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  2. jupitertwo

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Another GT2 with the Hot Wheels I hope to replicate
  3. speedy_w_beans

    niki lauda has passed away...

    I have nothing but respect for him. RIP.
  4. Super Clodbuster Junkie

    Tamiya konghead to Kongbox

    Amazing. Love the creativity.
  5. 53HRA

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    You’re very welcome - we will definitely catch up again and shoot me the info on the decals I’ll see if I can make some leads for you
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  7. TurnipJF

    Quietest ESC / Motor combo?

    Sorry, 10BL60, not 1060. I left out the BL. Not the first time I've done that... The TBLE-02 and 10BL60 are most definitely sensored, and the 10BL120 can run as sensored or sensorless.
  8. shenlonco


    Hi it's me doing most of my videos by myself almost all the time.
  9. DK308

    Quietest ESC / Motor combo?

    The Quickrun 1060 is a brushed esc. Not sure the Tamiya ESC you mention is sensored. A good and cheap esc capable of running a sensored brushless system, is the EzRun Max10. The brushless Quicrun 10bl60 and 10bl120 are only sensorless.
  10. JennyMo

    CC-01 Pajero scale?

    According to Wikipedia, the 2nd generation (1990's) Shogun/Pajero 3-door SWB had a wheelbase of 2,420mm (95.3 inches) - making the CC-01 version (as I recall at 242mm) pretty much bang-on 1:10th scale. Jx
  11. TurnipJF

    Quietest ESC / Motor combo?

    Agreed - sensored brushless is significantly quieter than brushed. Of the brushless ESCs I have tried, the fan-less Tamiya TBLE-02 is the quietest, followed by the Hobbywing Quikrun 1060 and Speed Passion Reventon R, both of which have fans which make a bit of a whooshing noise.
  12. Juggular

    New Tamiya Monster Beetle Black edition.

    Wow, that's an impressive effort put into making that graph. Are you sure you are not employed by Tamiya? What happened in 2012? Over 120 models? (I'm not keeping up with on-road, tanks, trucks)
  13. DK308

    Quietest ESC / Motor combo?

    Sensored brushless is about as quiet as you're going to get. The whining sound you hear is usually the motor. Same goes for the beeps you hear during turn on and programming. So all in all it is what it is and brands or models won't really matter. But try a sensored brushless system, it's about as smooth and quiet as you're going to get.
  14. Ray_ve

    Quietest ESC / Motor combo?

    In my experiance, brushless is much more quiet compared to brushed. At full rpm and no load, a brushed motor makes a lot of noise from the brushes/rotor crossing. A brushless does not have this, I'm always checking if they are actually turning at high rpm no load, because I 'miss' the high pitch noise.
  15. GTodd

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    Awesome!!! Thanks! No duh!! I've got a stealth on my KingCab, I didn't think to check!!!
  16. Mahjik

    Quietest ESC / Motor combo?

    Sounds is probably going to be pretty subjective. On my DN01, I have a Tekin RS Gen2 ESC with a Trinity 24K 17.5 and it sounds like a whisper compared to other cars I've been around at the track.
  17. Really cool. Very nice done. I like the name and the look of the lettering.
  18. More progress on software today. This might be over the heads of non-engineers however it was a necessary step to work out how to implement a torque-limiting algorithm to make the electric motor behave like an internal combustion engine. Below left we have the typical torque vs. rpm curves of a DC motor for various throttle positions. Below right we have the throttle signal vs. rpm without any torque limiting active - if we apply 50% throttle at the transmitter, the ESC receives 50% throttle regardless of motor rpm. Pretty straight forward stuff. Below left we have the torque vs. rpm curves that I want the motor to have to mimic an internal combustion engine. I constructed them from linear segments as it simplifies the algorithms/code to implement them. Maximum torque occurs around the middle rpms and there is a drop off in torque at low and high rpms. Also, at low throttle positions the motor has a powerband that extends up to much higher rpms than normal for a DC motor, making it behave more like an internal combustion engine which does not experience the effects of back-emf. Note that all the curves just have to fit within the triangle made by the 100% throttle curve in the previous graph. This is because we can always apply up to 100% throttle signal to the ESC to produce the desired torque, even if only a very small % of throttle is being applied at the transmitter. The reason for choosing a powerful motor now becomes apparent as the bigger the triangle the more flexibility we have in drawing curves which have more torque at higher rpm versus lower rpm. On the right we have the throttle curves that are needed to implement the torque curves - note how when a constant 50% throttle is applied at the transmitter the throttle signal going to the ESC varies from ~10% to ~75% depending on the rpm of the motor to achieve the desired torque. The result of all this is that I now have a set of equations which take the motor rpm and transmitter throttle % and calculate the throttle % that should be sent to the ESC. Simple!
  19. Mark3gti

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Fingers crossed I can improve on laps compared to my tb03, thou 6 weeks in I wonder if it’ll make any difference hahaha! just need to sort camber and front toe in, get battery tape and eventually fit a spool/gear diffs front and back. This week will be rocking a one way roller! Could be fun with a nice sharp bend at the end of the straight! 😖 btw I’m still running my 2.4ghz plane tx, with locked sticks.. so it’s a big ol’ receiver, hoping to get a smaller one at some point.. 😂 or even a land 2.4ghz tx long term future..
  20. Mokei Kagaku

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    I like the new MB Trail, and I'm confident that Tamiya will sooner or later release a Comical Sand Scorcher too, but hopefully not with the QD-body. And to chime in with JMo, I've worked on (and off) on a WR-02 with Sand Scorcher body for some time. Actually with several different themes, but the one I've worked the most on is a "Red Baron Bug". However, unlike JMo, I've struggled with the shortening of the body. So though I haven't dropped the Sand Scorcher-bodied WR-02, I did an M01/M02/M03/M04 + WR-02 parts bin special, topped with a vintage Kyosho Wheelie Beetle body. As the original Kyosho Wheelie models came with the body post and antenna holes prepunched, I chose to use them instead of making additional holes for the WR-02 body posts. Still not painted as I can't decide on colours and I just have two unpainted ones of the Kyosho Beetle body, but you get an idea. Wheels are M-chassis Beetle type, widened with rings cut from Wild Ceptor wheels in the rear. As I wanted an old school look, I opted for GB-01/-02 front tires and aftermarket SRB rear tires, "early dune buggy" style. I kept as many WR-02 parts on the (WR-02) chassis as possible, but had to use M03/M04 suspension arms front and rear and TTG dampers up front for clearance. PS: The dust is an indication for how long this project has been dormant and I didn't notice that the dummy engine wasn't sitting straight with its temporary one screw.
  21. hedge

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    Simple as^^^^^... There are enough well off 40-50yr olds chasing their childhood memories of their beloved Tamiya XYZ
  22. TurnipJF

    CC-01 Pajero scale?

    We all know that the Tamiya CC-01 Pajero Metal Top Wide is sold as a 1/10 scale model. However we also all know that Tamiya tend to play a little fast and loose with scale at times to make body shells fit standard chassis dimensions, so this might not be entirely accurate. Does anybody know the exact scale of said model?
  23. So I absolutely hate the whiny noise that my ESCs make. It goes straight through me like nails down a blackboard. When I am driving fast it seems OK, drowned out by the motor and I also typically end up further away. But when I drive more slowly they make awful whiney noises. At the moment I am brushed only with HPI / Modelsport / Tamiya ESCs. Just interested to know what is out there that may be a lot more pleasant on a gentle Summer day pottering around.
  24. Ok, lets see if this is a option. Seems that my T-07 unit is partial bbq'ed from the Leopard 2A6 Would prefer to trade against.. say.. a build Leopard 1A4 ( as , yes.. i know the MFU also comes at a price ) Or, i still got several NIB kits laying around ( mostly TT01 i guess )
  25. I agree, all these different color releases is a money grab (i get why) but tiresome and show a real lack of creativity. Other than re releases there hasnt been a completely new buggy released in a few years.
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