Location:Enschede, The Netherlands
Ebay ID:deemiller_1

2005: Hi, my name is Dennis and I'm 38 years 'young'.

About a year ago I found my Cheetah covered with dust and I wanted to restore it and found TC on my way looking for parts.

Now I have the world's largest collection of Cheetahs (if you can prove I'm wrong, don't hesitate!).

This club has giving me some great friend and parts also.

I also learned a lot from other members about RC in general.

When I was a kid I loved modelling (scale models, not cat walking...) and it still gives me loads of pleasure!

I am a (race)car enthousiast, especially Lamborghini...

Take a look at my showroom as I'm quite proud of it!

I'd never thought the virus was THAT strong!....