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Too many Rc cars.... not enough money...

I remember being stood in a local model shop at the age of 12 looking up at the shelf where all the FF01, TA01/2s were sat wondering how many weeks worth of pocket and paperound money i`d need to buy one. Good memories.

My first Tamiya was a Grasshopper 2 which was great fun but quickly i realised it was a touring car i was after. My first Ta chassis-ed car was a Ta02 Mercedes D2 liveried Dtm which got abused and adorned with various bodyshells before being sold.
Over the last 23 years ive drifted in and out of Rcs cars, mainly due to other interests (such as slot cars) and of course real cars. Real cars take up a huge amount of my time as i now run a small Tuning business performing all sorts of upgrades from standalone ECUS to fun race spec engine builds.
Its frightening to think of how much i have spent on this hobby over the years on not just Tamiya but other makes too.
Maybe one day i`ll keep hold of them all!

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