Location:Brooklyn, NY
Ebay ID:peterjames75

My first car was a Marui Big Bear that my Pop got for me when I was 9 or 10. Shortly after that I got a Frog and a used Grasshopper which I beat to death! As many kids do, I outgrew the hobby and went on to other things. While visiting a website shortly after my 30th birthday, I came across the picture of a Frog that rekindled some old memories and 6 months later, I'm full on back into the hobby. As of now I own: My original Big Bear, 2 Original Frogs (mine and my Pop's), 1 Grasshopper Re-Re , 2 Sand Scorchers, 1 Blitzer Beetle, 1 Wild One, 2 Super Champs, 1 Double Blaze, 1 Wild Willy M38, 1 Lancia Rally 037 Re-re, 1 Monster Beetle, 1 Subaru Brat, 1 Rough Rider, and 1 Ford Ranger XLT.

Aside from RC, I've been a DJ for almost 13 years spinning house music. Check out my website for pics and music. I live in Brooklyn, NY.

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