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  2. Grumpy pants

    Vintage Sand Scorcher Manual

    On eBay now and photo added at long last. I have photos of each page if anyone is interested 😊
  3. Grumpy pants

    WTD SRB Rear Wheel Screws & Nuts

    Bump still needed please.
  4. TurnipJF

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    Modelsport indicates an ETA of 12 August for the Snack Box. I guess they will ship globally at around the same time.
  5. TurnipJF

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Oh dear. I suspect that the alloy arms may have also had a role to play...
  6. LeftyAl

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    Pre ebay I had a couple of cars that I simply could not get parts for locally. I was trying to get a set of E parts for a KBF to replace a broken rear shock tower. The KBF had sat of the shelf for months and months. Then I found ebay and had me a set of E parts ordered and paid for. Didn't take long for and parcel to arrive from O/S and I had the KBF back in action. Since then I have spent way too much time and money on ebay, but had a lot of fun in the process. Have come across some bargains, paid a little more than I wanted for hard to get gear and come across the occasional seller who is trying to take advantage. All in all it has been positive and if if wasn't for online shopping (especially international) I would probably have a couple of non working cars hanging on the wall instead of the 26 working ones I have now.
  7. gizard

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Had new DT-03 Chassis delivered yesterday as the day before the first run of the season - the below occurred - although I suspect it might have been partially damaged last season ….
  8. Today

    Lunchbox wheel wobble

    I bought these and they are very solid , a much better fit than the plastic ones
  10. Jonathon Gillham

    Ever have those days..?

    Good to know thanks. I have 2 tips that are now blue which are the ones that were on it when I left it on. Luckily I bought more tips with it when I bought it as I'm almost out. I will try that tomorrow.
  11. I haven’t commented in here yet, but cannot any longer. For me, this might genuinely be the most impressive build i’ve ever seen on here. The concept is amazing and the execution is first class. I wouldn’t even know how to start a set up like this.
  12. bjmulford

    xr311 body colour?

    Hi All, just getting round to doing one of the xr311's ive had in the loft for years and need to touch over some glue spots - Doh! (my eyes aren't as good as they used to be!!) does anyone know the acrylic paint code for the body colour, thanks B
  13. PatBer

    Taiyo jet fighter

    Hello from France, i am seaching the same car in order to have spare parts to repare the one of my grand son. Thanks for help. PatBer
  14. nbTMM

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    The ones that list 2nd hand items for more than new are dreamers. Any buyer with a brain will do some research on the value of an item before buying second hand. The fact that the listings are still running means that no one who has seen it is willing to pay the asking price... As far as selling on ebay I've only had positive experiences. Describe the item accurately, provide good pictures and there should be no reason for a buyer to give you the run around. Don't start an auction at a price you aren't willing to sell for. More often than not you will get a better price with a 'buy it now' listing instead of an auction but sometimes you will have to wait for the correct buyer to come along. A lot of people don't want to have to wait a whole week to have a punt at an auction and then be outbid. If it's buy it now it's theirs immediately and they are willing to pay a premium for this convenience. Always offer postage if possible. Again, people are willing to pay a premium if the item can be posted because they live in a remote area or don't have the time to go and pick up the item. If you only offer pickup you are drastically reducing the number of interested buyers. Some times I've listed an item for over a month before the right buyer came along and paid my asking price. Plenty of people probably saw my listing and thought I was dreaming but in the end I found a person willing to pay my price. For buying, if it looks too good to be true it probably is. If the seller doesn't list it as working perfectly, expect something to be not quite right with it. It's also worth firing the seller a message to query them about their item if the listing is vague - if they provide better photos/description via private message that puts you at a competitive advantage over everyone else who comes across the vague listing and decides that it's too risky to purchase. Other times I've bought items with totally vague listings because everything appeared to be there in the photo and the price was dirt cheap buy it now. So cheap that even if I had to fix it I'd still be in front by a fair bit. Plenty of those times, the item turns up and it is mint! The few times I've been burnt doing that have been more than made up for all the times I bought something very cheaply and it turned out to be as-new or easily fixed and I've moved it on for a massive profit. If you want a deal on ebay you need to save searches and enable notifications so when someone does list what you're looking for at a reasonable price you can buy it before other people who know what it's really worth snap it up.
  15. ThunderDragonCy

    Ever have those days..?

    Try taking a metal file to the tip. That reqlly helped keep my cheap iron going. Gets all the crud off and lets it conduct the heat.
  16. ruebiracer

    Super astute rebuild

    Oh no, should have mentioned that I really liked the pink tinted windows! It was so 90´s cool Looking. Without the tint, you are now lacking a driver figure... But it´s great, what you did on this. The pink wheels are just so great Fitting to the color scheme, although pink is not my favorite color in general.
  17. ThunderDragonCy

    Vanquish rebuild

    I have such a crush on those neon yellow ones. If they did slim fronts they would be on my Grasshopper2 Ultra G in a second.
  18. bjorklo


    Wow, cool.. Looking forward to seeing the pictures... I guess I will be hunting for pink parts after I'm done with this one, since that's the only one I don't have then. Would love to have them on my Top-Force Black Special and rename it to Pink Special 😛
  19. Jonathon Gillham

    Ever have those days..?

    I have managed to avoid this thread until today. Have to change the motor in my TA07 to a spec motor to be able to race. Got the motor about 6 weeks ago, first race meet tomorrow. Tried soldering it this afternoon expecting it to be the usual 10min job but for the life of me I can't get it to work. The wires are just coming off with a shape that is a perfect match to the tab its supposed to be stuck on. I think my soldering iron is on its last legs (cheap one and I've accidentally left it on overnight a couple of times...) and its not holding heat, and of course today is the perfect time for it to pack up! No chance to get it sorted before tomorrow
  20. A little driveway run to test out the electronics - it's getting there! This is still a bit too fast to be realistic. The torque limiting doesn't work 100% as expected - I think the TBLE02S has it's own throttle curve or does some kind of rudimentary torque limiting at low rpms because it seemed to have too little torque down low and too much up high. I turned up the torque at low rpms to make it driveable for now. More investigation required.
  21. Front shock mounts are complete (until I decide to build something better/cleverer, which likely won't ever happen ). The white plastic parts flex a bit due to the torsional load, it'll be fine... I got rid of the small leaf spring because it was just too stiff when the suspension was more than 50% compressed. The shocks have the softest springs installed. Bash plate installed: Flexin':
  22. Hibernaculum

    Ever have those days..?

    So I don’t do ESCs, at all, ever. *audible gasps* To me the entire RC industry has become overcomplicated from what it used to be. Batteries, ESCs, cooling, brushless, turns, sizes, lengths, charging LiPo without burning your house down... And you can (and will) all laugh at me, and my diehard vintage approach I don't mind. I have fun anyway. Even though I am completely prehistoric compared to all of you. But reading threads like this just... makes me so glad that my preferred way is the simple, vintage way for everything. I don't care. And it’s not because I don’t like technology - I love it! But when it comes to vintage R/C cars, I actually enjoy everything the old way. It goes together. It’s simple. It’s what the cars were made for. And for regular running, it works. I don't need increased speed or huge run times. Even if I was running a remake of a vintage car, I'd still keep everything dead simple... use the stock ESC I guess, and some dead simple radio. Nobody give me any cheek about MSCs being soooo unreliable you can’t stand them and they ruined your childhood back in the day, either I have MSC/Resistor sets I drove with for years in my youth, that still work to this day - decades later. But I looked after stuff, kept it clean and never thrashed the life out of it. To me, that old wiring and mechanical functionality, is part of what these cars were always about. It's part of the mechanics. I wouldn't fit a new touch-screen centre console in a 1970 Porsche 911, either. I just will never get what’s so essential about all the extra cost and hassle and fitment of modern equipment. When the old stuff is dead simple, fits and works well - for vintage cars anyway. It's a similar thing with other types of new technology. Sometimes I see people spending hours working through, say, codec issues and NAS setups for home media streaming to their big screen TVs. You can spend hours and hours on that stuff. And hours and hours encoding your DVDs into files that will stream. All in the name of convenience. But there is a point at which it becomes a rabbit hole... where the alleged goal of convenience is actually being undermined by the inherent complexity and variability of the newer technology itself. There are too many options, too many links in the chain, and too many things to go wrong. This also applies to new 1:1 cars - the more technology packed into a new car these days, means more things can go wrong. By far the #1 area of complaint from new car owners across every car brand, is the screen and infotainment system. Or all the idiotic "smart" devices we see now. Like "smart" toothbrushes, or "smart" bicycle-locks that can communicate with your smartphone, instead of an ordinary padlock. There's nothing smart about it. But it's a great way to extract money from consumers who simply want the latest of everything. Ok, I have my armour on - fire at will! And sorry for butting in. Back to your regularly scheduled technical debugging...
  23. Raman36

    58669 M-08 Chassis Kit confirmed

    Awesome.. thanks for posting
  24. Jonathon Gillham

    Brushless Motor & ESC recommendations

    What are the class rules? Do you need a programmable ESC or is it blinky? Or if mod, what sized track? ESC - cheap end you can't look past the SkyRC TS120. It is fully programmable and can handle 5.5T motors in 4wd offroad, runs blinky or mod. I run one and its been great, many others I know run them in onroad and offroad. Hobbywing are good but more expensive. If you need boost and turbo then you are looking at the XR10 Pro which is brilliant but pricey. If blinky then they have cheaper like the Juststock or XR10 Stock. Otherwise any name brand is good - Orca, Orion, Tekin etc Motor - I'm liking the Surpass Rocket V4S, its impressive for the price, loads of torque so had to gear up. The Surpass 17.5T won't be great in a Boomerang as you can't gear properly, I suspect the Surpass 10.5T would match the Boomerang with a 17T pinion, or go lower turns with lower pinion. If you need higher turns for class rules look at the Orca Blitreme, it revs high and needs lower gearing as a result so you should be able to get it going well in13.5T or maybe 17.5T at a push. I run the 17.5T blitreme with Orca B32 in my 4wd stock buggy, but the FDR is around 5.5 - 6 which you can't get with the Boomerang. If its mod then any motor will do - match the turns to the available FDR and wind up the boost.
  25. Thanks for the reply, Do you have room in there to put that Bluetooth speaker? Sleeper cab? Also does this sound unit have Bluetooth sound capability? I can't see that anywhere.
  26. lsear2905

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    This is of course slightly off-topic, but you could buy 2 Dynaheads and convert 3 GF-01s to portal axles, essentially converting the Dynaheads back to Kongheads (G6-01, not G6-01TR). Back to the topic at hand, has anyone got any shipping ETA dates for the "Snack Box"? This will be a great addition to my indoors fleet as we head into winter in the southern hemisphere.
  27. Yesterday
  28. TurnipJF

    58669 M-08 Chassis Kit confirmed

    The manual is out: Nice to see that they have made it compatible with M-chassis dampers from the outset, rather than needing alternative shock towers as in the case of the M-07. Not sure what the idea is with the lower outer front hinge pins though - the inserts don't seem to leave much material on the C-hub, so this looks to be a potential point of failure. Not even sure alloy ones would have enough material to be bulletproof. Part K3 looks to be a candidate for alloy replacement. As hinted in the photos from the launch and now confirmed by the manual, there isn't much material connecting the rear end to the rest of the car, and an alloy piece here could add some useful strength I reckon. What do y'all think?
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