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  2. https://www.tqrcracing.com/shop/product_view.asp?p_id=1843
  3. Try TQ Racing. They have a lot of XV_01 parts, they ship fast, and they are in Cali. https://www.tqrcracing.com/shop/product_view.asp?p_id=7301
  4. you can use the tamiya 50944 these are aloy ones and do not wear that fast as the plastic ones, look for this on the internet. they come with 8 of them in the package
  5. Thanks for the info. I also have the early catalogues, but never really looked at that page... J
  6. Thats great, i didnt know this database existed. Cheers. J
  7. I started to build a twin-pipe exhaust for the V8 engine in Hopper's HiLux - using a Wild Willy NOS bottle (two actually, including the other end of one glue on to mirror the flat end), some old roll-cage pieces and some aluminium tube for the tips. I particularly like that the moulded NOS bottle straps will add further detail to the silencer section, even though you won't actually be able to see them of course! Jx
  8. Blissard

    Kyosho Peerless

    Hehe, I'm glad to hear that you're on the right way. I also had a gas RC before I met Tamiya, every time I went somewhere to run it it never started.
  9. I bought a set of RC4WD 'deep dish' wheels last weekend, in a effort to improve the tyre clearance on the ebaYJeep, only to find the relatively narrow tyres really didn't sit well on the new 29mm wide rims... So, I had to go and buy a set of much wider pukka BF Goodrich ATs to fit properly didn't I? ...and at the same time, rusted the original raw/steel finish on the wheels with the Metal Masters iron paint/activator combo, then sprayed them matt white on top. I have to say, having typically cheaped out in the past with ebay special tyres, it was lovely how these higher quality Axial Racing brand tyres and the RC4WD wheels just screwed together perfectly with the beads seating in the lock rings. Jx
  10. After clear glass for my F150 Ranger Currently has Bigfoot smoked which just isn’t becoming of the great classic Anyone have a clear glass set for sale?
  11. Currently struggling with a Corally 2S Lipo and a TT01E - have used the Dremel to open out the chassis, sanded down the battery clamp, and loosened the screws on the battery posts, but not having any joy getting the battery to fit. Doesn’t help that the battery wires leave the battery right at the point where the clamp wants to clamp.... anyone any suggestions? Are there taller battery posts available, or alternative clamps?
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  13. I've no idea but the dimensions of it will definitely fit the Lunchbox.
  14. The early catalogues are what you need. They had lists of the spares and which model they went with. I’ve got the first four. I could scan the spares listings at the back and send them to you.
  15. I would have thought ground effects and areos would have an effect with the speeds we are getting out of these things. Our speed run cars are almost hitting triple figures, with relatively strict rules and the likes of the new Arrma Limitless (which has ground effect diffuser as standard) are hitting over 150mph!!
  16. Also this was the 2nd option ESC but it is double the price https://www.arrma-rc.com/part/AR390229
  17. Hi all, I am rebuilding a used XV-01 and the little ball joint that fits into the front hinge pin mount is missing. I believe the part is NN2. All the sellers for the N parts tree seem to be overseas (I am in the US) and have very long wait times for shipping. Anyone know of an aftermarket supplier for this? Is there a different part from a different chassis that might do the trick? thanks!
  18. Masked the shell. Decided to go boxart-ish. The repro decals don't come with the blue stripes so i have to paint them. Just put the first coat of blue on and it hasn't gone well so good job it's a runner! Hopefully it will improve with a couple more coats....
  19. Are the screwdrivers included in this set JIS. Doesnt seem to say anywhere just says + - etc
  20. Seeing as mine technically never existed I can play my own game. Does anybody have a 1/10 scale Alsatian? Some of the stickers I have are for a K9 unit.
  21. Busdriver

    Kyosho Peerless

    Very similar memories. Then somebody told me to try i.c. powered rc planes. Strange thing, exactly the same result but just a dam sight more expensive. Gave up moved to boats for a few years (still got a few) then last year Mr T came a begging
  22. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arrma-SENTON-4x4-3s-Brushless-BLX100-ESC-Speed-Control-granite-10th-AR102668/392151771995?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 hey quick question for one of you guys, is this too powerfull for the tt02, or would it work, still trying to understand the motor / esc power, i think this runs the 550 motor, but can it still run a 540 motor without a problem? and I decided to sell the TA07pro and stick with tt02 for now since I was going to get myself into the TA07 another 2-300 to get it running so figured id sell it and stick with tt02 since i will be driving around the house for fun for now and I got the arrma limitless on the way so I am gonna spend the money on that. Thanks ahead.
  23. A quick bump for my earlier question..... Are there any differences between front tyres on original super champ, frog, hornet and grasshopper and the re-re versions? Thanks
  24. Thank you! Didnt think of that. Will see if i can fit some washers under the lugs that connect it to the chassis rails.
  25. I want the Renault R5 body set.. hope they release a set this time
  26. Not quite sure what chassis is under that GRKFK set, haven't found any pics with body off. They also sell a conversion kit for GRK drift car chassis to make it into loony gokart with off-road tyres... real clash of oxymorons there http://www.rcmart.com/r31house-r31b001-buggy-kart-conversion-p-68987.html Haven't a clue on what size their crazy buggykart wheels & tyres are, haven't found any dimensions listed anywhere. Everything's sold out anyway, kinda makes it moot Konghead kit wheels are begat from Wild Willy WR-02 rear wheels.
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