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  2. As per title looking for 2 TL01 battery retainers please
  3. 53HRA

    For sale NIB Wrangler ++++

    Any pictures of the Wrangler please
  4. Reluctanly selling another …. This time a movie-accurate replica of Dom's Mazda RX-7. Painted Tamiya PS-2 Red with a complete set of movie-accurate decals and the closest available to a rear spoiler from the movie car. Reflective movie-accurate rear license plate (yep!) Chassis- TT01D-spec, fully ball-raced Tamiya Carbon Fibre Upper Deck / Chassis Stiffener Tamiya Adjustable upper suspension arms (part of D-spec) Tamiya Aluminium bumper plate Tamiya Mini CVA dampers (part of D-spec) Tamiya Torque-Tuned motor Tamiya S3003 standard steering servo GPM Aluminium ball-raced Steering set & Steering bridge Wide-spec - fitted with the wider wheel hexes and longer wheel axles from the Enzo TT01 kit, as the bodyshell is 200mm wide. Stainless steel hardware I can only post to the UK, sorry but no international shipping Price £115 ono, includes postage and PP fees Any questions or offers please PM me
  5. Tamiya G.Era

    Hello....I am ( Tamiya Era ) Back and....

    Hiiiiiii my dear old friends.....................yeaa im back....miss u alot! so tell me...did Tamiya remake Vanquish?! loooool
  6. Reluctantly selling my Fast and Furious Cars, purchased from a forum member and sat on the shelf since Toyota Supra TT01 with some nice hop-ups fitted and a shell which looks lovely! Tamiya Toyota Supra Body painted in PS61 Metallic Orange backed with Bright Silver. Vented bonnet is painted. Yokomo front and rear light buckets (better than the plastic Tamiya standard ones and LEDs fitted) Full Fast & Furious Supra Decals Movie-Accurate rear spoiler Reflective movie-accurate rear license plate (yep, I looked up the right plate #)! Kawada 5-spoke rims (closest I could get to screen-accurate) fitted with Tamiya semi-slick tyres (no inserts, not glued) Tamiya front mounted intercooler (fixed to chassis) Yokomo Exhaust tip (fixed with....Meccano!) Windows left clear (Cockpit set was supposed to be added) Chassis- TT01, fully ball-raced Tamiya Aluminium Motor Mount Tamiya Aluminium Prop-shaft Tamiya Adjustable upper suspension arms Tamiya Mini-CVA dampers with Blue (hard) springs Tamiya front stabiliser set Tamiya rear stabiliser set Tamiya Carbon Fibre Upper Deck / Chassis Stiffener Tamiya Aluminium Motor Heat Sink GPM Aluminium Front Steering Knuckles GPM Aluminium Rear Uprights GPM Aluminium Battery Retainer The car is never-run as can be seen from the images. Rear diff is locked and this is obviously a reversible modification. The bodyshell is not mounted, I never got around to fitting a secret-fix body mount system. Currently fitted with a Tamiya S3003 standard Steering Servo and 540 Silver-can motor. No idea what pinion or gearing is in there, could be another pleasant surprise! I can only offer postage to UK, sorry but no international shipping Price £125 ono, includes postage and PP fees Any questions or offers, please get in touch.
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  8. Ok. If you want to balance charge i dont think your charger will. If it has no balance plug socket then there is nowhere to plug the board in.
  9. ThunderDragonCy

    Brushless Motor & ESC recommendations

    They both look great, but i would suggest sticking with the first option 10.5. That motor is aroubd 4000kv which will be seriously quick in a Boomer. 5400kv is mega power. The most powerful motor i have ever haf is a 4400kv in my DT03 and it was insanely fast, and IMO too much (i have since sold it). I have a 3300kv motor in my much modified Thunder Dragon and that it now at a point where it feels like it could take a little more. Buying from modelsport also means you can ask them to dolder it and put battery plugs on.
  10. Jonathon Gillham

    Brushless Motor & ESC recommendations

    Those won't be as good as a more race orientated setup, but could be fine, I have no experience with them. Sensorless aren't generally used for racing as they don't have the same low throttle control as a sensored setup. They work well for bashing though as once they are moving they work ok. I have never used one though so can't give firsthand experience of them The motor with fixed timing is aimed more at the hobby market than racing. Adjusting the timing on the motor is a way to control heat and rpm. It may be that the motor is set to the optimal timing but i suspect that its more conservative than that and will be slow. Timing makes a massive difference to performance of a motor. I started out with a cheap trackstar setup which worked well, but once I was able to get around the track withoyt crashing I noticed how much slower my cars were, so I have upgraded. The SkyRC TS120 and Surpass V4S is my newest setup in one of my cars and I rate it highly, especially for the price. I will probably replace the others if I need to with the same (I don't expect to need to though, they are running pretty good gear anyway). Entirely your call obviously, for the occassional race the sensored Hobbywing combo you linked will probably be fine
  11. SHY69

    New site design just went live!

    Superb, thx so much!
  12. Tizer

    What are these?

    I've had shafts move side to side in the outdrive cups before on other cars, wearing the outdrive cups out very fast. This will help prevent it. A lot of modern cars have sleeves on the diff outdrives.
  13. Grumpy pants

    Zakspeed Capri Shell with lights.

    Bump, still for sale. Needs to be rehomed 👍
  14. Finally got parts printed for my mid-motored MF-01XL. What do you think?
  15. NIB and unbuilt 84071 Jeep Wrangler includes an LED light kit, very hard to find. £200 + shipping at cost NIB and unbuilt 58004 XR311 (2nd release not the latest one) £150 + shipping at cost
  16. Grumpy pants

    Sand Scorcher Tyre Choice.

    And this set, Wannabe Hornet wheels and Super Champ Tyres. I couldn’t bring myself to use my vintage tyre set of my ReRe so I ended up buying 4 new tyres after all 🙈 As least I sold my spare FAV tyres 👍
  17. Grumpy pants

    Sand Scorcher Tyre Choice.

    So I went for the refurb’d RR wheels, very happy with this choice 😊
  18. Grumpy pants

    Turnip restores a Sand Scorcher for Grumpy pants

    Wipers painted and fitted and my 2nd set of wheels and tyres. 2 little jobs to do sometime in the future, but for me this bug is now finished and the best it has ever been. Thank you TJF it would never have happened without your generosity 👍
  19. Welcome back! For sure, we still know you! Br, Matthias
  20. That's great, Alberto! I wish you the best of luck, and really hope the project will find its way to become part of the Tamiya history.
  21. Ah, ok , thats clear ! And i have might been a bit confusing .. like usual. I have a ALC-8500 , ( a shiny charger but it has no balance function ) , it says it can charge lipo's but i have not worked out how to balance them ( this is the charger ) There is just no place on it where i can plug in the "balance plug" of the lipo I do have 2 lipo's , there 3C from the Phantom drone.. however, they are both dead / near dead .. and as they both went out about the same time , i blame the charger ( the charger that came with the drone ) So i kind of want to "bin" that one. ( the oem charger of the drone ) What i need is a budget way to charge the to-buy , new 3C drone Lipo's , ( preferable a way to do that with the alc-8500 .. but , what has no balance function )
  22. mongoose1983

    Hello....I am ( Tamiya Era ) Back and....

    Hopefully this thread will somehow lead to some solution. Y'all have a good week!
  23. Have the big bracket but need all the little bits to make it work. Anybody have this stuff that's not using it? TIA
  24. Blista

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    This should help my Bronco get over obstacles a bit easier.
  25. speedy_w_beans

    Tamiya Club Official Top 10 Fastest RC'ers List

    @Jason1145, quick question for you: I'm still waiting on some parts to finish my TT02 speed run car and plan to do a run for the 4WD category. I was reviewing the current rankings and see we allowed a RWD TT02 into the RWD category; I assume Kingfisher just pulled the center prop shaft and ran it that way. Are you still allowing that? Could I run the same chassis and body for two categories, just with the prop shaft installed or removed? Also, if we're allowing a RWD entry for a TT02, could I leave the prop shaft in but remove the rear diff, and run it as a FWD car? Technically the gear cases would not be modified per rules; it's more like using a speed tuned gear set (or lack of).
  26. Yesterday
  27. Are you suggesting there's a middle ground between keeping NIB kits sealed in a climate-controlled vault, and jumping your car over your mom's minivan so you can post the video to Youtube? Heretic.
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