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  2. graemevw

    Vanquish rebuild

    New wheels and tyres for the vanquish, i went with schumacher mini spikes in yellow on manta ray wheels. I narrowed the front wheels to normal 4wd front size. Got the prints of the parts i drew too so i can get on and check those. Then it needs some alignment work and lowering somewhat! Got a new rear wing coming too.
  3. Asymair95

    Porsche 911 rally TT02

    I think it would look great with a nice weathering job, but this is the Mrs. car...and she wants it clean. At some point I need to figure out how to light the rally lamps without having unsightly wires hanging out the back ruining the scale appearance. I’m very happy with the build, and can’t wait to get started on my Audi Quattro whenever they come in.
  4. Asymair95

    Porsche 911 rally TT02

  5. Asymair95

    Porsche 911 rally TT02

    The Porsche 911 rally is complete! First run is imminent...
  6. graemevw

    Super astute rebuild

    Cut staggers fitted. Looks more racey already 😀
  7. graemevw

    Brushless lunchbox gearing

    Everyone loves a picture, 13.5 speed passion fitted. Ive put the 18t on it first, see what happens. Put some spikes on the back to try and get some traction. Shimmed the play out the front axles too. Just need to make some shock set up adjustments and tweek the front camber and toe again and its ready for some more track abuse next month 😎
  8. Hi, need some room so raided a project drawer! Amazing, exciting items I'm sure. Ran when parked, I know what I have etc. - some of an OG hornet (sold to me as original and the tires are in such a state I believe it) shell is usable with small cracks, chassis has marks, no splits but is well used. No gearbox motor or back end. Chassis, front suspension + wheels (tires *******) £10 posted UK -Brat driver, no plastic cracks but has been painted. £3 posted UK - Two super gripper front tires (one cracked) and usable wheels and bushings. £3 posted UK - Manta ray/Bear Hawk tires, part worn but no cracks, £3.50 posted UK -4x Sand Blaster tires in good condition, have been used though. £10 posted. - 2ah 8.4v NiMH, takes a charge but I'm not sure on quality. £postage cost - Two Brand new 3ah 7.2v stick packs. One still in box. Can put connectors on if you would like deans or xt60. £10 ea or £17 pair posted UK. ----YELLOW CVA ALREADY SOLD - - 540 silver can, very used but still runs. Could do with a clean and oil. £2.50 posted. Message me for any more photos or info. Discounts can be worked out if you want more bits or if you want the lot.
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  10. Hobgoblin

    TEU-101 BK ESC

    Used speed controller, check photo for condition. Not really much else to say. £10 including postage to anywhere UK. Offers considered
  11. netsmithUK

    New site design just went live!

    @SHY69 this should now be resolved. There was a bug I've fixed. There is one caveat though, and thats because the platform runs a server side cache it can take some time before the new thumbnail shows up.
  12. netsmithUK

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Real spur of the moment thing. I've had probably over 20 Sand scorchers over the years but never actually built one from NIB. OK its only a rerelease but still far more excited than I should be. Funnily enough, got it through ebay, found it decided it was the one to get, and then realised it was from one of the first 50 people to sign up from Tamiyaclub back in 2002!
  13. Hl0107

    Help With ReRe Egress equipment

    Got the egress decals and some extras of tamiya sponsors! They look awesome
  14. Exactly! 54496 contains the sprue 0115256 plus screws, nuts, double sided adhesive tape and instruction sheet. Ironically, 54496 tends to sell cheaper than 0115256 even though the buyer gets a little more.
  15. Tizer


    Funny! I had it in my watch list, but already bought a few more TA02's lately so I skipped it. Nice to see it still ended up in Europe I received my TA02 with FRP, white arms and pink gearboxes today aswell as a TA02 also with FRP and a mix of green/pink gearboxes and a bunch of hopups. Both from Yahoo too. I'll make some time soon to go through all my neon stuff and take some pictures for the forum.
  16. Baddon

    Madcap to SaintDragon conversion

    This was sent to me by @jonboy1 So a big thanks to John for these. i have since been able to pass on to another member @Affen I still have one left.
  17. bjorklo


    Yeah, that is correct it was. I made a bid and forgot about the it, was quite surprised when it showed up You sure do love the neon stuff, that's a fact Regarding the colour difference, i'm very surprised that it was such a big difference. Hopefully it will be as you mention, that it will look pretty good anyway. I hope to find time to continue a little bit this weekend, but time will show.
  18. I'm looking at the driver part numbers to complete my Wild Willy 2 Gumtree purchase. I noticed there are two parts numbers that seem to be for the same parts tree. The description and photo look the same. Tamiya 0115256 Parts L - replacement sprue from the kit? Tamiya 54496 - additional driver sprue?
  19. MadInventor

    Environmental Impact of our hobby.

    Everybody knows real engineers never read the instructions till the magic smoke comes out :). Sorting out the screws is part of the fun. Besides, Tamiya more or less standardise on a few easily distinguishable sizes anyway.
  20. Hobbimaster

    Monster Beetle gearbox fix

    Have a look at the MIP ball diff too, it solved almost all the problems in my MB with the weak gearbox. Just not the drive shaft popping out issue. I had read somewhere MIP may be working on telescoping drive shafts that would make the ORV transmission bullet proof, but no word in quite a while.
  21. hanzo

    WR-02CB straight steering

    Good point as in 1:1 scale. Cars naturally track straight in real life. I will tighten the wobbly front wheels more with spacers as ThunderDragonCy suggested. I re-checked and indeed it does lean back slightly. Thank you for confirming what I was suspecting. I have extended the tie rods to 40mm. Initial testing in the house driving down the corridor, straight line seems to have improved a bit... I will take the car out this weekend for a run on the tarmac. Also order some spacers and continue tweaking. Really appreciate all the input fellas! :-)
  22. netsmithUK The Documentary

    @Tizer remote contributions are definitely something I want to explore - I'll be in touch.
  23. ant88

    Spektrum DX8 and MFC-03

    Hi Kenny I have attached my one that i use on a DX9 hopefully it might work its the file i have for my MAN on the MFC-03 The bind button (I) is used to throw the trims to 125% 002~Man Ant
  24. Hey Stefan, I remember your rather cool Tank track in your garden! That was a few years ago now i meet up with you! Still got my Leopard to finish! One Day!! Good job on getting this one back up and running. Ant
  25. Tizer The Documentary

    I just filled in the form I'm from the Netherlands, so logistically that might be an issue. Maybe it's a possibility for people to film stuff themselves if they have some decent equipment at least and there's some alignment on settings/quality/setup/lighting etc.? I have mics, lights and a few decent camera's to film stuff myself if needed.
  26. Jonathon Gillham

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Had a great result from the LHS. I was looking for light fibreglass cloth and this shop is moving soon so he just gave me his remaining 2 packs. 2 different weights, either would be fine. I now have enough of everything I think other than 5mm balsa to build another yacht... Also gave in and (secretly) ordered 54720 and 54721 (carbon damper stays) for my TA07 (had been to the boat club Friday afternoon, few beers, easy 'mistake' to make, who hasn't drunk ebayed?!) Its pretty much an R now, other than the steering bits. I was trying to make them and while its easy to cut carbon fibre its hard to get the holes perfect. Need to buy a cnc mill...or convince my friend to cnc his... The new indoor offroad (touring cars with bumps) club has changed everything too. They are now at the venue which doesn't work because the carpet makes the cars not track straight and its further away, but worse its moved from every second thursday to once a month on saturdays. It still has vintage class, but I'm losing interest rapidly. Although still want a Top Force
  27. netsmithUK The Documentary

    And to clarify on the email I sent out to subscribers - the next competition will be for one of these but more about that in a separate thread
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