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  2. If you have any concerns about reliability then how about a Blackfoot 3? Same body, just get a set of original or repro decals. WT01 chassis is bombproof with tonnes of upgrade options due to sharing parts with TL01, TL01B, M03, GF01, WR02CB etc
  3. I have a almost stock DF03RA, and a 5200kv motor. Would it be possible to use this motor in my DF03RA for a speedrun? What upgrades do I need?
  4. Minor work without photos this week: I've completed the steering linkage building the tie rods out of screws using my Dremel. I do not need adjusters only a strong steering rack so IMO this has to be the way.
  5. Will do. I will get it all built up again and we can discuss.
  6. Morning everyone I need some screws for my m38 Resto the ones that hold the motor mount together 1 long one and 2 small ones all countersunk k7 and b2 in the manual if anybody has any Regards Rich
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  8. I don't have a Blackfoot but it seems like it would be a lot fun. You should add bearings as it will increase reliability.
  9. Just love my Blackfoot. I only did 1 battery pack on the the Silver can then swopped it out for a 17.5t Justock Hobbywing motor, keeping the TBLE-02 ESC, which doesn’t get hot at all and doesn’t rip the the unglued Tyres off. Not blisteringly fast (I have other cars for that & thats not what a BF is about to me anyway) but still lots of fun. I consider my self one of the lucky ones as all I’ve done is add a 0.3mm shim in the gearbox and hasn’t given a sniff of trouble. The body on these are really very nice and worth having as mentioned before as you can always add it to another chassis if you want. Mine’s not painted as it gets run just polished and stickered. I can’t seem to resist poking my head in the spare room every time I go past to have a quick squizz at it either 😁
  10. Getting excited over this new project. Gotta find me some caustic soda to do a couple of small fixes and then let the magic being Thank you @beefmuffin I hope you'll enjoy the building/resto process. I do have a couple more ongoing resto builds (SuperChamp & Big Bear) but step by step Imma get them all done. [/IMG] You all have a good Monday!
  11. That won't work. It's essentially just a clear paint that dulls the shiny exterior of the body when you peel off its plastic wrap. Spray it inside and it probably won't do anything but cost time and money. You want to mask off the windows and lights, then spray the exterior to remove the glossy plastic body shine rather than the PS paint itself being shiny (PS paint is actually all a matt finish rather than gloss). I don't think PS49 would be a good idea either. It's very light and, while this isn't my truck, I think it looks very different to what you're after. I find it is better to look up photos of people's vehicles after using a particular paint than relying on Tamiya's colour chart. One thing to keep in mind is that you can buy new Land Rover bodies. Rather than trying to get a perfect and complicated job done on your first try, maybe keep it simple to gain some experience and then later on get another one you can get a bit more adventurous with. The Build Tips forum is a good spot to get some information on prep and painting.
  12. Couple more shots.
  13. Bottom of rear secured. Side windows. Tada!
  14. From front to back, stretching it over the hoops. And making a pattern for the rear window. This shot shows the mounts which I made flush. I didn't like those sticking out.
  15. To finish the top I need to frame out around the doors. I started with some support. I took some balsa and trimmed it out. Starting from the front, I glued on the top and worked my way back.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Why don't you glue some ring rubber pieces taken from old tires correct size to mount your Hilux tires on those wheels instead of cutting 'em out?
  18. Love that Bullhead's box. It is HUGE!
  19. Hi thanks very much for the helpful replies. I've been humming harring and weighing it all up. The PS49 anodised blue looks close to the colour I'm after but it is going to look metallic without the matt finish PS55 on top, which I think will lighten it by too much. I had a good look at the PS3 blue, it actually doesn't really look too very far away from the correct colour if you look at some of the non faded paint jobs on some full size restorations. I've decided to go with PS3 but spray the inside of the shell with PS55 matt first, I know you are supposed to use it on the outside but I'm going to do that anyway and see what happens, good tip about the pop bottles by the way. I'll post a picture or two of it however it turns out but that might take a few weeks depending. I'm ordering the paints tonight :) Thanks again to all who posted. Neil
  20. 4200 japanese yen posted almost anywhere
  21. So this weekend I’ve added a new shell to my terra scorcher and my 9yr old built my lunchbox mini JJ
  22. Argh... so many decals to cut out..
  23. Finished off the shell today masking off to include the black side vents has worked out well... as for the decals, they went on really well so big thanks to MCI for producing some absolute quality I’m just awaiting on the reworked Hi-Tech Tuned stickers and the non metallic dark blue looks AMAZING and is subtly different from the metallic i absolutely love it and so glad I did it JJ
  24. My son's Monster Beetle only lasted about 3 months with the silvercan and NiMH. When it first started clicking I shimmed it which got another couple of months, but then it was all over. Others appear to have more luck though and get much longer out of them. The MIP ball diff fixed the issue but its pricey.
  25. If you don't have the original manual, you can download it from Tamiyausa. It's an older buggy, you should familiarize yourself with how it goes together and which items may be worn so that it can be repaired if and when something does break. Replacement parts trees and screw bags are still available new.
  26. In another thread you mentioned the CC02, how about a blackfoot bodied version? I quite fancy that myself or maybe a brat body.
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