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  2. This is so true, especially the Hornet deciding to eject it's cover as it gets airborne.. Or catches a rock.. Of if I sneeze near it... Mines now held shut with a small screw with a Nimh that has permanent residence in it. I really like the simplicity of the DT-03 and TT-02, every battery I own fits in them from Shorty's to large Square Lipo's and everything in between. Probably why they get used so much.
  3. A bump before this goes on eBay @ the weekend 👌
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  5. Also your idea will work fine; the 6 channel receivers are pretty much the same size, shape and cost as the 3 channels. I use a Flysky FS-T6 Transmitter and I'm pretty sure you could just use one of the sticks for steering, throttle and brake/reverse.
  6. Where abouts in the world are you? If you are somewhere down the south west of england I can assist you with coming up with something. I make quite a few bits on my lathe and have made my own equipment to assist with my right leg amputation. I'd be happy to assist with helping you modify your equipment if it would help you out. I'm thinking a clamp around the wheel of a trigger grip RC controller with a thumb loop or similar that would assist with the steering control.
  7. If hand grip is an issue, you might try using a radio tray like the ones used by some model aircraft pilots. Hung around the neck and braced against the body, this gives something to rest the transmitter on, so you don't need to hold it. You can then use your available grip to manipulate the stick, which can be extended and thickened to make holding it easier.
  8. I've started pulling apart the XV01 in preparation for summer. First job is to remake the diffs. The front diff had leaked everywhere. I've finished cleaning that up today. The rear one is perfectly fine and I'm tempted to leave the it as-is. I also put my M06 up for sale recently and while I had a dozen people watching, nobody was willing to buy it. I'm not surprised since M-chassis racing seems to be either M05 or M07 based here. Owning the M06 seems a bit redundant since I'd now rather spend money on an M08.
  9. just finished cleaning my Yokomo MR-4TC SD CM Drift Package. it has never been cleaned since i bought it back in 2006. will order a few parts and upgrades before i get to the assembly.
  10. Quailane

    TT02 Type-S

    I had to use a dremel to grind away the outside of the spur gear adapter in order for it to fit. I used the largest pinion and smallest spur I could get my hands on. I had to remove the motor and encountered stuck screws. I had to use a dremel to made slots in the heads in order to get them out. For the steering, I spent a lot of time getting rid of as much slop as possible. I mounted the front and rear shocks as closely as possible to the shock towers and lower arms. I made sure there was absolutely no contact between any of them at any point of travel. I'm not sure if it was a good thing or if I should have followed the directions.
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  12. well sounds like im going to get one . i could put it on a weight and compare to stock when i get.
  13. Then more hot glue to secure it to the door. Then wrap it around and glue again. Repeat for the other side...
  14. The XV01. I really don't understand why Tamiya went with the the underside battery. Two tiny screws that get the heads filled with dirt, then there's the o-rings they have on the other side of the screws but are ridiculously small and easy to lose. The design ends up limiting the servo, the ESC and receiver room, while requiring the aerial to be awkwardly fed through the battery compartment. All because they decided they either didn't want people to have to remove the body or they wanted to protect the belt in the most awkward way possible.
  15. On to the soft top doors. I made a template for the lower half of the door to aid in placing and cutting the fabric to shape. Then transferred the door frame profile to the fabric. I used an iron to fold and crease the fabric for nice clean edges. I used three ring binder plastic page protectors as my window material. I used a hot glue gun to attach the window to the fabric. I experimented with other glues but all bled through the fabric.
  16. Unfortunately I don't know. I asked the same question when I got my jeep. I never found anyone with a definite answer.
  17. If you git gud running cars with 1 hand you can race yourself too. Sorry i had to.
  18. No disadvantages in my experience.
  19. @joe999 DS parts are in progress. And now 2D drawings for cutting carbon fiber plates. How seriosly do you want a set then? PM me is you are interested.
  20. shwooop. Rear Dyna Strom suspension arm. This was much more trick then front arm. Somehow I really want to do some different design, som ehoneycomb or whatever but the original is simply great how it looks. Really floating design. DS parts will be available at shapeways as soon I got my proto-prints.
  21. that sounds good. is there any disadvantage to it?
  22. Back in 2005 - 2007, I had an HPI Pro4 4WD touring car. It had an aluminum center shaft as stock and mostly carbon fiber (graphite) parts (main chassis upper and lower deck, shock towers, etc). I replaced the center shaft with a hollow carbon fiber upgrade. Advantages were, lighter, no bending and no wobbling. Plus the material is very strong too.
  23. Check out the TA06 for battery access! 😭
  24. What I meant by "rewire" was moving plugs around in the receiver. I have an FR with two ESCs. After switching the ESC wires all around the 6 available ports in the receiver tonight, I didn't have any luck.
  25. Thankyou for your replies. I will look into trigger/wheel solution. I had not thought of that. However, a stick, if possible, would be easier. Grip in my hand is not good and the more ways there are to grab something the better. Michael
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