Location:Stamford UK
Ebay ID:mad4tamiya

Hi there, My name is Andrew, I`m 34 and living in Deeping St James near Peterborough. I`ve been a member since 2005 and absolutely love this site as it brings me many hours of enjoyment seeing what you guy's have been doing with your Tamiya's. I`ll do my best to update the showroom as my collection grows so hope you enjoy what I`ve had in the past and whats being added from now on. Cheers, Andrew.

p.s Tamiya`s were made to be run... not to be stowed away in boxes and never see daylight! Don`t mean to offend anyone but it ticks me off looking at boxes being posted on this site! We wanna see cars being driven like they were made for! haha... just getting my little rant out the way with! ;)

By the way.... does anyone use the chatroom on here or is there a problem with it??