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i'm new to rc and have two cars the first is a schumacher procat that i'm restoring just need sone front suspension brackets (part number TO56/5 x4 2 each side of front drive housing and a kyosho opitma mid custom that i want to restore. The procat and optima are hopped up and i have been told that they had been raced in their past life so should be quick cars. I would like to get into racing if i can get the cars up to race spec. Any help with parts is very welcome :)Update i'm now up to 6 cars. take a look at the showroom to see my new toys... my turbo is my baby......lol she's mint

Update:)08/07/05 got the parts coming for the cat buzzing to get her gonig again. Thanks to Alex aka The Incredible Serious Nice one mate........UPDATE 03/08/05 well i'm now over run with cars. from havin two cars in need of help to ten all running cars. My lastest is a Kyosho Big Brute truck but it's in need of lots of TLC. Pic in the showroom...thanks for looking
UPDATE 22/08/05 well this is getting out of hand up to 14 running cars and 3-4 chassis's around waiting to be started on....lol the missis is going mad but it's all good, have a look round i'm always open to offers on most things in the showroom just ask

Update1/12/05 This is going out of hand i got way to many cars

UPDATE 21/02/2022

well been away from the hobby for many years after falling on hard times and having to sell my whole collection , But i'm back and plan to start build a small collection again

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