rebuild

    Hi Graeme, Need your Expertise: I´m just About to run my VAnquish on Sunday, but somehow my rear gearbox is not that smooth as it should be. It seems, I have some drag at the center diff, the drive Train does not spin really free when disconnecting the Motor. Can´t remember I had any Problem back in the 80`s. Needs some fiddling and Detail work, I guess. Did you have any Problems during your runs? And did your Carbon parts arrive already? Br, Matthias
  26. ruebiracer

    Avante 89

    Thank you very much for the kind words, I´m also waiting for TomEG for his updates on his, which was the Inspiration for mine. For the parts, I reused the Vajra kit, and bought some of the Avante 2011 bits, as the undercowl, body and rear wing holder / rear bumper. The Vajra ball diffs and drive shafts I swapped with my Vanquish runner. (that was the only Intention I bought a Vajra kit, because it was so cheap and the single parts for a modern runner so expensive) So the drive Train is so to say Avante 88 again, by the Vanquish parts. The front Highcaps I bought as kit with the shock tower from Seidel, the rears as single parts. Rear shock Tower is again the 2011 Avante part. (although modifying the original Vajra part would work, too. And forgot the old aluminum uprights from the Vanquish, which give the Retro look compared to the modern CNC gold plated ones. (plus I wanted the more rigid ones for my runner, too) I´m still about to make the driver, as I couldn´t decide for a Long time, how to fix it. Now I want to fix it to the chassis as original Avante spec. (second Option would be to fix it in the body as on the 2001 Avante. So I have to dig out a plan how to do it. Afterwards, I will think About a second Body set, which already is here and a nice runner paint job, which will be a little more custom style, as initially planned. And in the long term, I want to drive it some day to compare it to my Vanquish and an Avante 2001, I still have to restore. Best regards, Matthias
  27. Tizer

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    That's beautifully done! Any progress pictures of tips for anyone wanting to attempt the same? I'd love to have this displayed in my house somewhere.
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